Monday, June 01, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday....

This morning's busy day started due to a coupon that came in my email...a free pair of undies from Victoria's Secret. Well who can resist free?? Of course, the "freebie" was limited to those of a certain price and only plain colors, no patterns were included. white, beige, pink, black..but who cares if it's free?

Bank run, 45 mins of hard cardio at the gym, and a phone call from Jeff asking me to meet him because he needs some tools for his electrical courses.

We met up for lunch at our favorite Mongolian Wok place....I like that I can choose what goes on my plate, and they will do a healthy stirfry on it. I like mine with lots of garlic and hot red chili...MMMM!

From there, it was off to Lowes to get him the stuff he needs for class.

I'm happy to report that he is loving the courses. He says this is what he wants to do. He wants to be an electrician. I am so happy with this, you can't believe it. We bought the tools you see here in the basket, plus a few more...and a tool case for them to go in.

We brought them home, and I had him mark everything with either a sharpie marker, or dots of fingernail polish to be able to distinguish his from his fellow students.I have found this to be SO helpful when I am teaching a workshop that involves rulers and rotary cutters....so many look the same and it is easy to get them confused as someone else's...

So here I am back at home. It's just about 4pm! The above took my whole day. No quilting yet..and I have a guild meeting tonight..We'll see what I can do with the rest of the day that is left!


  1. And did you get the undies? Inquiring minds, and all of that....

  2. That coupon offer sounds good to me! TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. Oh good, glimmers of positive-ness (is that a word?)

  4. This is gooooood Bonnie. An electrician will always be in demand, can't be "outsourced" and if he has any of his mother's entreprenurial spirit he always has the option of going into business for himself!!

    Lori in VA

  5. Anonymous7:16 PM EDT

    Glad to hear your report! Just got back in late last night..I'm behind on so much and here I sit!

  6. What a difference a few days can make! I am so pleased to hear your good news and I hope your son continues to enjoy his course.

  7. so good to hear bonnie, bet it warms your mother's heart right down to the core....

  8. Wow...how did your son achieve this turn around?
    Good for him and you too :0)!
    Let's hope he can hang in there for all the hard work ahead and find his way in the world.

    Happy Sewing

  9. So glad to hear of your great day! I've been thinking of you! A positive outcome with Jeff and free undies... and meeting up with friends and guild and maybe a little sewing in between.

    Hugs - Shari

  10. Thank God for the turn around!!

  11. we are hoping for Jeff's success, its really hard to be a young person in the world today. Every family seems to have a least one with some problems, but with faith in God and prayer, hopefully they will be okay. Just got my Quiltmaker mag for July/August and guess who's name is on front cover???? A 3 part mystery ?????????

  12. It's good to hear Jeff likes his clases. If he likes what he's doing maybe he'll be happier and cause you less stress. An electrician in the family can be a great plus!! Did you get the free undies?

  13. Brilliant news about your son, I'm really pleased for you.

    That, plus a freebie plus a quilty meeting in the evening surely equals a superb day.

  14. I missed you at Guild last evening, were you there?? Congrats on Jeff and the courses, oh... and also on the freebie! ;)

  15. Big smiling happy sigh....he likes it! Electrician is good! With the rewiring of America he will be busy....

  16. You do know, don't you...what Victoria's secret really is?

    She doesn't wear undies!

    That's why they keep it a secret ;)

  17. We have 3 electricians in our
    immediate family....They are always in demnd. tell Jeff we will be "rooting" for him.

  18. I'm so late to comment here, but your news about your son is great. Of course, I know from my own experience that the steps are not all forward, but slowly more and more of them are.........

  19. Anonymous9:36 PM EDT

    not to good about trolling I keep getting crap from your loser friends. Bugger off

  20. I am so glad to hear about your son's turnaround! That's good for any mother's heart.

    I have one question for YOU - where do you get the energy you have to do all of this traveling, quilting, running, organizing, teaching, learning, and exercising? :) I need some of it...no, I need LOTS of it!

    Nancy in Jax


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