Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Ground Hog Day, The Movie–(Book Signing Version!)


I have a small house.

It is overrun by boxes at the moment!

This is a shot from the little front room toward the dining room where “Quiltville Mail Order Central” is happening – oh, my goodness is it ever happening!

And it isn’t just from within these walls.  I’ve got my postal person bringing me more tubs as they pick up more outgoing mail from my doorstep – she is intrigued and amazed that we are doing all of this from wihin a seemingly unremarkable little 1970s bungalow. 

Remember the movie "Ground Hog Day" where the main character wakes up to find he is in the same day again?  Yep!  That's pretty much it over here! LOL!


Folding Dining table!

We’ve put this folding table in the living room for eating at, since we can’t eat standing up in the dining room.  Makes perfect sense, right?

When not being used for meals, we’ve pushed it all the way to the front of the room so that we have “pass through” space to move tubs to the front door and on to the porch. 

Oh, that hexagon quilt has NOT had a stitch put into it for months!  *sigh*

My ONE Christmas decoration being the string pieced table runner received as a gift from my sweet friend Karen in Michigan.  I LOVE IT! 

Eating in the living room? Well, what is living space for?  Do I really NEED a huge room just so I can put a couch in it and do nothing with it?

I’ve got comfy beds loaded with quilts to sleep in, functioning plumbing – a fire place with wood stove insert to keep things toasty and festive, I’ve got a kitchen that functions with modern appliances – and a hot tub off the back deck. 

I don’t have to do my laundry on a rock in the creek.  I am blessed.

Yet, by 4:15pm yesterday afternoon I was so bleary eyed I just couldn’t see straight!

I signed a book to the wrong person’s name.  OOOPS!  That book went in the “wait for later” pile until a person with that name came up!  SCORE!


Lola says TIME TO STOP!

It was time for a break so Jeff dropped the last of yesterday’s mail tubs at the nearby Wallburg Post Office, and came to meet me at the Toyota dealership so I could drop off Moby for a 40,000 mile check up and tire rotation while we had dinner out.  Just the two of us.


We both want a do-over on our fortunes!


What ever happened to fortunes that were fun? LOL!! 

But the conversation between mother and son while we ate our dinners – oh, I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I sat down to a plate of hibachi shrimp and a pot of hot tea! –I wouldn’t trade that for the world.  It felt great to be out and away for just a bit.

I was the LAST person in the lounge at the car dealership waiting for Moby to be done.  It was after 8pm by the time I got home – some groceries in hand.  It seems that we are either in for a HUGE snow storm this weekend, or it will miss us.  They just wouldn’t say.  There is a “CHANCE.”

They said CHANCE – and the store was a mobbed mess with shelves already going bare.  North Carolina, you crack me up! 

The van is also full of gas – because you know, the gas station may run out due to threat of possible snow.


From the Jamestown Public Library --


I broke my rule of “2 hours of sewing each evening.” last night.

Well, not true – I did sew – but it was in regards to this coming Friday’s release of Good Fortune part 3!  I was short on some step-out photos.  I was making the quilt nearly manically while Mark was nearing the end of his life, just putting pieces through the machine because it was all that I could do to hold myself together – and didn’t take photos of each and every step. 

That was rectified!  Part 3 is nearly done – just needs some minor editing and PDF made and will be ready to hit the blog on Friday morning – along with 500 more copies of String Frenzy in wave 4!  Will you be in on it?

One thing I want to mention – several folks ordered STRING FLING, and then asked where their free pattern is.  STRING FRENZY is the new book, and it is the one coming with the free Hunter’s String Star pattern by PDF.  

String Fling does not have a free pattern with it, but it has the low low price of $19.99.  It is also currently sold out – more coming. 

What many may not know is that in honor of President George H.W. Bush’s passing, there is no postal service today.  Which means, our dear postal person will be facing another 12 to 13 tubs of mail come tomorrow afternoon! May he rest in peace.  (The president, not the postal person!)

Today there will be a changing of the guard at the book signing order filling table!  MONA is coming over to relieve Jeff who has to work his “regular” job tomorrow – oh, boy!!  Let’s hope that the giggles and the laughter don’t cause more books to be signed to the wrong person, or misplaced merchandise going the wrong direction.  

But I need the levity!

Did you throw your name in the hat for yesterday’s Quilting Cozy E-book series Gift-Away?  10 books!  10 full books!  You will love them!

And now that we’ve reached this point of a rambling blog with not much to show for it – have you checked out the incoming links on Monday’s Mystery Monday Link-Up for Part 2??  Some BEAUTIFUL shares there!  Great job, everyone!  There is still time to get your entry in – they will close Thursday night at 11:55pm EASTERN.

And back to the dining room I go with another stack of printed invoices in hand - It's another Ground Hog Day the Movie Day!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

You are where you're supposed to be right now! Everything you've been through has led you to this moment.

Put some faith in the choices you are making and take the next step forward!

