Wednesday, August 09, 2017

A Garden Party Day in Chaska!

Another day, another group!  And so much fun in stitching up the strips to make the two small blocks in Garden Party“

“I’m scared of such small pieces!” I often get when we are getting ready to sew.

As long as you are sewing the SAME seam allowance, small pieces are not a problem!

1 1/2’’ strips are my FAVORITE size, and I love the many things we can do with them.  Finishing at only 1”, the fabrics just SPARKLE!  And if that fabric is fairly ugly, there is not that much of it showing so chances are you are only going to get a spot of color.

Small blocks rock!


Kim and her granddaughter Haley!

Haley was our youngest quilter at “almost” 15!


Haley’s blocks in progress!  Way to SEW, sister!


Oh so many blocks in so many different combinations!


Such a busy room of quilty activity!


Let’s lay them out together!


I think I LOVE it!

You’ll find the rest of our Garden Party Day in the slide show below:

The pattern for Garden Party is found in the Addicted to Scraps book.  Do you have your copy yet?

And this wasn’t ALL of our day.  After finishing up the class, boxing up the supplies, machines, and clearing the room – we headed out to the Chaska High School to set up for last night’s lecture.

There was a line of people already waiting to get in as we came through to set up for my presentation.


I have never seen such a crowd!

I went to bed feeling so overwhelmed and grateful at the turn out.  The show & share was truly amazing, and I will be sharing that with you in a future post.

The plan of attack right now is to pack up everything, head out to today’s Jamestown Landing workshop from String Fling and after that I’m heading over to Maple Grove to join my mom and her 2 sisters for a few days of much needed R&R.

This has been a whirlwind trip, and such a great one!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage bear paw quilt found in West Virginia.

Start being happy right where you are by appreciating right where you are.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Enjoy the Minnesota hospitality! Reminds me of last year in 'Boji! has it been over a year already???!!!!!

  2. Wow--what a crowd!!
    LOVE the T-shirt. :)

  3. The lecture at Chaka last night was fantastic. Love the turn out. Thanks so very much.

  4. Wow--so glad that Minnesota is treating you well...Oelwein was fab Bonnie---I loved every minute.....Linda(Loretta!!!!)

  5. I love that you share all of the fun!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  6. Had a great time and learned a ton! You are a big inspiration on how to use up my scraps!

  7. Hmmm......I am sitting here wondering if quilters in Minnesota like you???? LOLOLOL
    You are a quilting rock star to many Bonnie! Loving the new slide show and music format! You rock!

  8. I echo Kevin's comment, Bonnie, you are a Rock Star. What joy you bring to everyone, thank you. Lenore

  9. I had no idea that you lived in MN as a young girl. I am a Minnesota girl and I love quilts! I've happily followed your blog for years now.

  10. Bonnie is the best! Loved her lecture and class. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm.

  11. Looks like quite a party. Thanks for sharing the fun. I love how I get to tour the country (and the world) through your blog. I think I need to move Garden Party up to the top of my list of 'must make quilts" I just love those little blocks (ahhhh)


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