Wednesday, June 10, 2009


*Update* My apologies to Feedjit! Feedjit wasn't the problem, and they have gone the extra mile in making sure their widjit works on my page. The problem is definitely IE8 related, and I really recommend all users to switch to Firefox. I'm not going to bend over backwards and remove the "friendconnect" that is causing the conflict with IE.


I've heard for about a week now that some people had trouble reading my blog...others didn't...

The problem then was narrowed down to being IE related.

Well, the culprit has been found. No, my page does not contain a virus, but it DOES contain a FEEDJIT!....or rather.....it DID.

I got this email this morning:
Hello, there are some problems showing your blog in IE. The problems are raised by the widget from feedjit.com.

Best solution is from my opinion to delete this widget.

Discussions about this you can see at http://www.quiltfriends.de/showthread.php?p=601566#post601566

The problem being that the site is in German, and my German is REALLY bad...so I took their word for it and deleted my feedjit, which was a widget at the bottom of my page telling me where viewers of my page were logging in from. Fun idea, kind of nice, but I hate the fact it messed with some people's IE. So...I am now feedjit-less!

I am a Firefox girl. The first thing I did when this new puter came home with me was to put firefox back on it. Those of you still using IE......WHY? So Anyway...those other bloggers out there who are having people complain that there are problems with your blog? It's not you, it's your Feedjit....(or THEIR IE!)

The elephant is on my chest, but maybe it's a smaller one today. Just occassional productive hacking, I'm breathing better and hope to be on the mend!

I added borders to the Fungly Fifties top yesterday..PERFECT...solid red 1" inner border, and a 4.5" aqua/black check that you would have suspected CAME from the same era...it just looks right!

I got her loaded on the machine after I pieced a back, and began quilting, only to find my tension was SERIOUSLY screwed up. If I didn't know better I would swear that someone came down here and gave the knob a few turns for good (or bad) measure!! Which means..most of the first row I had to unsew...under the influence of cold meds. Needless to say, there is still a long way to go on this quilt.

The reason I also decided to quilt it? IT NEEDS WASHING!!! It's got funky smells and I don't dare wash it without it being quilted and bound first. How's that for a catalyst??

And yes, I know it is "Wild At Heart" again...but that's what was already on the machine table! In my sudafed induced stupor, I really didn't care what I was quilting this quilt with, only that it needed to be something where lines didn't cross, because there was fullness to take up in several of the blocks. And I just happen to like how this one looks.... :c)

Besides, this quilt is so fungly busy that no amount of heirloom quilting or continuous curve outlining was going to do much to enhance it. There are many many many places where seams don't meet or points are chopped off, and outlining would just make those come more front and center, so this works!

I heard back from the German group that there are still problems viewing this blog with IE. Anyone have any other ideas, other than to ditch IE?!? I have nothing to do with the interface of this blog software..I just type into it like everyone else. *baffled*.


  1. Bonnie, on Blogger, go to dashboard and then page down to known issues. They tell you about the trouble they are having with the link. I know it's frustrating, but I'm not removing my feedjit.

  2. Hey Bonnie...Just thought I'd let you know that I got an email saying that the problem was the "Follow Me" widget. Who knows anymore? Mine has stopped acting up and now I can view all the blogs again. No other ideas! Love the fungly, btw! Keep healing, you're too busy to be sick!

  3. I use IE at work and I'm able to view your blogs just fine.

    Lesa Glines
    Huntsville, AL

  4. My daughter works for an internet-based company and she said when people contacted them with problems, the first question was "Are you using Internet Explorer?" If so, they were told to download Firefox and try again! That usually solved the problem.

  5. I just switched from Explorer to Firefox and I'll never go back! It's so much quicker and I have had no real problems with it like I did with Explorer. I just wish I had know about Firefox sooner! Feel better!! :0)

  6. I have a feedjit, too, and no one has mentioned any problems. I also have a followers gadget. Again, no one has mentioned problems. Where there have been problems moving the follwers gadget lower on the page is supposed to help.

    I've been hanging out some on the help groups, and there is an IE problem that they have solved for the most part but is still a problem on a very few blogs. (BTW, I also use IE and have trouble with only a few blogs and yours is not one of them)

    Oops! I think I just missed the garbage truck, but I'm not going out there in my jammies.

  7. Bonnie, I have IE and your posts come through fine. They have been fine for weeks and weeks so if I can be of any more help, just ask. We have a cable hook-up for getting the feed (or whatever it is called). We also still have Windows XP (no Vista).

  8. I'm Mozilla all the way too, and I guess I'm Wild At Heart as well, love that quilting panto.

    Feel better, my friend.

  9. I had the "elephant" for 5 days....then my sister got it....but she was told to take MucinexDM.....she said it was amazing. Ok...I am married to an MD and he just let me suffer!!!! My daughter is just getting it now also....so I ran out last evening and got her a bottle of MucinexDM....12 hour relief that works (according to my twin sister) You might want to have some handy before you travel again!

