Friday, August 04, 2017

From Chilly Iowa!

This was the beautiful just-past-sunset view of Cedar Rapids Iowa as I was landing on Wednesday evening.

Such a beautiful sight!

After a very quick connection in Detroit  ( I had 10 minutes to run from the arrival gate to my next departure!) I was worried that luggage may not have made the connection, but I crossed my fingers the whole way. 

The worst that would happen?  Things would come in the next morning and we’d have everything by noon.  I could start a workshop without the class sample just based on the “test blocks” that several students make before they even come to class. 

And the truth of the matter is – I’ve only had to do this once, when I taught in Kenora in Canada and the bags got left in Minneapolis never making it to Winnipeg until the next day.

We could do it if we had to.

I did leave this sweet face behind!

Oh, poor girl.  I’m glad I had an extra half day to spend with her.  She is such a dear heart, and I’m sure glad she’s got Jeff to keep her busy and happy while I’m away.


The “Go to China” quilt is now bound!

I’ve just got to write directions and start kitting up the bundles of pre-cut pieces and papers and goodies that will go with us.  October will be here before we know it!  I’m already wanting August to slow down.  I have 2 weeks at the end of the month to get as far as I can on this –and the MYSTERY. 

I think that catches us up to YESTERDAY’s workshop here in Oelwein!

It’s a full house at Lou Ann’s Quilt Garden & Retreat Center!

And Moth in the Window from the Addicted to Scraps Book was front and center!  Rain or shine, there was  nothing stopping the stitching!


The shop is next door!


But the retreat action is happening in here!

And the retreat bedrooms are upstairs above this sweet building in historic downtown Oelwein, Iowa!  If you want a peek at what the retreat bedrooms look like, as well as inside Lou Ann’s quilt garden, take a trip to this previous post!


Sew Many Busy Hands!


Pressing friends!


Traveling friends Jill & Jill with funny t-shirts!




Awesome, everyone!

You’ll find the rest of the day’s fun in the slide show below:

Such a fun day to reconnect with those who were here 2 years ago, joined by new folks I'm happy to get the chance to know!

Oh, and the Checkerboard Rails Leader & Ender challenge is happening in class!  Take a look:


Charnette’s in red, white & black! Whoowhooo!


Sleeping Cozy!

Today we’ve got a 1/2 day String Spider Web workshop ahead, followed by my lecture tonight!  If you are anywhere near Oelwein Iowa, check for the info on location and directions over at Jo’s Country Junction. 

It was chilly enough last night (in the 50s!) that I was happy to put the class sample on my bed for some sweet dreaming.

A bit of update from family:  Mark’s second surgery happened late yesterday afternoon.  Today we find out if the shunt placement is working.  Please keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming.  I love my brother so much and this is so hard for our family.  At this stage the tumor growth is in his frontal lobe, and is inoperable.  Oh, how I hate that word.  Our next course of action is intense radiation and chemo for 6 weeks, then a short break, and then chemo for another year.

His spirits are good, he’s done this before, he says he can do it again.  And we as family are cheering him on and cherishing every day.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Kiss in the Corner quilt in progress shared by Barbara in yesterday's Workshop.

Pattern found under the Free Patterns tab.

Today, call a friend (or family member) you haven't spoken to in awhile, Catch up. It's that important.

It’s Friday-  Have a great one!

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  1. Love, love, love the personalized t-shirt shirts !
    Quilting on the go shared by friends!
    Doesn't get any sweeter!

  2. Thanks for the photos of the retreat center. Lovely place to quilt! Will keep praying for your brother.

  3. Looks like so much fun. Love the matching shirts!

    Thinking of your brother and the entire family, prayers for all.

  4. Looks like so much fun. Love the matching shirts!

    Thinking of your brother and the entire family, prayers for all.

  5. I'm glad your luggage made it through. Prayers for Mark! Cancer sucks. How fun to have the beds upstairs and Quilt Shop next door! Perfect place to Retreat Sew on ladies, Sew on!

  6. Its so great that your son takes care of your fur baby while you are gone...love her sweet face! Prayers for your brother...his positive attitude will pull him through this just fine!

  7. Glad your luggage made the plane. All your classes look like great fun. Maybe one day 🤞. My thoughts and best wishes are with your brother and whole family 💙💙.

  8. I clicked on the circle at the top of your page to send an email, and it asked me to create a Microsoft account. I don't want another email account. Could you (or a helpful reader) tell me how to send you an email using an account I already have? Thanks very much, Diane

  9. Just use your regular email and send it to: quiltville@gmail.com

  10. Prayers for your brother....Hugs for you.

  11. I've made it through twice, and so can Mark. All my prayers are with you and your family.

  12. Praying for your family, especially Mark & you. Great post today. Quote is an awesome reminder, as well as your sage advice to call someone you love Today!


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