Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Naperville Cocoon, Day 2!

THIS Kind of fun is happening in Naperville Illinois this week!

Yesterday was day #2 of Midnight Flight.  A lot of fun with small pieces, a whole new room full of excited students, and a day to play!

And of course, this is a dream for me because not only do I get to spend the time with these quilters, many whom I’ve taught before here there and everywhere including guild meetings and cruises and shows, but I actually have time to spend with the other instructors, and usually that isn’t the case.

Everyone is so busy that the instructors usually don’t get time to even get to know each other.

This really has been super.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to tag team a featherweight with Pepper Cory?  It turns out that Marilyn was able to bring us one, and Pepper and I arranged it that she could have it for the first two days, which included her lecture day, and starting TONIGHT – that sweet little featherweight will be in my clutches until class is over tomorrow.  Bliss!


While THIS was going on in my classroom


Students concentrating hard and working on accuracy and unit size ---


Pam’s class is in the hall for a tea break! LOL!


Sometimes the quilts can wait, because the most important thing is the friendships!


An afternoon presentation by Mark Sherman!


Does this give you a better idea on scale?

I am completely blown away by Mark’s fabulous quilts, and he considers himself a “newish” quilter, having started into quilting in 2001.  He said his first ever quilt was made with the Yellow Brick Road pattern, and after that, he took off in his own direction and has never looked back.

When you aren’t aware of “RULES” there are no rules to break and you make your own way as you go along without boundaries.  His quilts have won numerous awards, and on top of that he gives a great presentation with a wonderful sense of humor added to the mix.


Wings and Feathers

Known by his daughter as Butterfly Kisses.


Mark giving his schpiel to our lunch crowd!

In addition to making quilts, Mark dyes his own fabric and has developed many innovative techniques that he is teaching to the quilting community. He teaches classes on machine trapunto and hand dyed fabric as well as many others.  His workshops for our cocoon are on machine trapunto and the quilters are doing amazing work learning this new skill from Mark.
From Mark’s bio  on his website, reMARKablequilts.com:
“Mark draws his inspiration from nature, color and antique stained glass. His innovative techniques are widely admired.  He enjoys encouraging and serving as an inspiration for other quilters.”
Back to class, my students are accomplishing beautiful things as well!
Another great day!
Quiltville Quote of the Day!
Vintage string quilt found in North Carolina.
One of the best parts of networking with other quilters, instructors and students alike is finding out when, how and where they find their creative flow.  Most of us agree on one thing, you have to schedule in your time to create.  As busy as we all are, it is important to leave enough time for your own creativity. Say yes to yourself!
I’m off to breakfast, and then day 3 of Midnight Flight will commence with a new batch of students eager to piece!
Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Holy Wow! How have I not ever seen Mark's work before?!

    And your students are doing lovely, creative work. Always fun to see how others are inspired by the same pattern.

  2. Had I been in town, I would have been happy to loan you a 301 or two.

  3. Mark's work is beautiful, so bright & colorful!

    The quote of the day is perfect!

  4. Anonymous2:20 PM EDT

    Mark is a new name to me and wow on his quilts. Love the color and the movement. Glad I checked the blog this afternoon. Always see beautiful quilts on Quiltville......thanks for putting forth the efforts to share with us.

  5. Why is this event called "cocoon?". I have never heard that before, but it could be something I could get in on... I don't live TOO far away! Looks like such fun!"

  6. Why is this event called "cocoon?". I have never heard that before, but it could be something I could get in on... I don't live TOO far away! Looks like such fun!"

  7. Anonymous12:39 PM EDT

    I love your special saying at the end of your posting, it is so very, very true.

  8. Looks like lots of fun and lots of creativity going on there.
    But then if you're involved there always is.
    Wow love those quilts by Mark. The colors are awesome and the designs. Just wow!


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