Friday, April 15, 2016

Catching My Breath!

This is the view off of my back deck at home.

We have 1.5 acres of GREEN right now!

After being gone 11 days, you can really notice the difference in how everything has greened up, lush and wonderful.  The birdsong is WONDERFUL, I love waking up to it, and I love hearing the peeper frogs and other nature sounds coming from the creek bed that borders our property.

Our house is small, but our lot is large, and that was more important to me than the number of bathrooms I’d need to clean.

I spent yesterday mostly inside getting caught up on desk work, laundry, and book orders.

But I took some time to quickly photo some lovelies on my way to/from the post office!


Lovely azalea at the curve of my driveway!

This was not even beginning to bloom when I left for Chicago.  Now it is resplendent in fuscia and spring green!


As I look up, the canopy of green is filling in!


Pink dogwoods and azaleas, a favorite sight!


I can’t get enough of North Carolina in the spring!


My world is a bouquet!

I am heading up to the cabin today after I finish my work here, and I can’t wait to see what has changed along my route.

I’m going to finally get some MONA time this weekend!  She is back from Ohio, and we are both in town at the same time.  This hasn’t happened for months and months and months so I am looking forward to some sewing time with my friend. 


Last night’s finish!


I love the Quilt Diva stripe!

This is a quilt that is going in the NEXT book down the line, so I can’t show you the front, but that green backing is a good indication of what is going on in the front!  Binding will happen at the cabin.  I’ve got my strips already cut and ready to go.  I’ll attach it and start the hand stitching while up there this weekend.


Look what was dropped on my front doorstep!

The new 100 blocks, vol 13 is arriving! I can't wait to show you what is inside of 100 blocks by 100 designers, volume 13! Stay tuned!

I stumbled over it on the front porch while taking trash out last night.  I never heard the mail person drop them off.  Now I’m scrambling hoping that I sent a note to YES, please include me in the blog-hop, only I can’t remember!  You’ll see my block as soon as I hear when that will be.  Truth be told, I couldn’t remember my own block, I had to check the index and look it up!  And then it was an “Oh, yeah!  Hey, I do like that block!” moment.  There will be a quilt to come out of it I am sure.

In other exciting news:  HAPPY phone call, happy email! I'll be teaching at the Empty Spools Seminar at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, California!! It's not until 2018, but it's something to really look forward to! They have asked me to hold back dates in 2019 too. DONE!

There are more photos from my time in Wichita to go through –nearly a 100 photos! Oh, I had the best time.  I’ll be able to go through those up at the cabin as well.  Right now I’m just aching to get out of here, fill the car with groceries and head out.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Birds in the Air quilt Circa 1930 from my collection.

I know this is a serious quote. I try to keep this blog positive, uplifting, and very quilty. But many of us are holding hidden wounds due to the unkind words, rumors and partial truths spread by others.  This is life.  It happens.

Ignore the fault-finders. People will talk about you when they envy you and the life you lead. They may point out every fault, every flaw in a very public way. Let them. No one is perfect, but the whole idea of someone else’s faults giving them something to laugh about, oftentimes in public and social media is disconcerting.  You affected their life, their negative drama doesn't have to affect yours.
Have you ever been there? Ever experienced this?
The hardest thing is forcing yourself to not reply.  Do not stoop to the same level in trying to defend yourself. Don’t become part of the cycle.
Some very helpful advice came to me via Jill Blakeway:
When a toxic person can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you. The misinformation will feel unfair, but stay above it, trusting that other people will eventually see the truth just like you did.
If you've ever encountered someone exploitative, you'll be familiar with this territory. These people often use charm to persuade other people to do what they want. When that no longer works, they discard their target and move on to the next one. To avoid being exposed they silence their previous victims by attacking their credibility.
Being on the receiving end of a misinformation campaign can be very intimidating. But I've been there and I can tell you that it blows over eventually.
The person who attempted to discredit me, was charismatic and manipulative, so they managed to sway a few people temporarily. I took advice from a forensic psychiatrist and he told me to say nothing and assume that, in time, other people would work this out for themselves.
It took a little while, but he was right!
I’m heading up to our 11 year anniversary of writing this blog.  My life has been very public.  There are people out there who get a very strange snarky joy out of watching me struggle, make mistakes, or do things in a way they feel deserves criticism.  Sometimes I feel like my life is a supermarket tabloid up for discussion. I am surrounding myself with people who lift me up, and refusing to engage. I will not enter that arena.

