Saturday, August 12, 2017

Road Trips & Sunrises!

We left my pup-cousin Waffles in the care of Uncle Scott as the Mach 5 commenced with loading vehicles and making all preparations necessary for a double-overnight excursion up to Spicer, MN to stay at the home of my uncle Steve, the other half of my aunt Kathryn.

Oh, Waffles, you are such a kick!

We walked Waffles around the yard to make sure all duties were done before loading up.  Out of all 5 of us – I must be the only one not born with a green thumb.  The gardens in this family really are a joy to behold.


Along the lake shore at Joy’s


Oh the cone flowers!


Even white ones!

I took a little video after discovering another visitor:

There is just something extra special about Minnesota in the summer. 


Yes, Waffles, it makes me smile too!


The typical view on our drive!

I haven’t really been up this direction in Minnesota, all of my memories were going south toward Iowa, and we drive that coming up to Chaska from Oelwein, so I was excited to hit the road with this entourage.


We stopped to get peaches!

There is a Mennonite farm not far from where my aunt lives, and she had received a call that the box of peaches she had placed an order for were ready for pick up.  Detour?  You betcha!  I love the clouds over the barn in this photo.


Some cute gardening going on here too!


Ahhhh, bliss!

Steve & Kathryn live on Ringo Lake, and this is my first opportunity to visit, hopefully not my last! Here are my toes enjoying the evening air as we were waiting for the fish for fish tacos were grilling next to the zucchini from the garden.  Remember I said big gardeners in this family?  That doesn’t just go for flowers, but veggies are high on the list as well, and beautiful!


Cabbage, zucchini, onions, tomatoes all for our dinner!

The conversation was wonderful, and went way past dark as we sat in the darkness and watched the night sky, searching for shooting stars.

“I saw a satellite!”  “No, that’s an airplane.”  “No, it’s not!”  [insert copious amounts of giggling]

Yes, I think I’ve finally reached the stage of complete relaxation, something I really needed to find.


Sunrise on Ringo Lake

I’m an early-to-bed girl.  I usually turn into a pumpkin by 10:30pm, which means I am also the first one up.  This morning I quietly slipped into my clothes, slid into my flip-flops, snuck out the door, padded across chilly grass wet with morning dew and made my way to the lake shore and uncle Steve’s dock.

Sunrise.  I’m going to catch the sunrise.

Being a morning person definitely has its benefits, and standing there watching the morning arrive – quietly by myself – is such a joyful way to start the day.


Misty Minnesota Morning.


Life is definitely good!

Plans for today:  We’re going on a boat ride around Green Lake!  We are here to relax, enjoy, make memories and step away from our working lives.

It’s a great way to end this 10 day Iowa/Minnesota adventure.

I go home tomorrow.  But I’m not thinking about that now.

Today is for family.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage indigo 9 patch found in Texas.

Today: No busy. No stress. Abundant joy!

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  1. Enjoy your family time Bonnie! You may not have a green thumb but you have a cotton thumb as my Dad used to say to me. I always had a piece of fabric in hand. And we all know how beautiful you cotton quilts are, and the wonderful patterns you provide are. So no need to worry about your green thumb, your art work just turns a different direction. Enjoy the beautiful morning! Sunrises are wonderful!

  2. That shot of the sunrise over the boat and dock is awesome!!! Looks professional!!

  3. Hope you and your family share joy and love and make the day at the lake fabulous.

  4. Awe inspiring. Love the view! What a great time with your family making lots of memories. Maybe some come flowers in our mystery?

  5. You may not have a green thumb but you sure have a quilting thumb!!

  6. I'm like you Bonnie...I love the mountains. But, being in the mountains makes me energized. I want to walk and hike. No relaxation. But the lake...that's a whole 'nother story. My parent said had a house on the lake, and I could sit for hours on the porch swing and stare at the water, listen to the sound it made, watch the ducks...it was bliss! Enjoy your down time. There's no better place to be!

  7. I'm from Minnesota also so loved the "you betcha!"

  8. Ok, love you Bonnie but Waffles needs his own blog. Too cute and seems to have a big and funny family.

  9. Your thumbs and fingers are busy doing other things.✂.
    I have fun reading the little bit down the side of the first picture.

  10. You may not think you have a green thumb, but you sure are great at capturing gorgeous pictures!! And designing quilts!

  11. I went to Lutheran Bible camp on Green lake as a young teen. Ah, the good ole days

  12. Meteor showers are going on. That's probably what you saw.

  13. You grow beautiful quilt gardens Bonnie!

  14. I love the beautiful pictures--sunrise, old boat and the scenes on the drive! They do look professional.

  15. Such a beautiful place to recharge your batteries, so pleased for you that your now feeling so relaxed. Have fun lots of love and quilty hugs Anne

  16. thanks for taking me on vacation with you!!!!


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