Saturday, April 23, 2016

Farewell to Okoboji!

Yesterday’s Texas Tumbleweed Workshop during Spring Retreat with the Pieceful Spirits guild held at Lakeshore Lodge on Lake Okoboji was a riot of activity, a flurry of scraps, humming machines and loads of laughter, everyt  25 hing a retreat should be!

The day flew by at break neck speed – especially when I was running between two sewing areas, one in the main hall of the lodge, and the other directly below in more conference space. 

25 students upstairs, 24 students downstairs..it can make a girl’s fitbit overheat! LOL! 

But it’s a good thing – this way I had access to BOTH the upstairs and the downstairs treat tables.  I needed those steps!

What a fun bunch these folks were and I hope they will have me back.  Lake Okoboji is a great place for a retreat!


Those Minnesotans can get a bit “Loon-ey!”


I love it when sisters come retreat together!


Looking good!


Oooo!  Loving Holly’s Hot Pink Delight!

Doesn't this have "Good N Plenty" written all over it?


Our lunch break show and share was amazing!

I have combined all of the retreat photos and the show and share into one YouTube slide show! I hope you enjoy it! 

As I sat here and edited each photo, my heart is so grateful for the hard work behind the scenes to pull a large retreat like this together.  This was just a fabulous experience!

When the workshop was over, I hopped into my rented red Jeep Patriot, and headed off on a 2 hour journey to Sioux City, Iowa.

As I checked into the Stoney Creek Lodge, I was greeted by a whole new group of retreaters ready and eager for two days of workshops here as well!

And truth be told..there are some who attended in Okoboji who will be HERE as well!

And they say that quilting doesn’t make the world go round!  It certainly does MINE!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Life is rich with abundance, give with your heart and you will never run out of what comes back!

Vintage Log Cabin quilt found in Michigan.

Off to grab breakfast and get this retreat day started!

Have a great Saturday, everyone!

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  1. Wonderfulness! It was like watching a favorite movie . . . it just kept getting better and better with more quilts. Thank you for sharing your students, yourself and your adventures! Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  2. Bonnie, thanks for the lovely pics of the Lake. I was born in Iowa and in my 18 yrs there, I got to go there once long ago. Deanna

  3. Wow what a great display of quilts. Glad you had so many students wanting to join that retreat. Enjoy your time in the Midwest again. We always love having you, no matter how near or far away.
    Hi from Peoria Illinois. We definitely miss having you here.

  4. Loved the slide show, great music!

  5. Brenda Wilkinson, WL, BC12:05 AM EDT

    What a cool slide show! My computer is running just a tad slow so, as the pictures were coming up, they held for a split second with the heart shape over the previous picture. The Celtic Solstice quilts were especially intriguing with a heart-shaped contrasting colorway right in the middle! Gorgeous quilts, ladies! They are on my bucket list of things to make. I think that list is one of the reasons my computer is so slow!

  6. Wonderful Quilts. I love all of them.

    What pattern is this on 4.01. Can anyone help me??

    Greeting Guilitta

  7. Anonymous12:01 AM EDT

    Guilitta, the pattern at 4.01 is Grand Illusion with someone's personal twist on the sashings. I think the effect is quite stunning!

  8. Glad you had a great time in Iowa! Isn't Okoboji a pretty place?


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