Saturday, April 02, 2016

Get out in the SPRING of it all!

A run to town was made for some supplies.

I don’t take running to town lightly as it is a 25 minute drive there, and another 25 minute drive back – but necessity prevailed and down the mountain we went.

I tend to watch where I am walking, being the klutz that I am.

I found a wadded up dollar bill in a puddle in my path!

There has to be a life lesson in this, don’t you think?

Something like “If you aren’t paying attention you might just step over money.”  LOL!  I know it is only a dollar.  But my inner child smiled, picked it up, looked around for the person who may have lost it, and finding no one, put it in my pocket. 

“Was coming to town worth a dollar?” I asked myself on the drive home.  As the sun came out highlighting the beautiful dog woods and redbud trees that are blooming brilliantly in spring splendor, as I marveled at how the leaves have emerged on the trees seemingly overnight since I arrived on Thursday afternoon ---I answered my own question.

YES!  Getting away from the machine, from the project, from the deadlines and seeing what is really going on in nature as spring makes its changes known is worth FAR MORE than that dollar.  It’s priceless.

The deadlines can wait.  Get out and enjoy spring!


And we did!

Doesn’t Sadie look pitiful standing there? I just wanted to set the leash down and get a happy picture of her, but when I tell her to STAY she thinks she is in trouble.  Poor thing!  So I did a quicky 20 second video clip instead!


Favorite block!  Flamingos!

It’s been really fun making these little blocks with whatever fabric can be found.  Strange yet fun combinations, everything better when mixed all together.


Some more favorites!

I got all of the remaining blocks made and sashed yesterday.  I love the blue print with the dog and the stitchy words.  Reminds me of Sadie!  CUTE!


At bedtime.

All present and accounted for except for the last block which is still under the presser foot of my machine. I am now in the process of cleaning up, and packing away. Headed home this morning!

I'm still working on how to set these and it will have to wait until I am back from Chicago and Wichita!  It has time to percolate.  I know there will be sashing of some kind, but just what remains to be seen!

Tomorrow morning’s flight BOARDS at 5:30am.  Egad.  Here we go again!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage many trips around the world quilt found in North Carolina.

Being a giver by nature, and wanting everyone to be happy can sometimes create a conflict. To achieve balance there has to be times when we stop putting everyone else first. There is nothing left to give if our own vessel is empty.

Taking this extra couple of days up here has filled my vessel full.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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  1. So enjoyed your sharing Sadie. Our dear Lexi enjoyed the out of doors at full throttle for 14 years until two weeks ago when she ended her battle against cancer. Take Sadie out once more for us!! Our memories are jewels to us.

  2. Miss Bonnie: in reference to your puppy Sadie, instead of telling her to stay for the photo, tell her to "sit pretty" my dong, a little bigger than Sadie, sees the camera and starts turning into a ham. She loves her picture taken, especially if she sees the flash.
    As for your lovely, bright, happy H quilt. I love how those colors just flow together. When I see it laid out, as in your photo, I just smile. I don't know if sashing would make it happier. It is an H quilt, so it has to be "H appy". Thanks again for all the teaching, quilt designs, the daily blogs. You are one busy lady, and I will say you have brightened my life greatly.

  3. It is forecasted to snow today in Michigan. I think I'll wait to go out and enjoy spring until it returns up here.

    Wishing you safe travels!

  4. Anonymous10:07 AM EDT

    I can so telate to you quotes in this blog, may have to print,cut and frame or at least put in sewing room and on the frig. Deborah dlarvin@windstream.net

  5. My friend who lives near Chicago posted more Spring snow today. Take your hat and gloves. Have a great trip. I stop to pick up pennies. Nice to see all the green! I love my corner of the world where Spring has come!

  6. Love finding cash! We were on a vacation out west when I spied a crumpled bill... Probably $1.00,right? How about a REAL $100.00 bill. No one around, have no idea how to return it... spent on fabric. Watch where you walk :)


  7. Anonymous11:34 AM EDT

    I found a dollar in a book I had checked out at the public library. And when my aunt passed away I inherited a large ball jar and a bag of scraps. Her last name began with "H" and she had made the block you are now showing. I kept them. I don't know why and now my married daughter's last name begins with 'H' and maybe there's a reason to still own those blocks. I like the way you are attaching the sides to that block. Kind of jazzes that up.