Much love to you on this Wednesday -


  1. Ah, Bonnie, you always start my day out right. Thank you.

  2. Bonnie, you're a non-stop energy bunny but aren't you lucky to have so many followers and look at those books you've sold. Mona and you should have a lot of fun handling all those orders!!

  3. sending you and Mona great big hugs ! just because !

  4. Then put your little hand in mine
    There ain't no hill or mountain we can't climb
    I got you babe!

    Love that movie...and the first lines out of the alarm clock are pretty appropriate for your current task. ;)

    Have a good time with Mona, chores are always easier with giggles!!

  5. Hallelujiah! Got mine pre-ordered yesterday! Hope you have heat in your new "post office" -- even in Carlsbad CA we need some and mine is out, repair person coming at noon!!!LOL it's been a 3-quilt night at my house recently! How many books will YOU send? How many sold altogether? It's bound to be a fabulous number, C&T better take a look at a second run!!!! What a fabulous response to your efforts, eh? Thinking of the huge amounts of total repetitious drudgery makes me think of the old 'be careful what you wish for'... you and Mona will have a blast fulfilling the orders.. again, thanks for your contribution to the quilting world.

  6. Bonnie, I just want to thank you for your post today. I needed to be reminded that I am where I am supposed to be right now. When I feel a little overwhelmed ( I wont get into details) I read your post. The things you are doing and getting through each and everyday with such grace, encourages me to push through yet another day.Good Fortune has been my escape , so enjoying it. Thank you for sharing it with us! I was so glad I was a lucky one to get in on Your book this time! I can't wait to start the Hunters star! With much gratitude....Have a wonderful Day today with much laughter with Mona!

  7. WOW! You’ve been mentioning the stacks of books in you house, but I had no idea it was that bad! No wonder you were wanting the new Quiltville Post Office to be ready by November. I hope you and Mona have a good time.

  8. I am so happy for both you and Mona to have found one another. Good friends are hard to come by, but truly great friends willing to be by your side any time are very rare. You two have interwoven your lives and share so much that knowing you have each other makes me smile.

  9. The first thing you said about Mona coming to help was about the laughter and giggles. Yay!! You need that so much. And it makes me happy when I hear about someone with that kind of friend. Mine passed away 10 years ago, but fortunately my 2 sisters and I are exactly that way when we get together. Enjoy your day.

  10. Yea for Books getting signed, that's a perk of buying them straight from your shop. Mona is a great friend to come and help. Giggles will keep the cats wondering what you're up to.Happy Wednesday, 2 more sleeps til Part 3.

  11. Oh Bonnie I would be honored to have the book with the wrong name scratched out. We both could get a good chuckle as long as you put "Karen." Lol I am being serious. Reminds me of my dearly departed son when he was 6 or 7. I found a note in his backpack that he had so carefully wrote to a girl that he really liked. He really poured out his little heart to her. Well she must have turned him down because he put a single line through her name and wrote a different girls name. Bless him he did this three times. Lol 🙄

  12. Keep laughter in everyday I was laughing at the thought of Mona signing books
    It's so much better to do tasks with friends or family and as they say more hands makes the work load lighter
    Have a great day and take fun time breaks

  13. Wowza! You are Wonder Woman, that's for sure. You and the postal person are amazing. Looking forward to getting my String Frenzy. BTW, I think people are pretty much the same everywhere there is a change (chance) of weather. Here is Iowa, the grocery stores are a ZOO when the forecast 'may' be changing. Loved the sign in the library - perfect.

  14. I worked in a grocery store many years ago. One of our towns most popular weatherman was a customer. When it got slow during January we would always tease him about doing a snow advisory to up business that week. Brings back good memories. If I did not live 500 hundred miles away, I would be happy to help. You two have fun today.

  15. I look forward to your daily blog. Things look better when put in prospective. Keep the faith snd be trueto yourself.

  16. Bonnie I have been trying to place a preorder for String Frenzy and have been unable to do so. I don't know what I am doing wrong but I would like to get in Wave 4 or 5 and get an order placed.

    1. Me too. When I look at it it doesn’t give me any options. Is there something everyone else knows that we don’t?

    2. You can't "pre-order" until a number remaining is shown. Get up early tomorrow and order when Bonnie puts up the next Wave.

  17. Can you post Jason and Jeff's Hexie quilts beside each other?

  18. Your description of you place and how you are eating reminded me of a song the kids use to like when we went travelling it would get stuck in your head.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Wow you and Jeff have been busy bees that’s for sure and now Mona to help hope you had loads of fun. Received my email telling me my books have been shipped to Guernsey so exciting.
    Thank you so much for all you do and your great blog which I read avidly every morning
    Quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  21. Whew! Your schedule makes me get out of breath just reading your blogpost. Glad to hear Mona is coming. Getting the giggles while working together is the BEST thing to help work get done. Thank you for the updates and MQs.

  22. Any hint of snow makes everyone go to the store to get their "bread and milk sandwiches". Please don't forget to get your needed rest. My friend and I spent yesterday together making candy instead of quilts.


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