And THIS is why I run to the mountains!  I hope in another 11 years I look back on this time of my life and realize how little effect these gossips, fault finders and snarky toxic people really had on where this journey will take me.

Asilomar! 2018 and 2019!

Have a great Friday, everyone -

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  1. Your local colors are beautiful. Spring is full of growth but the colors can be soothing too. There are toxic people everywhere but I no longer give them the pleasure of getting to me either. They aren't worth the effort of getting upset. Have a great time with Mona on the mountain!

  2. Being asked to teach at Asilomar has certainly provided comeuppance to those who criticize you. I can't even begin to imagine what critics could possibly find fault with in your work and public Persona. Keep on keeping on, Bonnie. You are the best! I like the way you think.

  3. Beautiful Spring! Taking time to recharge and look for the Rainbows here. I caught a pretty one last night. Reminders that we need to just take Ricky Nelson's advise, "You can't please everyone, so you gotta please yourself". I have a day to play with fabrics and do what makes me happiest! Yea for Mona Time at Quiltvilla! Waving from SE Washington.

  4. Congratulations on 11 yrs, love every post you make!! Your flowers and trees are lovely!! Say Hi to Mona, you girls will have a fun time!!!

  5. Anonymous10:52 AM EDT

    Congratulations on the invite to Asilomar. Would you be open to quilt guild presentations and workshops tagged on to the trip to California? Barb Kelly barbarakelly323@gmail.com

  6. Ditto all of the above comments! And, bless you, Bonnie! You are a gem; a delight; a gift to all of us who share in your passions! Thank you for being the wonderful you that you are and sharing it with all of us! Hugs to you!

  7. Honey Chile, I hope the admiration and friendship of the women who know you in person, and the zillions of us who love you to bits even though we have never met in person, counter any negativity you come across. I can't think of anyone who works harder or aims to please more than you do.

    Thousands of us thank you for all you do. Bless you for all of it! Quilt on!

  8. Hold your head high. You will be remembered and cherished for your wonderful contributions to the quilting community. Whatever this situation is, it will fade and then disappear.

  9. I, and many thousands, love what you do and share. We stand with you and love you the more for what you are candid about sharing. Keep up the good!

  10. We love you and your beautiful work, Bonnie! I don't know what things have been said, but know that those that choose to believe any negative things that are said have chosen the wrong path and it will soon end! No worries... all is well!

  11. Bonnie, you are the best, most honest and caring person. I have had the pleasure of taking one of your classes and look forward to the next time. I love your work and your postings. Love following you when you travel and hearing and seeing what you are up to. Such a creative person. Keep on doing what you do and ignore the naysayers. Bless you.

  12. thanks for the post today---I have a toxic family member--the worst kind??? It is exactly as you write...I will try to stay above it and listen to you....

    My time in Iowa with you in Oelwein was so wonderful.....You are such a positive person....a fab teacher....I loved being around you....I can see that some people are jealous of you for your talent and that you are such a good person..People that have nothing better to do evidently ...and I am glad you can ignore them...you go--you are wonderful.....You help uplift the energy of the earth..

  13. Mary in CA11:42 AM EDT

    Bonnie-Each morning I look forward to your post. It brings me resolve to meeting my goals for the day as well as a warmth in my heart and a smile on my face. You are a brave, loving and powerful woman who puts herself out there in the world each day. You make a beautiful lasting impact in so many lives. Thank you, please know just how respected and loved you are.

  14. Don't forget to pack Mona's gift package from Michigan.
    Have a great time at the cabin and enjoy the beauty of the drive.

  15. This year when I was at Empty Spools I put your name down as someone I would want to teach there in the future. I'm so glad they read those things!! It's a beautiful venue and I've had wonderful experiences there. I'll look for you on the 2018 schedule!! YAY!!!!