  8. The "H" blocks look so happy just as they are! I used that pattern years ago to "fix" a block swap with over 1-1/2" between the largest and smallest blocks! Such a happy and easy way to accommidate other sewers.

  9. That's hilarious. Our pastor always talks about one of his boys (he has 3 kids) was ALWAYS finding money. He said he was the only one who always walked with his head down, eyes on the ground. I watch where I'm walking, too, but rarely find money (tho one time I DID find a $5 when I was geocaching!!). LOL

  10. Anonymous6:56 PM EDT

    Love all your quotes, but today's is a favorite!
    Safe travels!
    Sandra B

  11. LOVED today's quote ... I can definitely relate. I find that if I step back and take time for "me" when I re-assume my responsibilities I am in a better frame of mind. Always stop and pick up a penny, nickel or dime when I find it. Found a $50 bill flying across a parking lot in Las Vegas once ... looked around for the owner and didn't see anyone who appeared to be looking for it ... so I gave it a good home! LOL Linda H

  12. Forgot to wish you safe travels. Chicago is my "old" hometown ... still love it in my heart ... enjoy!!

  13. I'm always looking down, I'm usually so clumsy, not sure I have a choice. I found a ten once, it was right when they changed them...wasn't sure it was real! Lol
    Love the H quilt and the wonky sides, never seen one before, might just be my next quilt!

  14. I was at a quilt show today that you would have loved, not only the quilts but one your favorite things, SCRAPS ! They had tables with boxes named full of scraps that they were selling . A plastic grocery bag with as much as you could stuff in it for $1.00. One of the ladies working the area asked if anyone was a Bonnie Hunter fan and we started talking about your quilts with some of the smallest pieces of scraps and whenever I would pick up a small piece with part of a picture on it I would say perfect Bonnie piece.

  15. Today in Michigan we had sunshine, hail, snow and dark skies. Mother nature forgot to make it spring.

    Love the "H" quilt.

  16. At a BSU game last season, I spotted a $50. Looked around and no one nearby appearing to search. Hubby and I went out to breakfast the next morning. 3 police officers came in about the time we were going to leave. I went to their table and said "I found this yesterday and I want to buy you breakfast. Put it on their table and walked away". I hope it made their day cuz it certainly made mine! They gave me the opportunity to share the abundance that was gifted to me.

  17. Anonymous12:39 AM EDT

    It seems to me---that you could design a 'H' type setting sashing---with contrasting colors for those blocks.

    Sylvia in Beaumont Texas


  18. Wow, lucky you.....Don't spend it all in one stop. Ha ha :o)
    I also have a 20 min commute to town one way. You have to make sure it's really worth going there before you leave.
    Love the Sadie's pic. I'm such and animal lover.
    Safe travels!!
    Dena :o)

  19. Anonymous2:27 AM EDT

    I was at our State Quilt Convention one year & decided to go for an early morning walk to get some fresh air before breakfast & the day's classes began. I also watch where I'm walking & spotted a shiny half dollar on the sidewalk. I bent down to pick it up but it was super-glued to the sidewalk! I still laugh about that.

  20. We have a granddaughter named Harlow, when she came last Tuesday, she was saying Happy Harlow. And yes there is a basket of pretty scraps to make into a H quilt.

  21. My daughter when she was nine found a wadded up bill floating in the ocean. She grabbed it and we waited until we got back to the blanket to unfurl the bill. It was a hundred dollar bill! She used it to buy herself an American Girl doll.

  22. I really like this quilt... course i love them all but then what's not to love! LoL... bright and cheery wins every time.
    I can remember finding $5 bill when I was a kid... as far as I was concerned; I was RICH!!!
    I checked with a few neighbors to see if they had lost any money. Maybe it's inflation, you know how we used to find pennies all the time, it's seem of late I find dimes or nickels. I realize people probably don't realize that they have dropped them; but then again, is it that or that people are just too lazy to pick up what they know they dropped.
    Hope you had a great trip, love to read about you and Sadies adventures. My pup and I go to the dog park of late. She loves it, I get my walking in and we both come home well exercised.


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