Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Remembering Oelwein!

Just around the corner from Lou Ann’s Quilt Garden in Oelwein, Iowa is a beautiful memorial park honoring those who served in many wars from this area.

Loretta and I gathered up our subway salads, and found a quiet place to sit and chat and eat at a picnic table placed not far away, beneath the shade of a large tree.

Memorials like this are found in small towns scatted all around America, reminding us all of the sons and daughters who gave their all for so many who will never know them.

I love visiting these memorials, reading the names, the dates, and pondering the lives they had.  Of course my mother’s heart aches for those mothers who lost their sons (or daughters) so early.)

Another view.


Flag flying.


We won’t forget.

I feel like reading the names, running my fingers over the dates is a way to let them know that *I KNOW*.  And I was happy to have Loretta with me, and we talked about many things – catching up on all of the time that had passed since I had seen her and her daughter Nell last.


And oh the show & share that follows lunch!

It really was a wonderful show & share with each group.  There were 27 ladies retreating at Lou Ann’s for my first 2 days in Oelwein, and then another 59 for days 3 & 4 over at the community center – and we’ve got all of the show & share in our slide show below:

On the home front:


This happened yesterday.

I personally find x-rays extremely fascinating – to know what goes on inside of us.  I worked in the radiology department at the hospital in Ontario, Oregon right up until the night I went into labor with Jeff.  I loved developing the films (long before digital) and seeing things we couldn’t see from the skin-side-in. 

So here I am.  Front tooth implant was done about 10 years ago (I’m sure it’s documented here on the blog somewhere in the archives!)  And as my surgeon put in the new  bone graft and implant – the tooth will come much later- he commented that my first one was so “Old School!”  HA!  Nice to know that technology is marching on and things get better all the time.

How am I feeling?  A bit sore and tender today, but soup for dinner and peanut butter toast for breakfast haven’t caused me any problems that a couple of Aleve can’t fix.  I’ll be seen next week to check the progress, and then 4 months from now I should be ready for the new tooth to be added onto the implant.

All I want for Christmas is my bicuspid back!

If you are on the fence about having this procedure done, don’t fret. It’s not hard, and I can handle it with just a good numbing up.  No gas or other sedation needed.  Really. And this new tooth will be a part of me.  If I had lost an arm or a leg, I would get a prosthetic.  If I needed a hip or knee replacement I wouldn’t balk at the cost.  Same with this tooth.  My smile is important to me.  The health of my mouth is important to me.  This new tooth will outlive me.  It’s worth it.


This girl.  Through the back door window. SKUNKED!

We were just climbing into the hot tub and settling in for a long awaited soak when I smelled something on the breeze.  Just previously we had heard a bark and Sadie had taken off through the yard after something we assumed was a squirrel.  Nope.  Skunk!  ACCCCCCKKKK!!!

We did the baking soda, dawn dish soap, hydrogen peroxide treatment.  I don’t think she got full force sprayed – I think she ran THROUGH the spray.  But still.  PEEEEEEOOOUUU!


Oh Sadie.  Blech.

A dog will always be a dog when it comes to chasing things!

Today the list is much shorter than it was yesterday.  I got my China visa photos taken care of before tooth extraction.  Today I tackle the paperwork and get that and my passport sent off to get my visa.

All book orders are caught up and on their way. My inbox is down to only 26 things in it – dates have been rearranged, workshops for guild events added, all that paperwork stuff that gets put off for “home time” is what I’m dealing with.

More today.  But it’s nice to be home just putzing away on it at a leisurely pace.


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Vintage Sugarloaf quilt shared by Siobhan.

It's this kind of Tuesday! The To-Do list is long, the pull of the fabric is strong!

However you spend it, enjoy your day!

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  1. It's good to have a day to rest after the dentist. Fabric therapy sounds good. It's a Grandpa & Grandma day/week. Early risers have been fed and are gone for a walk. Poor Sadie, no fun to be banished for being smelly.

  2. Oh, Sadie, what a sorrowful look that is. I recall watching a PBS show on the science of smell and they gave a recipe for treating skunk spray that was really supposed to work. I have never tried it, but think I still have it somewhere. We see (and sometimes small) lots of skunks here on the farm.
    I need an implant, but have put it off because the last couple of procedures I've had done, they can never get me fully deadened, even with twice the usual amount. That had never been a problem for me in the past, but it has certainly made me hesitant to have more than a simple filling done on my mouth. (I am fascinated by the x-rays, too.)
    Enjoy your putzing time. :)

  3. I think I remember that tomato juice would work on skunk smell. Our cat had the misfortune of being skunked. We certainly had a time trying to bathe him to try to get rid of the odor.

  4. The Dawn dish soap hydrogen peroxide combo works well, supposedly disturbing the scent molecules. What we didn't know is that you're not supposed to leave it on too long. Our beautiful chocolate standard poodle ended up scent-free but with an orange head, neck, and ears because we bleached her out with the peroxide! Oops. . .

  5. I love your quote! I would add to it that I would also just pat and smell the fabric.

  6. I dropped $32 grand on implant All on 4. Best decision I ever made. And best of all my general health has improved 100%. Dental health is very important! I know many that have paid that much for a LA set up. I chose a beautiful smile.

  7. Wow!!! What beautiful quilts in the show and share! Thank you everyone for the effort you put forth to bring your beauties to class.

  8. Cool X-ray! I also love watching ops (husband turns green) and when they videoed his heart when he had a heart attack, the blood was stopping in a certain spot and then when the stent was inserted it was like little flashes of dark lightning working their way round. He wasn't fond of seeing his own organ working, but fascinating for me.

    Poor Sadie. I remember a tv show (Mythbusters, I think) that tested skunk remedies and they found a tomato juice bath was the best. Having smelt skunk from a safe distance while in Canada - my cousin told me what it was - I can only imagine how awful it must be for Sadie . . . and yourselves!

  9. Poor Sadie! And those who tried to "deskunk" her. I hear a tomato juice bath removes the stink, but never had the opportunity to test it, thank goodness.
    Please identify that beautiful pink and green quilt in front of "moth in the window"? It is just stunning and I'd like to make it. Looks a bit like your Texas Tumbleweeds?
    Hope your implants are successful, thanks for your comment about them.

  10. We had 3 dogs and skunks in the country. Tomato juice worked the best. One time I had to use a can of tomatoes. What a mess but no more smell. Good luck with your teeth Bonnie.

  11. $4900 for my implant and worth every penny... not as 'easypeasy' in the "discomfort" area, but after the prep was over, the rest was a walk in the park... I do not regret it, it's my "best" tooth... Sorry about Sadie and the skunk! She looks regretful too... Love your posts and doings, i too am fondling fabric and putting binding on a queen sized "monster'...

  12. Poor Sadie and you, I'm just glad we have no skunks in the UK, we have wonderful fields and woods nearby to walk the worst thing I have to deal with is fox poo, that's stinky enough. Good job only have smallish dog can get in the shower with him. I do so love to read your posts Bonnie, many thanks for all you do. Xx

  13. We will be in Ontario OR tonight, returning there Sunday to see the total solar eclipse. Visiting our daughter in Washington in between.

  14. Hi Bonnie,
    So sorry Sadie got Skunked!! Our groomer was telling me a while back about a product that is amazing.... it gets rid of the skunk smell totally.... It's called Natures Miracle. She said you can find it at Petsmart and IFA. She says there is nothing else she would use!
    Hope that's a help.


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