  16. Love your blog, love your posts, love your quilts. Spring is pretty in North Carolina. We are just starting to see pale leaves and a few tree flowering here in Wyoming. My SIL sent pictures of major snow in Montana! Ugh! But spring will come here! It always does!

  17. How beautiful your world is right now! Glad you make it back home safe and have a great time catching up with Mona. I know how spending time with your sewing buddies always sparks creativity. Have a great weekend!

  18. Anonymous12:46 PM EDT

    I am looking forward to some wonderful weekend weather here in Ontario, Canada.
    Clean up of the gardens around my daffodils and tulips that are just starting to show colour. Block construction for some baby quilts. A visit from my Granddaughter. She is 7 and loves to read my books to me. Check out a little pop up market of vintage finds. No deadlines!!!
    Maybe a mistake or two just makes me human. It is the journey I cherish.
    I have become more of a duck, aged duck, that just lets negative comments roll off my back. It takes up too much precious time to deal with the hurtful people that I have now pushed to the outskirts of my life.
    Bonnie I admire how you make something positively beautiful out of a new day. Nature, fabric, ice cream, air ports, museums and colour. Be good to your self!!

  19. Bonnie, wishing you Peace. We love you, and your blog is such a great break in my hectic day.

  20. Bonnie, God bless you! You are so inspiring and generous with your talents! Thank you for being wonderful you! I love your blog and your quilts! Enjoy your time with your family and friends and pets. My Mom used to say, "Be a duck and let the negatives roll off your back and be a sponge when you get a compliment and store it up!" Happy days!
    Franny K.

  21. I look forward to every blog post you offer. I think you are a treasure to the quilting world.

  22. I am a blog reader, but rarely a commenter. I began to read your blog because I quilt, but now I read it to get your positive energy. And you have so much energy! Thank you!

  23. I read your blog everyday since forever but I do not comment. This toxic comments from people we all have experienced that, I guess since I did like 40 decades ago. WHile I was writing my thesis there were some really harsh criticism and comments but my professor told me this" Be like a rubber ball, the harder you are hit the higher you bounce". ANother one was " A tree will not be stoned if it has no fruit." SO you are right in just ignoring them they are not important, you are and the people who care about you. Love your blog. God Bless

  24. Anonymous4:42 PM EDT

    Everything around your house is in gorgeous bloom. My area is just cranking up. We've had eternal snow. Can't wait for spring and pulling out the porch pots and buying plants. Yay!

  25. Anonymous4:51 PM EDT

    I will be waiting for pictures of you and Mona sewing up a storm. I can't imagine what fault those snarky people could find with you. I love reading your blog every day. Thank you for all you do for your loyal followers and scrapaholics. Enjoy the cabin weekend.

  26. Oh my goodness ... I had to look over my shoulder after I read your blog today ... for surely you are standing there watching my world! You are SO right about toxicity in your life and not letting it weigh you down. I have excluded those who bring me down and my world has grown "larger" because of the positive energy now where they used to be. You are loved, admired and appreciated by a lot of people because of your selfless giving ... we all thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. Linda H in Traverse City, MI

  27. Oh Bonnie: I haven't time to read any of the comments right now but I'm pretty sure they feel like I do that you are helpful to all of us with your honesty about your life - not just in a quilty way. Your quotes of the day are a good grounding. One advantage to getting older (at least for me) has been to be able to not care so much how others think of me and to do much more of just what I want without "their" influence. So hang in there, perhaps it is true that the best years are still to come.

  28. First of all Welcome Home!!!! Love all the color in NC spring, I miss it, lived in Jacksonville for many years and enjoyed all the plants blooming. As far as the negativity, out of all of us wonderful awesome quilt people there is always going to be a few crappy ones. Know that so many of us love you, love your work, and appreciate all that you do for the quilting community. Don't give the negative people a second thought. You are doing what makes you happy, if it doesn't make them happy they can look elsewhere for info. If any of the negative people out there are reading all of these comments, know that life's too short for this nonsense. I have a friend who is dying right now, others have sick family, find something positive to do with your energy. Find something to make you or others happy. Quit criticizing others. Think before you speak or write. Is it kind, is it thoughtful, would you want it being said to or about you. Something is wrong in your life, look into fixing it, and be kind to others. Bonnie, don't let it get you down, just ignore it and stay in your happy creative place. Know that 99.95 of us are awesome and love you.

