Thursday, December 13, 2018

Deliveries, And the 12th of NEVER! (And a Winner!)


See this package?

It was dropped ON THE DOORSTEP last night by the USPS.

See that stamp in the corner?  This is when I was using up the last of my Net-Stamps for first class postage a year ago.

Evidently – Yours Truly, in a mail-order-induced-zombie-state-of-automation, stuck a US stamp on a package needing to arrive in South Africa which evidently wouldn't, couldn't and didn’t get there with first class domestic postage.

Well, DUH!  Hanlie Van Zyl, if you are reading this – do you remember this lost shipment?  We thought her package was gone-forever-never-to-be-found and I sent a second one – and it turns out that this one never left the good ole USA.

Even Creepier:


What was yesterday?  December 12, 2018.

When was this posted?  December 12, 2017.

Cue the Twilight Zone Music!

Even funnier - I NEEDED that Simple Folded Corners ruler!  When orders come fast and furious through my store like they do on String Frenzy wave releases - items can sometimes OVER SELL beyond what I have in the store because so many are processing at the same time - within seconds.  I oversold the big ruler by 2.  Now that this one is returned, out it goes again, and I'm only oversold by 1!  Thanks, USPS!!

Now the mail kerfuffle doesn’t stop there.  All day yesterday I had deliveries – some UPS, some FEDEX – some USPS (with this being dropped ON my porch.) And I get an email message from Amazon saying that the tea I had ordered could not be delivered by the same USPS at 5:40pm because “no one was home, couldn’t leave it unattended, unable to deliver.” And I was home all day.  No one knocked, no one rang the bell.

My thought is that it was dark, perhaps the porch light wasn’t on yet, and they took one look at the distance from the top of the snowy drive to the house and said “It’s been a long day, no way.”

So where does my tea go?!  I NEED MY TEA!  The Amazon website had this whole list of numbers to call – I’m hoping they attempt today in the daylight.  They didn’t even leave a note in my mailbox to pick it up at my local PO.  Boo hiss.

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”  Until it comes to Bonnie’s tea delivery and the after effects of a giant snow.


When it snows – grab the quilting rulers!

While Jeff and I were handling Snowmageddon here in Wallburg, The Hubster was up in Virginia taking care of things at the cabin.  He texted this photo over in the midst of the storm – can you see it reached 18’’ deep on the back deck?  And it snowed a couple more inches beyond that after taking the photo.

20’’ of snow at the cabin!  The power was out for the better part of 2 days, but he was cozy with the gas fireplace and the generator that runs everything important.  I’m glad HE was the one braving that – clearing snow off of his shed porch awning so it didn’t cave in, keeping the weight of the snow off of the hot tub cover and making sure that pipes didn’t freeze.

At least that was HIS excuse for needing to be there.  I think he just wanted to play with the RZR in the snow – Plow blade mounted, boys will play!


Just a bit snowed in!


Sunrise and ice on the rain chain.

It’s time to give THIS away!

And I am including a copy of String Frenzy AND a PDF copy of my Hunter’s String Star pattern!


Looking for entry 1500 out of 5320!


Kathleen Robinson!

Kathleen, I’ve already sent you an email including your Hunter’s String Star pattern to the address you provided. Please get back to me with your mailing address and the Quilt Now issue and bonus Quick Make Gifts booklet will be on its way to you!  (I still really want to make that gifty table runner!) 

Thanks for participating, everyone!  It’s fun to throw some unexpected goodies out there to the Universe on occasion!  There will be more to come!

December 12, 2018 at 04_22PM

Well shoot!  This was yesterday.

I got 400 book mailers delivered by UPS (TO MY FRONT PORCH!) with less than a dozen left before I could see some sewing time in my future.  So much for sewing time!

I’m glad they arrived – truly!  We are firmly into those orders that were placed during Wave 4 when I was signing at the NC cabin closing last Friday.  Less than a week to get to those pre-orders!  We are CRANKING, baby! (But no tea.) Wave 4 is headed OUT THE DOOR.

Wave 5 of 500 more copies of String Frenzy will be in the Quiltville Store TOMORROW MORNING with the release of Good Fortune, Part 4!  Are you ready?

