Sunday, April 17, 2016

Keeper of the Plains, Wichita!

One place that is a “MUST STOP” in Wichita is the Keeper of the Plains!

This is my second time visiting the Keeper.  Being a history lover, I am just so touched by what happened in this area through history, and the Native Americans who first settled here, believing this spot to be sacred.

The Keeper is placed on a tower of rock overlooking the convergence where the Big Arkansas and Little Arkansas rivers meet, becoming one.

The natives believed this convergence to be a site of protection and settled in this area where the soil was rich and water was plentiful.

The Keeper of the Plains is a 44 foot tall Cor-Ten steel sculpture by Kiowa-Comanche artist Blackbear Bosin.


View from the parking lot!

I was with my friend Brenda and her mom on our way to dinner when we stopped to take these photos.


Downtown Wichita in the distance.


And the geese stand watching!


Surrounding the base of the statue are multiple displays which describe the local tribes that used to inhabit this area, as well as several fire pits which sometimes light up to illuminate the statue at night. The fire pits, which are known as the Rings of Fire, are lit manually for public safety and run in 15-minute increments. They are generally lit once a night around 7 pm during the summer and sunset during the winter. [source]


More display

What these photos don’t show you is that there is an ethereal soundtrack of  native singing and native instruments playing, barely audible as the breeze blows through the area, swirling the soundtrack around you as you discover the people who first called this place home along the river.

When I visit places like this, and realize how many generations have passed since those first natives made this place home, building shelters, seeking food, having families, living lives, it does feel like a sacred space to me.


Convergence where the little falls are --


See the falls?


View from tree branches!


Nesting goose – do not disturb!

I have a special treat – I found a YouTube video of some high school girls giving their own presentation on the Keeper of the Plains, and I loved how they shared their knowledge of their city’s heritage in this little clip.  Enjoy!

Great job, girls!


Here at the cabin -
Morning on the Mountain!


Looking through the trees at the valley of green far below!

I have been a busy little bee, but also a bee that has slept like a LOG up here.  This is a short break for me.  I arrived home late Wednesday night, had Thursday at home to mail books, came up here Friday, quilted with Mona yesterday, I have today to make what progress I can, and I head home again tomorrow.  That leaves me ONLY Tuesday to prepare for this next trip to Iowa as I have another 3:15am wake up call on Wednesday for my trip to Iowa.

As much as I’d like to I am going to be unable to squeeze Quilt-Cam in during this break.  I thought it was longer.  I thought we could.  But I’d have to do it tomorrow night, and there are too many other things needing attending to, so thank you for your patience, and we will do Quilt-Cam again as soon as I have a bit LONGER break in between trips.

In the mean time, did you see our Quilty Box Giveaway from last night?  The April box is awesome!

To enter go HERE. Follow the directions, leaving just y our name and email address after clicking the blue “add your link” button found on the page.  Drawing Wednesday night from Spirit Lake, Iowa!

Mona is heading over in a bit and we will be sewing this afternoon!  She’s got a couple of tops to share, so we will get photos of those today --


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage double wedding ring quilt found in Michigan.

I have a very sweet and special mom who often told me "Bloom where you are planted!" While I was struggling with growing up. Sometimes. that means taking the focus off some far away dreams to accept and find joy in things as they are right now. Don't miss the NOW!

Wise words, Mama! Thank you!

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

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  1. I so look forward to reading your posts every morning. Take away all your quilting talents and expertise that you share with us, you still inspire us in so many other ways. I especially enjoy reading your thoughts on nature, history and aspects of your travels. And while I do love quilt cam, it's certainly understandable that you cannot always get to it. You deserve a break today....I don't understand how you do it, Bonnie, but I wish I had half of your stamina.

  2. Thanks for sharing the most inspiring things while traveling, relating it your life and calling us to action. Wise words from your Mama too. My Nana always told me to "Bloom Where You Are Planted" too and that is what I make an effort to do each day. Requires an attitude adjustment at times (only when things do go as I would want them to). Hugs, Allison in Plano TX

  3. 801 Diane Road above. I love your wisdom and philosophy. But I also love your quilting patterns and am now starting the second String X quilt for a young child. I will send you photos when I get them finished.

  4. Okay correction to above post. The first line should read "Ditto what Diane wrote above." so much for voice recognition.

  5. Nancy Wigren12:02 PM EDT

    I LOVED your "history, pictures and video of Wichita!! I think the picture of the goose (dark image with cloud behind it) should be entered into a photo contest. Really beautiful.

  6. Bonnie, your quote really hits me where I live today. Thanks.

    I'm in Iowa, too, but a bit south of where you'll be next week. Hope your trip is great.

  7. Thanks for the info about Wichita, I've not been there since I was a child in the 60s so it was great to see the new, modern things.

  8. the best is to live in the now, love, experience, DO what is before you with everything you have... you hardly miss the "worry" about what is coming up. I love your pictures and musings and thoughts... thank you for sharing your many many talents and your beautiful 'self'...


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