  29. I love Jill's philosophy - I've often said they put a Delete button on a computer for a reason. I have used it to great effect when someone has tried to put me down - including my ex-husband. Now we get along fine!

  30. Mona!! I have missed her sunny smile -- so happy you will be sewing with her this weekend :)

    i have learned to ignore fussy pants downer type of people.

    Their loss - they don't get to enjoy my charming personality :)

    Keep on keeping on Bonnie, we are all in your corner.

  31. Anonymous6:39 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie,

    I love the blooms in your neck of the woods. I noticed today that my pink dogwood has finally bloomed. It has only a few but they are so very beautiful.
    Your post today has helped me so very much as I have been struggling with some similar issues in the last week. I tell myself I am better than that and I am certainly not the person they are trying to make others believe I am.
    I had no idea what Asilomar even was. I looked it up. Oh My!!!...We would all be so blessed as to get to go there...2 years in a row even!!!. It looks like heaven.
    Enjoy your time at the cabin. Just be... Say a big Hi to Mona from us all. Hugggsss...

    Vicky @ sunshine_trout@hotmail.com

  32. Anonymous6:48 PM EDT

    I find it is best to just believe the people who like to shoot rainbows up your butt. These are the people who tell you how wise you are with your daily affirmations. Continue to live in your happy clueless existence.

  33. I can't imagine anyone getting snarky with you. WE.LOVE.YOU! Thank you for all you share and inspire!

  34. Dear Ms Bonnie: I have only been following your blog since October of 2014. In that time I have come to respect and admire you. Your generosity of spirit and your enduring joy in life. Mistakes are where we learn the most, and if you make them, you have a great support system. I have seen them in action. As long as you keep that joy in your heart, you will not fall. Enjoy your cabin time, and thanks for sharing so much.

  35. YOU make mistakes? say it ain't so....... :-) I know it's challenging to let it go...really though......those negative comments are a reflection of their weaknesses and would they say those things to your face at a workshop or lecture? Unlikely. The anonymity of the internet has degraded society IMO.

    It is admirable to me that you share so much of your life on your public diary/blog. Stay the course dear Bonnie.....and quilt your heart out while "they" "eat their heart out". :-)

    Cheers to your cabin life. Restorative to say the least. We'll never give up ours and I completely understand what it gives you.

  36. Anonymous8:27 PM EDT

    There will always be "green-eyed monsters" trying to spoil our happiness ... we just can't let them! Enjoy your life ... you deserve it!

  37. Anonymous8:31 PM EDT

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos of the beautiful place you live! Bonnie ... you're the best! Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. You are a blessing in my life. I love your work so much and you have inspired my return to quilting. I could never repay you for all you have done for me! Pam M. FdL, WI gramapama10@gmail.com

  38. Bonnie, I have been reading a while now and have never posted. I look forward to the blog every day and I appreciate how much you share with us all. You are such an open, caring, positive person. The world would be a better place if more people were like you. Keep being yourself.

  39. Oh Bonnie why do people do this. Run to your cabin and get re-energized and come back full of spirit. I don't have a cabin but i have grandchildren that I escape to. Thanks for your uplifting quotes. I know I have need to hear these positive quotes.

  40. On the subject of negative people and their comments, I don't believe anyone's opinion of ourselves should matter more to us than our own opinion of our self. I would tell my daughter's this when they were having problems with gossip and negative people at school.

  41. I think people like you describe is one of the reasons the song "Let it go" is such a big hit!
    Let them think what they want.......just keep sending out your quilty kindness one day at a time and let it go....whatever they are saying. Who needs all that negative energy? What a waste of effort when they could be doing something useful in the world, like help someone else. Be strong, be kind, be productive and keep on giving:0) that is what I do.

    Happy Sewing, don't let negative person bring you down to their level.