There will be more rulers in stock as well – I’ll be ready for YOU!


Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Family and friends be warned! Lol!

Have a great Thursday, everyone!


  1. I laughed when I saw your ruler in the snow. I do the same thing.

    1. Me too....19.5 inches in my backyard....24 on the mountaintop above us....

  2. if I recall correctly he used your quilting ruler when building the man shed, great sense of humor ! I think you should make a sign saying I AM HOME and hang it over the railing where they can see it from the road. giggle, but really hope the tea arrives this morning....because if we all called amazon to scold them.............

    1. I always put on delivery instructions "homeowner deaf, ring doorbell, knocking insufficient" cuz there's knocking & there's KNOCKING.... whereas the doorbell is loud.

  3. Sorry the sew time didn't happen. Measuring no Snow, yet! This is a rare occurance I think. Almost ready for Part 4. I will heed the warning... does it mean 'Strings' I wonder???

  4. Sigh,,, Amazon's SOP when a driver doesn't can't won;t make a delivery, claim they tried and you weren't home... so frustrating... not only we don't get our package, they fib about trying to deliver it! Becoming more and more common, sad to see Amazon's formerly good rep, very very smudged... Hope you get your tea... i am NOT ready for #4.. LOL, I did get a notice that my order (I'm in a frenzy) has shipped! Thanks for all you do.. Cats in Carlsbad CA

  5. Oh Bonnie, I feel your pain with Amazon and the Post Office. I had a package scheduled for delivery last week to my office...a public building...and the PO didn’t deliver with much the same message...couldn’t access the building, blah, blah, blah...I know for certain it wasn’t the regular carrier as she will leave it at the door if no one is in the office...yup, frustrating! Like you, I needed it right then and there...it finally showed up 2 days later and now, back it goes...I don’t need it now!

  6. Ok, this is seriously off-topic, but the vintage quilt with today's quote - that little red-on-white patio furniture print toward the right? I need about half a bolt of that, STAT. How cute is that?!?!

  7. Oh, what a relief for you to get the NC cabin sold. One less property to maintain and free up some money for other projects. One day tracking on a package said that it was deliverable because of a block mail box! There was room for the few pieces of junk mail but not a small bag. I am not complaining about the mailman, I expect the package got over looked until he was up the road a ways, (there probably no check box for that on the tracking program). It wasn't scheduled to be delivered until the next day. At least the FEDEX driver that is scared of the dog, has gone to leaving packaging at the mail boxes instead of tossing these into the yard. The three neighborhood boxes share a wooden support with sturdy posts and a board over the top (good for any packages that don't fit in or on top of the mailboxes); this offers some protection from the snowplow. That is a lot of snow for anywhere. Earlier we got about 8-10 inches of heavy wet snow here in VT; there were lots of power outages, too. Snow is very normal up here, though.

  8. Had the same thing happen to me and a package Tuesday night. I think it must be a standard answer when they have the item on the truck (because you can get notifications each time it is scanned) and they determine it was too late to deliver. It came the next day. No worries...your tea will arrive!

  9. well take my scissors, but you break you bought it

  10. My latest Amazon delivery was left on top of my trash cans in the carport! I only found it when I took my trsh out. I looked it up and it had been delivered the day before.

  11. Here. when I get that message about a package not being deliverable because there was no one home or no safe place to leave it, it's because UPS leaves things at the local Post Office (UPS has a contract with the postal service) and the driver tried to deliver it when the post office was closed (2:30pm) or the clerk was gone for lunch. It can be frustrating knowing it was soooooo close but I still can't get it. If it happens on Sat. (PO closes at 10:30am) I have to wait until Monday!! Such is rural life.

  12. Hey Bonnie! The same Amazon/USPS non delivery happened last week to my Mama! I had ordered a book from Amazon for her and it was to be delivered Sunday by USPS. of course my Mama was home all day and she lives in a gated community so the "we didn't want to leave it" was silly! I was all prepared to call someone on Monday, but thankfully it was delivered by the USPS dude. I think they might not even have attempted her delivery or yours! And that email is what they send when they just don't want to!!! Otherwise, glad your hubby is safe and keeping the snows off the cabin, etc! You are a work horse my dear! Hope you reach the end soon!! xox

  13. Your cabin is beautiful! Hope your tea arrives today.

  14. The pic of your cabin in snow, just evokes peace and calm, not always a true reality,but the image is wonderful all the same. Hoping your Q-Inn's 'post office' gets up & running soon which hopefully will help you with all the processing you go through to please and appease us. I'm sure you do wonder if that year-old parcel had a glorious vacation somewhere on it's route back to you...a full year!!

