Saturday, April 09, 2016

Bye-bye, Naperville!

It was just past zero-dark-thirty when alarm clocks went off and we got our happily weary bodies down to the awaiting limo that would take us from the Naperville Marriott to O'Hare airport and off to our own next adventures.

Pam is staying a few more days in Chicago wandering through museums and art galleries and soaking up all the city can offer before she heads to Asilomar to teach.

Lisa is on her way back to New Mexico where things are waiting to be attended to. Our limo dropped her at the terminal for American Airlines.

Pepper Cory and I  disembarked at the Delta terminal, loaded our luggage inside and gratefully handed it over.  Much lighter, we wandered our way through security and off to find breakfast.

Before I knew it, I was alone with my thoughts as Pepper’s flight left before mine and I could really stop and think and unwind while I waited for myj flight to board.

And waited.  And waited.  And waited some more.

My flight left 45 minutes late with an already tight layover, and as it turns out my flight was BOARDING when we landed in Atlanta and you have never seen me run like I had to run to catch this flight.  I boarded with the last group, took my seat, panting and huffing, and prayed bags would make it!

Air travel is a funny thing.  Depending what airline you are working with, you can get direct flights, or you may have to fly on to the next hub before you catch a flight to your destination. Such is the case with me and Delta.

My flight went from Chicago to Atlanta to Wichita because I try to stay with one airline so I can take advantage of checking my 3 very big and heavy bags free due to my status with that airline. This saves the people I am traveling to a lot of money in baggage fees both coming and going.  I also get regular perks now and then, and I was ever so grateful for yesterday’s perk in Atlanta that had me sliding right into a first class seat thanks to my many air miles flown giving me this privilege.  And that is how air travel goes!


Some wonderful show & share!

I absolutely love this tumbling blocks from the 1940s!


Check out the great fabrics!

She was able to date it to 1940 because of some cute mickey mouse fabric in here that was printed in 1940.  Such a happy quilt!


Pamela’s Lazy Sunday top from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders!

She did just a beautiful job with this, and I’m so happy that she brought it! 


She also brought her Easy Street!

Pam turned out to be a friend indeed as we have a common friend, Grant who works on vintage machines.  She is the one who gave me a ride over to meet Grant in person and talk a bit of shop with him for a while!  On our way back we stopped at Culver's for a quick meal, this girl knows me well!  Thanks, Pam!


Check out her Orca Bay from String Fling!


Those strings just sparkle!


My Blue Heaven!  Great use of blues and neutrals!


An Allietare Top!  Whoowhooo!

I love how she changed out our black for Navy.  Just that one change makes a huge difference!  Wouldn’t this make a great Quilt of Valor?


Roll Roll Cotton Boll Baby Quilt!

A large quilt wasn’t needed, so she took the parts and made 6 baby quilts out of them.  Isn’t that a great idea?  Sometimes a quilt might not suit what we need, so think of ways that you can re-purpose the parts and make them work in some other way.  Pattern from String Fling.


Christine’s Garden Party!

She started this with me at our Vegas Retreat last August, and I am so happy to see her here with us during this Cocoon.  I love her use of scraps!

Garden Party was found in the May/June 2015 issue of Quiltmaker and will be making an appearance in my next book due out in September.  Can't wait!


Christine’s Grand Illusion in autumn tones!

Christine lives in Wisconsin.  I am so glad we were close enough for her to come spend the week.  These colors are inspired by the beautiful turn of leaves in her home area.


Laura’s Scrappy Bargello!

I love how this looks in black and white prints!  Where the white squares and black squares join where columns come together, you see bands of rectangles!  Cool secondary design! the pattern for Scrappy Bargello is found underneath the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.


Laura’s Texas Tumbleweed started on one of our cruises!

She has actually taken her blocks and made TWO lap sized quilts instead of one large one.  Another good choice!  Pattern from More Adventures with Leaders & Enders.


Laura String Quilt Confection!


Isn’t this fun?


And a mini!

I loved seeing all of these quilts come to Cocoon so we could share them!  We had three groups of students, and doing our show & share at the end of my lunch presentation was a way for folks in all three groups to see what each other had brought.  It was a good time!


Landing in Wichita!


Let’s start a NEW Adventure!

I arrived early enough to get a nice walk around Old Town Wichita and I’ll be sharing those photos in a future blog post.  I’m up and ready to meet with the Prairie Quilters for a Smith Mountain Morning workshop today!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt found by my friend Irene in Kentucky!

Don't let uncertainty keep you from starting! This is one thing our students learned during our four days worth of classes at our Naperville cocoon. They all tried techniques they never thought they could master, or even wanted to do. Pushing through the uncertainty opens doors you never thought possible!
Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!

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  1. Loved this post. Beautiful quilts from your patterns Bonnie!

  2. Don't forget to see the Keeper,of the Plains.

  3. Wichita is lucky to have you. Glad you made your flight, 1st class upgrade and all. I'm taking a class today from Maggie Ball. Trying out her newest Octagonal pattern for a Bed runner. Love all the show n tell


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