  42. Anonymous1:39 AM EDT

    Your azaleas and dogwood pictures and the GREEN GRASS underfoot has just lightened my heart so much! We have azaleas here in NW FL but this year, what with on again/off again weather, they didn't do well at all. And as for GRASS -- let's say yards have as much sand and fallen leaves and mulch as anything -- it is a fight to get a nice carpet of grass --- so just inhale all that beauty and don't let anyone or anything take away an ounce of your happiness. Continue to spread your sunshine!
    BTW, I especially LOVE the antique quilt pictures with the daily thoughts -- keep those coming!

  43. I am glad you are keeping things in perspective. Peace, Bonnie. You are wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful North Carolina photos!

  44. Yipee so glad to hear you are coming somewhat close to me. Sorry someone (or someone's) are not being nice to you, it's only painful if you know about it. I didn't know until you mentioned it and I thought hmmm if you didn't know you would be able to carry on as usual. I am not well known or in the public so the mistakes and stumbles I make go unnoticed except by me unless it's in a quilt block I hold up to show off and if there is an oops the whole group tells me and that is fun and appreciated.
    You can only be you so be the best you , you can be.
    Colleen somewhat close to Pacific Grove California

  45. I am happy to tell you that over here, across the giant puddle =^), pears, apples and plums are blooming! We were able to mow the grass and to sow the first beans, thanks to some dry days. I am still wanting - and realising - to update the hedges with blooming shrubs, not all at once, but steadily growing.
    Enjoying all the flowers that are already out and about.
    Have a quiet weekend, with lots of fresh air!
    love from Witmarsum,

  46. I lived in North Carolina for 6 years of my life. The scenery is stunning in the spring and fall of the tear. It is quite beautiful here , in Oklahoma , where I now live. Many of the area farmers planted Canola for this year's crop. You can see stunning fields if yellow flowers, beautiful! Enjoy your weekend with Mona, make the most of the time you have with her.

  47. I lived in North Carolina for 6 years of my life. The scenery is stunning in the spring and fall of the tear. It is quite beautiful here , in Oklahoma , where I now live. Many of the area farmers planted Canola for this year's crop. You can see stunning fields if yellow flowers, beautiful! Enjoy your weekend with Mona, make the most of the time you have with her.

  48. That was beautifully said and pictured. Someday I would love to meet you. You are an inspiration.

  49. Happy Anniversary on your blog! You are the very first blog/teacher on my journey into this fabulous therapy of creating! I so appreciate your positive outlook and my heart hurts for you when the snarky comments come your way! So happy you have your cabin and Mona to run to so you can relax, create and laugh! Pure bliss! You deserve every blessing God bestows on you!

  50. Happy Anniversary on your blog! You are the very first blog/teacher on my journey into this fabulous therapy of creating! I so appreciate your positive outlook and my heart hurts for you when the snarky comments come your way! So happy you have your cabin and Mona to run to so you can relax, create and laugh! Pure bliss! You deserve every blessing God bestows on you!

  51. Wow, I'd say thar North Carolina in the spring rivals the Northeast in the fall. Just beautiful! Sorry you have been criticized- really? You are so giving and happy! Did I mention inspiring and NOT snobby? Rant over. Enjoy sewing with Mona.

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  53. Karen Mazzei7:29 AM EDT

    Love your Daily Inspiration. Congrats on the blog anniversary. I love this community of quilters you have created.

  54. Ignore the negative people. You are loved and admired by soooo many. Keep on doing what you are doing as long as you enjoy it. We love your quilts and your classes. You have earned the right to slow down and do a little more for Bonnie!

  55. Hallo Bonnie :-) I wish you better day today / April 16'th 2016/! Hugs from Europe :-)

  56. Bonnie, you often teach us more that just the quilting, thank you!

  57. I love your perspective, and how you put it into words for the rest of us. So many people love you, Bonnie! It's difficult to realize some don't! Sully people with selfish goals. Sad. I hope to meet you one day and give you hugs of support in person! Until then, I see you will be just fine!!

  58. I love your perspective, and how you put it into words for the rest of us. So many people love you, Bonnie! It's difficult to realize some don't! Sully people with selfish goals. Sad. I hope to meet you one day and give you hugs of support in person! Until then, I see you will be just fine!!

