Friday, June 12, 2009

Ohio Treadlers?

Katie contacted me about a treadle machine she has listed on Craiglist for the Beverly/Parkersville Ohio area. Though I am not needing another treadle machine myself, I thought I'd help her out by expanding her posting capability :c)

I know NOTHING about this machine, just that she needs to sell it. If it seems of interest to you and you want to know more, please contact KATIE

No affiliation, yada yada yada!

DH has left for a weekend of motorcycling in the backwoods of West Virginia with a buddy from work. That means....YES! I am home ALONE...chick flick city and binding binding binding going on here for the next 2 nights!

I think I also see some take out Kung Pao Chicken in my near future!

I have been experimenting with making protein smoothies for after the gym.

For successful smoothy making..I've learned the following:

milk and yogurt and protein powder need to be blended together first so you get no clumps.

Then add the fruit....preferably NOT frozen...so the blender doesn't stall on the chunks! (defrost frozen berries in the microwave but don't COOK them either!)

Add crushed ice LAST for the same reason.

And then...when you pour it into your super insulated mug...don't lose the spoon inside it because the cup is taller than the spoon. :c| Ask me how I know!


  1. Bonnie,
    You might want to invest in a vitamix for the protein shakes...mine does an amazing job when all is just thrown in! I freeze fruit and use that instead of ice. And, the vitamix comes with a wood stomper that is just the right length to not get chewed up.
    Oh, that treadle is pretty...I wish I could do that!
    Lucy (in IN)

  2. Beautiful sewing machine ... I love those old ones. Can't sew a lick!

    Hubby is going to have a beautiful bike ride thru WV this time of the year. Lucky him!

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. Wish I lived closer, I'd love a Treadle... I make my smoothies with frozen berries also. YUMMY and refreshing for the summertime. I found the Quiltmaker Mag at my grocery store. YEA, something to look through tonight. Have fun with you chick flicks. Whatcha watching??

  4. I always add half a banana. As my grandmother used to say, "Eat the banana, you need your potassium!"

  5. I make a smoothie receipe I got from Weight Watchers.... (only 5 points if your counting... no problem if your not!)
    2 Tblspoons yogart
    2 Tblspoons wheatgerm
    1/2 c frozen berries
    1/2 ice
    1 sm/med banana
    2/3 c unsweetened pineapple juice
    Oh, and 2 tsp. of honey (optional)
    Blend... really good!
    Yep, I have gotten to the point that when I use frozen berries... I may use some water instead of ice... not quite so thick that way! Way good!

  6. If I only I lived closer. I think of my grandma when I see these and would love to have one!! Shipping would kill me!

  7. I wish I live in the same country, then I'll drive all the way to get this machine! But, I live across the oceans in Japan...sigh...
    Lovely sewing machine though.

  8. My sister has our mother's treadle machine. Unfortunately it was in very very bad shape when she got it 20 years ago as Mom had stored it in the basement. I dont have any idea if it can be rescued or not. Mom got it in the 30's and it was pretty old then. I learned how to sew on it as a teenager and sewed a lot of my clothes. It is so sad. I really hate for her to throw it away. Don't think Sis wants to invest a lot of money in it though. She lives in East TN if anyone knows someone who can do this kind of restoration work. Have a nice time watching movies and eating Chinese!

  9. Here is another vote for VitaMix. I don't know how I got to be this age without ever buying one of these. I use it for so many things. Even pancake mix. Soup. Smoothies for sure! I took all my lemons, peels and all, cut them in half put them in my Vitamix. Pluverized them and then froze in ice cube trays. The best lemonade ever! Look into it Bonnie. My Oster was fine---but the Vitamix is unbelievable.

  10. Bonnie, I love the treadle machine. I have one myself that I picked up at an auction a year ago. I want to get it refurbished so I can learn to use it, but I am at a loss as to how to find someone who works on treadle machines. Even my internet searches haven't been helpful. Do you have any leads? (I'm in SW Virginia)


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