  15. Hi Bonnie! Just so you know, Amazon has hired lay people to deliver their goods. It's possible this person was unable to physically deliver. (But the other possibility is that they just didn't want to!!) Hope you get your tea!!

  16. What I'm wondering is, did you buy tea while you were in China? We went last year and I thought I had used up all that I purchased there - but I found another little tin this morning!

  17. Sorry about your tea non delivery and hope you are not completely out, but more sorry you are not taking a "forced" sewing break do to mailer delivery.
    So take time to sew or veg or surf you don't have to tell the "blog" every thing

  18. I hate when the mailman is too lazy to bring a package to the house. We live in the country, so it’s not like anyone will take it. However, I just get a note in my mail cubby that I have to go to the post office to pick it up...a 40 mile round trip drive! The ridiculous part is that they drive to the neighbors house everyday because she’s handicapped and they have to deliver her mail to her door. I guess I complained enough about it...we now have a different mail carrier. Customer service just isn’t what it used to be with most companies.
    Looking forward to part 4 tomorrow, even though I haven’t finished part 1. Have been working on curtains for a friend, and tomorrow will be hemming pants for an elderly spiritual sister. Have to finish my necessary things before I get to have fun.
    The cabin is georgeous, but I wouldn’t want to be there! No snow for this sun bunny!
    And last but certainly least.....I LOVE the quote for today!!!! I’m sitting here laughing all by myself! I think I’ll print it out and put it on the wall in my sewing room.
    Be safe in the weather up there! Looking forward to Your next quiltcam!

  19. The good old post office isn't what it used to be. A few days ago I received one package but a second package was statused that it couldn't be delivered because there was no access to the porch or mailbox. I live on what is called an alternate mail route (even though I'm inside a city) and we don't have an assigned carrier. The mail is given to whomever has the lightest load that day - yeah, that really works. That day my neighborhood's mail was divided between two carriers (why my mail was divided between the two carriers doesn't make sense) and the second carrier just didn't feel like getting out of the truck. Hey, it was raining! (Sarcasm) Even better, USPS must have GPS locators on the trucks because they could tell that when he changed the package status that he couldn't get to the mailbox he wasn't even at my house. With all the monitoring on the carriers, why they try to lie escapes me. The area manager got a call - boy, did he get a call. We have so many mail mixups he's getting used to hearing from me.

  20. I never get your email until the next day. By that time 3000 to 4000 have already entered your giveaway. I only live in Florida, not an exotic, remote location. How do I start getting your emails in a more timely manner.

    1. At the bottom of this page you will see "newer Post". By ckicking on that you will see the newer post before it goes into an email. Just keep checking in the morning - the new posts are almost always there by 9 or 10am. ;)

  21. A few Sundays ago, I was outside spray basting a throw, when I came back inside I had one of those text from USPS. Delivery attempted, no one at home. It was Sunday, we don't have mail delivery on Sunday. I don't get it! Oh well!

    1. The post office delivers packages on Sundays. Have for about 5 years or so. You can thank Amazon for that.

  22. I broke my new hubby of using my scissors. He ruined a pair of my scissors cutting wire, I made him go with me to buy an identical pair. His remark "THEY COST HOW MUCH.!" He never used my scissors again.

  23. For me they (Amazon driver) likes to use the excuse of unable to get into the building to deliver the package. I'm a single house, not an apartment or condo building. Such fibbers.

  24. I feel your pain about the non-delivery of the tea! First thing I do in the morning is make my first of several cups of tea.

  25. You need one of those flashing “OPEN” signs! Lol hope your tea gets there soon!

  26. It's not just Amazon, Target sent package intended for WA (from Portland, OR) via Florida???? Maybe it'll be here in time for Santa. Maybe. Amazon has been great here!


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