  59. I don't look at your cabin time as Runaway, but as renew and recharge and recenter. Runaway means fleeing and abandonment. You are giving back to yourself what you have given out to others. Think of all the people you have met and who love you for who you really are, not what they want you to be! You're the best!!

  60. I am going to print out your advice and give it to my teenage granddaughter who was recently in this drama. She has moved on and found other friends, but this girl is still in her school. We are praying for this girl because she is in a divorced parent situation so we are trying to be understanding of her situation.
    Your home is beautiful and the cabin seems to be your sanctuary. Enjoy and keep being creative.

  61. YOU have brought so much JOY into my life. And you give so freely of yourself and your talent. YOU are an amazing, talented, terrific person and do not let anyone, ever, get you down. The truth will always come out; just give it time. Hugs and hugs and hugs. Louisa

  62. You share so much of yourself with all of us...good and not so good!Funny how some people aren't happy unless they are putting someone down...lifting someone up isn't that hard, it is rather easy! So here is to all the positive people, may you be surrounded by us all!!! Enjoy your weekend at the cabin.

  63. Anonymous9:19 AM EDT

    All hail Queen Bonnie. Please do not hurt her fragile feelings.

  64. Anonymous9:31 AM EDT

    Bonnie is good enough, Bonnie is smart enough, and doggone it people like Bonnie

  65. "Do your own thing and let the rest babbel." I have this quotation in Friesian, on a blue Deflt plaque...hanging on my dining room wall! go for it!

  66. Bonnie.. Thanks so much for posting this. I have someone in my life that is this way. Unfortunately she is close family and has turned her children against me and so I feel very alone. I have my parents and my children and grandchildren which is a blessing. Thanks for posting and enjoy your time in North Carolina it is where my heart lives :)

  67. Bonnie.. Thanks so much for posting this. I have someone in my life that is this way. Unfortunately she is close family and has turned her children against me and so I feel very alone. I have my parents and my children and grandchildren which is a blessing. Thanks for posting and enjoy your time in North Carolina it is where my heart lives :)

  68. Hi Bonnie,
    Welcome home!
    Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures of nature. Absolutely inspiring!

    Have a Blessed wek!

  69. Libby E.12:38 PM EDT

    Bonnie - Finally - I think I can make your class at the Empty Spools Seminar! Wow - I want to learn all you have to teach, and Asilomar is one of the best places on earth. So glad you will be there in 2018. Your Spring yard looks lovely - must be hard for you to travel away from home and cabin so often, but we, the quilty world, are so glad you do. Thank you for all you do and give.

  70. Anonymous1:46 PM EDT

    Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures of your happy place---and also the words of wisdom. I am the owl with the sleeping eyes--just like you said--no defensive measures, just ignoring the drama and trying to ignore the pain this unbridled misunderstanding has caused. Your blog is so inspirational to me --- prayer, you and my husband have helped me stay grounded during this difficult time. I feel your joy every day when my morning is greeted by your writings. You are appreciated and respected. Thanks for all you do.---a friend from Milwaukee, WI

  71. Just read the previous comments. I most heartily agree. I wish letting go is as easy as saying it. I still ponder snarky comments. For me they are hurtful even when "considering the source"(my Mom's best advice).
    Your neck of the woods is very beautiful. Thanks for pics of your area-earth's rebirth is a gift to all.Your sharing of your life and talents makes me feel like I'm a friend. Thank you.

  72. Bonnie...Your message is beautiful. Not only have you sent such wonderful words of inspiration with your quote and your passing on the "toxicity" advice, you added such gorgeous pictures of God's b lovely world right outside your window. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and I look forward to reading and chatting with you for another 11 years.

    You are the best~

    Loretta McGinn

  73. I so enjoy your writings about your teaching career and your family life. I, too, am a vintage machine and antique quilt enthusiast. Love your work. Very inspiring!!!

  74. Anonymous6:57 AM EDT

    Loved your pictures, Whichita too. I was hoping you were slowing down even though we would love to take more classes and meet you. stay strong and healthy. Johanne At 2hagars@gmail.com

  75. I love the way you look at life and I love, love your quotes! You are my kind of person. Down to earth, extremely talented, and lots of fun. Hope to get into one of your live workshops in the future. Keep scrappin along. Nm


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