Friday, April 08, 2016

All Good Things Must End..

We had our closing banquet and student show and share last night, and just like that, our Naperville Cocoon 2016 was over!

There were many hugs and tears and laughs.  We’ve made such good memories over the past 5 days since we all gathered together.

We’ve learned skills, been pushed out of our boxes and expanded our  experiences.

It’s been a wonderful time and I will greatly miss everyone!

Can you see how much fun these folks are?  You know when people will do a “CRAZY” photo and not feel the least bit self conscious, you have found a group with a zest for living and there are no limits on what you can do.

I hope my paths cross with these great quilters who I call friends again before too long!


Pepper’s Class!

Our students learned the art of curved piecing with large drunkard’s path blocks, and many of them finished their wall hangings!  Don’t laugh at Marilyn’s in lavender on the right – or maybe laugh WITH her!  She was hurrying to get that last seam sewn so she could show it last night and got the row upside down. It was a “Don’t drink and quilt” moment! Haha!


Mark Sherman’s machine trapunto class!


They did such a great job!


Pam Holland’s Machine Sketching class!


Didn’t they do amazing work?


Such wonderful detail!


My Midnight Flight Class!

I am so proud of my students!  Tight piecing is a learned skill and we went over so many hints and helps and tricks in getting these units to fit together easily!  There are 88 pieces in each 12’’ block, no small feat!

Pam Holland has a way with photography that is unmatched.  Her vision comes from the heart and captures so much emotion in the moments while putting them to music.  I shared my phone video of rosemary's Quilt of Valor wrapping, untouched, unedited and straight as it happened.

But look what happens when Pam gets her hands on something.  You think you needed tissue yesterday? Grab it again, you are going to need more!

Quilts of valor. from holland on Vimeo.

I've compiled all of my photos from my 3 days of Midnight Flight workshops in a slide show for you to view.  You might just see some photos of other workshops as I poked my head into the other class rooms as well.  That's the hardest part about being an instructor -- we can't take the other workshops because we are busy teaching our own classes.

One thing we heard again and again last night as things drew to a close- "I came because of one class, never thinking I could do the others, but I did!  I can do it!"  These kinds of things that might be a bit out of our comfort zone, but they are the opportunities we need to grow and expand.  We all learned so much by getting out of our boxes.

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device. You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

Naperville Cocoon, IL 2016

As this posts Pepper and I are at the airport a few hours early, but it is much better to be here and be through with traffic than caught in rush hour.

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt found in Michigan.

Longing for some simple things today as I make my way from Chicago to Wichita for my next teaching venue! I change planes in Atlanta, so close to home but yet so far! 

Enjoy your Friday, everyone!

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  1. Thank you for sharing so much of your cocoon experience with us who wanted to be there. Especially I am touched by Pam's video collage. She really caught frozen moments that speak to the heart. When a veteran is honored, valor is rewarded and the recipient shows some of the depths of feelings and memories that she or he holds so close to the surface but that are usually unseen by others. My husband is a veteran of WWll, Korea and Vietnam. He lives with his experiences 24/7 valiantly.

  2. Love the pictures you shared. Did Kay England do a class too?

  3. I have felt the need to make a quilt of Valor, for some time, but, this presentation made a huge impression on me, and I want to thank her for her service, as well as all the quilters whose hearts are so huge. My son is a veteran of Desert Storm, and my dad and father in law were Veterans of WWII..I know the challenge and the pride of being a service family. Thanks to all.

  4. Pepper's video is incredibly moving and the perfect expression of the presentation. You're right, tissues required! May we never forget the sacrifices made for our freedom.
    On a lighter note, I saw Kaye England in Battle Creek last year, she is a hoot!


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