Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pineapple Blocks...that's where I'm at!!

There are a thousand other things I should be doing...but it's Sunday, and I don't want to.

I am making a complete huge mess...playing with little scraps and sewing more pineapple blocks.

I am "NOT" showing you a picture of the floor, especially around the trashcan because there are snippets and trimmings ALL OVER...but I tell you what, I do love the thread cutter on this machine! It is so awesome to hit that button, have it cut the threads, and use the knee lift to raise the presser foot to remove my work. Amazingly fast and the tails are long enough they don't pull out of the needle when you start to sew again.

I'm up to 70 blocks now, and I need just short of 300...I know I know, crazy woman, but that's what I want.

What's the point in saving little scraps if you don't have a project to use them up? I keep looking at this stuff I've saved, and all I can think is bigger projects will use more faster :cD

I really AM loving this quilt. It will be heavy, of course..and machine quilted of course, because I am certainly not going to hand quilt with all these seams.

It's fun revisiting all these pieces of fabric and seeing where they have come from. Some are MEGA OLD...some are gifted from other quilters, some are trimmings from recent projects...I just keep working in mosaic fashion, not paying attention to anything other than value in these.

I've been watching some old movies while this stitching is going on. Any of the "free" on demand channels, love those..the hallmark movies, etc...just background noise. The binding and sleeve have not been touched on the Nine in the Middle...I have been in a piecing mood, not a hand stitching mood, so I'm going with that.

The Nine in the Middle quilt can come up to Dulles VA with me this weekend. I've got 3 nights in a hotel..good for handwork! I'm teaching 2 1/2 day classes and one full day...there will be time to do binding in between those, and see the show. I'm going to Mark Lipinski's lecture on Saturday night..I can't wait!


I have had many questions regarding the sewing table. It came with the Janome Machine as a package deal, manufactured to fit the 6500P and 6600P. It is NOT portable like the Sew Ezi table. It does not fold down, it is stationary and weighs a ton and a half. I have no further information that that. Sorry!


  1. after I saw your pineapple blocks about a month or two ago I decided to some with my scraps -- you are doing much better than I am, I only have 4 six inch blocks done! I will never get enough this way. :)

  2. Wow! I can't wait to see what you do with almost 300 of these tiny blocks! I do love paper piecing!

  3. I love my machine that cuts the threads too. I love it especially for paper piecing. Looking forward to seeing the finished pineapple top, even if it takes a while.

  4. Bonnie,I make the same Pinapple Blocks as your doing and I love the idea that I can use up instead of throw out!!!
    Love your work ,keep it up

  5. You have patience more than I ... very pretty ... enjoy your stay.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  6. I find a new thing to love about my 6600 every day.

    Happy piecing!

  7. I tried to figure out a way to go to the Virgina show this year but there is just too much happening...I'd love to hear Mark L. speak!

  8. I would love to run my fingers through your treasure of tiny triangles! I have started my collection of my own triangles....not enough yet to start any pineapple blocks.
    I bet it will be a heavy quilt with all the seams. A good cuddler. I am not a summer person. Although I relish the Spring I dread sweating through the humidity of Summer. I am ready for some Fall days already!

  9. That thread cutter and knee lift are the BEST things about that machine! (I have that one!) I agree, with paper piecing, it speeds things along incredibly fast.

    Hope to see a finished treasure of yours very soon. 8-))

  10. Ooh you are so lucky! There is only one person I would love to meet at a quilting lecture besides you and that would be Mark!

  11. Bonnie my friend, I'm soooo tempted to send you a pile of my little scraps, I know you'd put them to good use. I'm sure it takes a special kind of quilter to make such cute tiny blocks, and I'm just not quite there yet.
    Love you to bits, watch your mailbox *grins*
    *big hugs*

  12. The Bernina MR got me for my 50th bday last year has the thread cutter and knee lift. I am also working on a foundation pieced quilt and it is amazing how much easier it makes it.
    Hope to see you in Chantilly :c)

  13. I attended a lecture by Mark a couple of years ago. He sure is funny. I'm sure you'll have a fun time. And I bet he'd be honored to meet you.

    I'm curious about that table that you show with your sewing machine on it. Can you tell me the brand so I can google it. Many thanks.

  14. Anonymous5:51 PM EDT

    Would you mind telling me the manufacturer of the sewing machine table. I've been looking at the one by SewEzi USA and wondered if yours is the same. Thanks for your help.

  15. I wish my Bernina had a thread cutter! I would enjoy paperpiecing so much more if it did.

  16. are these pineapple blocks your pattern? did you just reduce the pineapple blossom block? I would like to use my scraps in this block. thanks


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