Sunday, August 06, 2017

Moth in the Window with Group 2!

This is what you get when 59 quilters come from all over to retreat in Oelwein, Iowa!

Our retreat was put together by Jo Kramer of Jo’s Country Junction and her daughter Kelli! 

We had our first retreat 2 years ago and it turns out the Iowa is a GREAT location as it is fairly central in the states and easily accessible from everywhere.

Unless you are my box of rulers that I shipped on Monday that was supposed to arrive here by 3 day priority mail on Friday – and still hadn’t shown up as of yesterday.

The post office is closed today – but I have followed my tracking number having text messages sent to my phone with every scanning.  It sat in the black hole of Des Moines for more than 2 days saying “in transit” (to where!?)  And finally last night I got a ping that it had reached OKLAHOMA CITY!!??!??!??!

Well, I’ll be gone before it arrives, so Lou Ann is going to just forward it on home to me.  These are rulers and playing cards I wanted to bring to Minnesota (couldn’t ship them until I got home from Utah) and well -  Oelwein by way of Des Moines through Oklahoma City is just not going to get here in time.

But that’s okay!  We’ve had days to play, and loads of machines and fabric and goodies –the SNACK TABLE –and best of all, we’ve got each other!


SIX black Singer 301s in class!!

It might not be able to hold a candle to last week’s SEVEN LEFTIES in class in Utah (Still giggling about how fun that was!) but this was a sight, and a SOUND to behold.  I love how these machines sound –in fact, we’ve had a plethora of featherweights as well, including a gorgeous turquoise one, and a lemon yellow one!


Great facility! Room for all.  And SUPER LIGHTING.


We stitched, we sliced, we diced!


We pressed and sewed some more!


More than 100 blocks were made yesterday by this group!


But the best thing?  The friendship building.

We had 3 sets of sisters stitching!


And 4 sets of mothers & daughters.  Sweet!

This day was super busy and flew by way too fast!  You’ll catch all of our moments in the slide show below.  Enjoy!

Thanks for the great day, ladies!  The pattern for Moth in the Window is found in my Addicted to Scraps book.  Signed copies are available in the Quiltville Store.

Last night I had the privilege of getting away from the hubbub and enjoying a home cooked meal with a group of gals that have rented a cute house near by in a historic area of town.  After way too much eating out (As in, I’m feeling like the Sassy Sow from the fun food truck the day before!) it was wonderful to sit around a dining room table and enjoy some good conversation and a yummy meal.

As we walked to the car before getting me back to my hotel, we paused to wander through the gardens.  Perfect evening.  The August air was just right with no humidity and a gentle waft of breeze every now and again, and the fragrance!


Beautiful.  Just lovely.


And the colors!


Cone Flowers are my favorite!  These were a happy bunch.

Today is a transition day.  We’ve got a 4 hour short day of String Spider Web from the free patterns tab with group 2, and then I’m off to Minnesota for 3 days of workshops and a lecture there.  I understand there may be a quilt shop stop or two on our way up!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt shared by Christine during yesterday's show and share

It all begins from within. Try to make just ONE aspect of your day a bit more peaceful today.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Maybe the box of rulers was sent as books/educational media by mistake. In that case, it will travel to at least Seattle before it reaches Iowa.

  2. Isn't it funny ( and I don't necessarily mean in a laughing way) the 'scenic routes' that some of our packages take while en route? I ordered something from Las Vegas, thinking it shouldn't take any time at all to receive.. maybe three days. WRONG! First it went to another town in Nevada, then Arizona, Texas, Missouri, then I can't remember if it went to Indiana or Ohio next before it finally hit Michigan. Another pkg was sent from the Grand Rapids, Mi. area but had to go to Ohio before returning to Michigan. Oh the stories some of these packages could tell if only they could talk.

  3. I definitely need to make Moth in The Window someday--maybe even full sized!!
    Glad you got to meet Julie (meandmystitches). She is a sweetheart!

  4. I am sure you had such a great time! Kisses from Greece, my friend.

  5. Looks like a FUN time was had by all. Even your box of rulers had an adventure!! LOL

  6. Your photos and narrative allow those of us unable to get to a workshop to enjoy all the fun vicariously. I love the pix of machines, and wow, turquoise and lemon yellow Featherweights! What fun!


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