  10. I had IE problems on another blog this morning but not yours.

  11. Hmmm I'm on IE at work and home and not having any issues viewing your blog. :-)

    Very nice find on the quilt top!

  12. I'm using IE and I don't have a problem at all with it. Maybe the problem is they need to upgrade their IE to the latest version? I do have to agree that I like Firefox better and will change back when IE starts giving me fits!

  13. I don't use IE anymore, either. My browser of choice is Avant. I never really have any of the problems that IE users have.

    The border does look great on your fungly. Goes perfectly together. I love that you are saving this old thing!

  14. Having just read the above... is the thing people are having problems with where when you get to the site it pops you out? I've been having that too... just figured it was our older computer giving me grief! I have found that as long as I make it go back again a couple of times... then I don't seem to have the problem any more! There are only some of the blogs I read that it does it with. Interesting! Hope that your feeling better... How do you get so lucky when it comes to finding quilts?

  15. Love the borders you pulled for this 50's fungly...very retro rock and roll!

    Hope you feel better soon so you can have fun with it!

  16. I had this problem a couple of weeks ago. It was a "known issue" on Blogger and the remedy prescribed was to delete "Followers" widget. I didn't want to rush into doing that. I gave it a long weekend and it spontaneously remitted. In the process of pursuing it on Blogger, I ended up on some kind of a mailing list. When the next issue comes (prolly tomorrow) I'll see if they are still discussing it.

    Word Verification: guifing which is, I believe, when the coke comes out of your nose because you laughed abruptly while drinking it...

  17. I use Firfox and haven't found any difficulties yet to read your blog. But it has been last week since I tried last as I had a busy weekend (and week). Love what you have done to the quilt so far. Good borderchoice!

  18. I use Internet Explorer and I can still read your blog just fine.

  19. I am using IE and have not experienced issues today.

  20. Love the look of the borders that you added to your fugly quilt, hpe that it is smelling better soon. Also hope you are feeling better very soon.

  21. Sorry but I totally disagree in reference to IE .... why is it necessary to blast IE. I personally don't like Firefox and refuse to use it but I don't blast it.

    I have a Feedjit and have never had anyone have a problem. Of course, I don't have nor will ever have the traffic you have on your blog. Too many trying to get in could have just been the problem. I check to see if blogger.com is reporting any problems.

    I finally found the Quiltmaker magazine today at Joann's. Now to hunt up fabrics and get going. Thanks.

  22. Bonnie,
    It is not your widget. It is a blogger problem. They have worked on it and it is better but not fixed. I have had the same problem and it is frustrating. They originally thought it was the follower widget but not. Don't remove anything just stay updated with the blogger people. Hopefully it will be worked out soon.

  23. YEA!!! I can read your blog again. After I wrote to you last week, I kept trying. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. Will have to check out Firefox. Thanks for the heads up and glad I can read your blog again. It's my Bonnie fix for the day.

  24. I'm a Firefox girl, myself. I wonder if it is the newer version of IE that is causing problems?

  25. I started having trouble with IE a couple of months ago and switched to Firefox and love it! I haven't had a single problem since!

  26. Bonnie, I had no problem reading your blog until IE 8 was installed on my computer. Bet others with problems also have IE 8. I now have to go with Firefox to read you, but that is no problem. What would be a REAL problem is if I couldn't read you at all!!

    Joan, in Huntsville

  27. Can't help on the IE issue but really really love that wild at heart quilting pattern it is gorgeous and perfect for that quilt. Fate has that it should have been left onthe machine. Bonnie I hope that the clouds clear and you are outta the fog soon. I can't imagine....

  28. I hope you are feeling better now!

  29. I read somewhere that it's not Feejit, but the Followers widget which needs to be moved down. I wouldn't know as I use Firefox, have got both the Followers and Feedjit widgets and there ain't anything wrong with my blog, as far as I'm aware.

    I've fallen in love with this quilt. Hope the elephant has moved. Perhaps to the fridge? Footprints in the butter LOL!

  30. I had problems to read your blog since yesterday, but now it runs without any problem and I´m very glad about it!
    My husband told me to use firefox, too. I think, I will install it, because the IE makes problems so many times.

  31. Me again.

    This might help


  32. I never had a problems mit my browser, because I'm a firefox girl too. Can't imagine why the others don't want to change, it's much better than IE...Greetings from Germany

  33. Hi Bonnie,

    I'm the CEO of Feedjit. Sorry I only noticed this post now.

    We're installed on over 300,000 blogs including REM's official website and a few other big names. We haven't had any reports of problems with IE.

    I'm aware of an "operation aborted" but that certain widgets can cause with IE, but we carefully test our code for that particular problem.

    I hope we can get you back as a user of our service. If you reinstall us, I'd be happy to help track down what is causing the problem on your site if it reappears. My email is mark-at-feedjit-dot-com.

    Kind regards,

    Mark Maunder
    Feedjit Founder & CEO.


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