Sunday, August 20, 2017

Friends & Visitors!

And then one day….a bear just walks into the yard in broad daylight.


We were not here at the time, we have a couple of trail cams set up to catch the deer, squirrels, raccoons and other critters that come through.  We love seeing them.

This guy was TOTALLY unsuspected!

We had told there was ONE BEAR in the area – Barbara from down the lane and across the street had mentioned that one day she was just sitting on her front porch, and here he came…meandering up the road right in front of our mail boxes.

We were shocked when we reviewed the photos from the trail cams to see this guy.

There were several photos of him…..some of him just “hanging out” and dozing in the sun, or sitting there just looking around on his big ole bear bottom.

When we checked the dates on the photos it seems he was here about the 23rd of July.  A month ago.  When we were in Utah – yes, it has been over a month since I was up here last.  Further viewing of what was available on the cameras didn’t show any sign of him after that.

I do worry about Sadie.  She is never let out alone.  We know to make noise like crazy when we walk or hike.  Most of my walking has been on the paved road, not out in the wilderness.

It’s the mountains.  This is part of the deal here.  Our cabin is on THEIR territory, not the other way around and we respect the wildlife around here.

We don’t leave trash around. All trash goes home with us when we leave.

But I do have to admit I did freak out – just a bit!


Wouldn’t you?


Irene and I have been stationed here!



We’ve been laughing about how our “Bad things come in threes!” list was going, and I think Irene hit her 3rd one yesterday.  She was working on this beautiful paper-pieced feathered star and turned the whole section over to admire her handiwork and……OH NO!  SHIFT HAPPENED!


Nothing that a bit of in-stitching can’t fix!

She is working hard and heavy on a shop sample: Logan's Crossroad by Border Creek Station!  She hopes to have most of it finished by the time she heads home on Tuesday.  We are both sewing pedal to the metal.  We only left the sewing room to eat.  It’s a serious sweat shop down there.


As for me?  I’m a chain sewing fiend!


My Singer Rocketeer 500a is getting a work out!

I just love this machine to bits.  I also feel most comfortable at the height of this table.  The folding table Irene is sitting at must have been made for a much shorter woman than I am.  T


See the height difference?

The cabinet is an ugly piece of junk – nearly discarded one, but I kept it and I’m so glad. It’s a great surface for sewing, and more than that – I don’t have to worry about pin scratches and scissor dings.  This cabinet actually sits a bit higher than the side table to the right of it.

Tall girls need tall tables.

Today we continue.  We are on a roll.  Deadlines are closer to being met!  And it is so much more fun to plod along while chattering with a friend near by.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Sometimes we have to face it, we can't control creativity it needs to follow its own direction!

Nine in the middle quilt from my book Adventures with Leaders & Enders. I gave this quilt to my sister and her hubby last month during our family reunion.  So happy it is being loved and used.

Off to sew!  Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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  1. I have that same Featherweight table! I actually prefer its' lower height vs. the cabinet that houses my Bernina.

  2. Yikes! A bear!! Oh my! Keep calm and sew on. :-)

  3. That bear looks to be a good size! I will keep my eyes open. He/she is beautiful! Mom lives closer to you about 25 min. They have been seeing bears too!

  4. I have to admit I've been a little concerned about your walks in the woods! We've encountered bears on 3 vacations escaping the Phoenix heat~ fishing in Ontario, Canada; sightseeing in Alberta, Canada~ both where we'd expect to see them. But, the scariest was one hanging out in our VRBO yard in Pine, AZ! Waaay too close for comfort.
    Could you please set my mind at ease and invest in some bear spray for those morning jaunts?!? This "Mama Bear Bonnieac" would be forever thankful that you listened to her!!! ;-)

  5. maybe your bear is retired, spending his old age just meandering and relaxing around the woods...

  6. Irene's block turned out great. How many more does she need? Good that the bear came to check on your place for you while you were in Utah. The bear spray sounds like a great idea.it's aweek of binding to get quilts ready for Fair. Picking out errant strings so they get good comments from the judge.

  7. At our cabin in upper WI we had a bear stand up and look in the window a couple of hours after we left with the dog(my parents were still there with a great-grandchild). We have had bear do damage to window screens and the like but never when we were there have they come that close. That was last month and we will be going up again soon to install a new wood stove hoping the bear has moved on. Working on my mini spiderweb this week hoping to have more sewing time after my work schedule changes.

  8. I see Brown bears in my backyard off and on all summer. They do keep me alert as I leave my house each morning.

  9. I think you need to "collect" a few bear-themed items for you cabin now! Maybe a bear ottoman and a standing bear holding a bowl! Just a little reminder that the real thing is out there! Cool, but yikes!

  10. Looks like some fun sewing happening there. I have completed 4border creek station mysteries so far. Love her patterns. I sure hope you never come face to face with that beautiful black bear, having him in the area would make anyone a bit cautious. Have a great day sewing with your friend. I see mystery quilt happenings, anticipation is growing already.

  11. More hourglasses!! Love it in purple :)

  12. Bonnie remember bears and other wild life use road also
    Be sure to read up on what to do when you see a bear 🐻
    I don't know what to do other than I have "heard" make noise so the wildlife knows you are there or coming and you don't surprise them
    If that is correct then perhaps put bells 🔔 on when walking
    I do love being in nature and seeing nature but I don't want nature coming at me or wanting to ah eat me

  13. Wow. Handsome visitor! Interesting that he only visited when you weren't around.

    Poor Irene - but that's a lovely feathered star.

    Great set up - enjoy. I like the higher tables, but my chair keeps sinking down so I end up like Alice in Wonderland with my chin (exaggerating a tad) on the table. Sometimes as I treadle I feel it going down notch by notch (or air gap by air gap) and it's so frustrating! LOL

  14. Hi Bonnie, think I would be a bit freaked out too with the bear. Let's hope he is not a frequent visitor. Oops happen to all of us sometimes are oops are bigger than others. The other day I was thinking of going through you quiltcam archives to see about webbing a quilt, and low and behold you had done a quiltcam about it through my night. You are a mind reader haha. Thanks for that. X

  15. Your bear is incredible... he looks so at home, which as you say, is his home! How awesome to be in their paradise!

  16. Hi Bonnie! I know you are so busy, but I would love to know what brand, model, or whatever you could share about the trail cams you have. They take such good photos and I would like to surprise my hubby with one! Thanks SO much for all you do to inspire, teach, and share with us. I got to see your quilts at Quilt Odyssey in Hershey. It was so cool to see them in person! Take care and have a great day!

  17. We talked about setting up a trail cam last night since we noticed a major trail path on the property.
    Be careful with your neighborhood bear - make sure all your food is locked up!
    My newest love/want is your Rocketeer Singer - how extremely cool is that?

  18. and really inspirational you give me a path of reading thank you Read more ...

  19. After seeing you sew with a Rocketeer in an earlier post, I had to have one. Who wouldn't if they grew up with moon landings, Star Trek, the Jetson's and such?!? I finally found one close to me and my husband is working on cleaning it up and making sure it is in good working order. It's not in the best of shape cosmetically, but seems to work okay. I'm hoping he can get it looking as good as yours or close to it.


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