Sunday, June 14, 2009

Binding Bliss...

Sometimes the planets must be aligned just right, my star is shining, my guardian quilter is helping...whatever the case might be... (even tho the ipod is still missing..can they please help me with THIS detail NEXT TIME?!?)

I can't believe I went all the way around this quilt, sewing on the binding....and NOT ONCE....NOT ONCE I tell you....did a seam fall anywhere near a corner!

I think this is a kin to a golfer's HOLE IN ONE, don't you?

I mean, it never fails..I usually have to un-stitch a bit, re-piece a seam further up the side, to avoid having that seam fall in the corner miter. Sometimes I end up doing it TWICE in one quilt. (Which is more than anyone's fair share if you ask me.)

But something serendipitous happened this time...My muse was with me....no seams near ANY corner.

No hand stitching got done...I ended up doing more packing, and then started watching the "First Wives Club", a chick flick with Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler...too hilarious.

Last night I also quickly machine basted this little leader/ender framed 9 patch thingy for hand quilting. It's just the right size to take along with me. This one I pieced several months ago while having a sew day at Mary's house.

The border is in the process of being quilted on the "Love in the Barn Door" quilt, and I wanted to be sure I didn't run out of things to quilt on during the next week!

This morning, look who I found napping in the basket on the dining room table!

Well, he WAS napping, but now it looks like he is just GLARING..due to the fact that the little beep the camera makes when you turn it on woke him up. Sorry Oscar!


  1. Oscar is too funny...and cute!!! I watched the First Wives Club also last night while working on a wall quilt for an upcoming show. Take care! Have a great trip!!!

  2. I hate those binding blues too. At the suggestion of a friend, I finally started pinning the start of the binding in place and then by hand, take the binding and go around the quilt with it to see if a miter ends up at a corner. It only takes a few minutes and almost always works.

    Love Oscar. Is he Siamese? He reminds me of my old cream point Siamese cats.

  3. Lovely quilt ... beautiful cat.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. I too will do anything to avoid the binding blues. I too roughly pin the binding on and try to move any seams out of the corner's way. It's a bit of work, but a big payoff... Love your blog and appreciate all the work you put into it. I signed up on the link for the magazine's blog the other day. I feel LUCKY!!!.

  5. Dear Bonnie,
    I, too, dread the seam in the miter experience. I just finished putting on the binding of a quilt that had eight seams in the binding. (I was really cutting it close for having enough of the fabric that I wanted for the binding, and had to use just about every last piece I could find, no matter how small.) Like others have mentioned, I did a rough pinning to make sure the seams didn't hit the corners. Somehow I, too, had the muses with me. Enjoy your day. I continue to enjoy your blog and continue to work on my Double Delight!
    Best wishes, Kathie L.

  6. I've a question for you Bonnie, since you seem to find lots of wonderfully loved quilts that have been previously loved... to purchase. How do I know if a price is good or not on a quilt? I've found a lovely blue and white signiture quilt with what looks like water stains on it.... I ran out of time to ask the lady at the shop how much.... but it was there last time and well, hopefully if it's still there and all maybe I can get it for a good price. But, what would be a good price? If I recall right it's maybe a twin size or somewhat larger. Thanks.
    Jean DJCogdill@msn.com

  7. I've only done one binding and I'm lucky it turned out ok. Love the kitty. Every time my cat hears the camera come on, she disappears.

  8. I love it when the binding Gods smile on us that way. I have to confess tho, I don't redo the seams, I let them fall where they may, and then curse when it's time for the hand stitching ... I'm just lazy I guess!

  9. I'm with Tazzie "fall where you may you darn seams.... I'm gonna sew you into submission!"
    Why do kitties love those baskets?

    Happy Sewing

  10. Bonnie, I really enjoy your blog. I'm a new quilter and still discovering all those Blogs out there - one could spend all day at the computer and not get any actual quilting done. I've been having problems since installing IE8 and have now installed FireFox which I should have done ages ago. Thanks for all your valuable info.

  11. My largest kitty, Baby (20#+) always squeezes herself into baskets, boxes, bowls...whatever she can get her toes in. Then she settles around it like a chicken sitting on an egg. Too funny!

    Since I love scrappy bindings I usually have 20+ seams to worry about. If the quilting muse is with me even though a seam is at a corner it behaves and miters as it should.

    Sewing binding on is like a final goodbye to a friend. Unless it is one I get to keep for myself.
    Have a great week.
    And I love your toes!

  12. Like you, I always panic when I'm going away, and take plenty of sewing, thinking I'll run out, but I never do!

  13. I used to worry about seams in the miters but now I do a lot of scrappy bindings with various lengths for the strips and I have given up worrying and find it really isn't much harder to do the hand sewing.

    Love all your quilts and your kitty. Our cats are all outside cats but my poodle cuddles under/on every quilt when I am doing the hand sewing on the binding.


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