Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Summer rain taps at my window.....

Remember that song?! Only it wasn't tapping during the night, it was POUNDING! Not sure what time it started,but I woke up about 2am and had to shut some windows because it was splashing in.

No complaints here...really, I love a good rain storm,and summer ones are the best! And yes, for me summer starts the moment temps reach about 80 degrees. So it is summer here in NC :c)

I had a wonderful time in Jacksonville! And I did get to run on the beach one more time...Sunday morning...before heading out of town. I love Jacksonville! What a great place! I was also able to hit a couple quilt shops down there, one Friday night during the art walk when we went out to dinner in St Augustine (Neat old town!)and also wandered art galleries and schmoozed with people. FUN!

The other shop we hit during our lunch break on Saturday....Old Green Cupboard...oh MY! My fave shop by far. I did a little bit of fabric buying there. There was this stripe I wanted on the back sale rack....50% off if I took what was left on the bolt, so I did. I love stripes....they are great for sashings, bindings, borders...love them!

So here's a little slide show of things from my trip....photos from St Augustine (where I wish I had more time to spend) and the Crumbs workshop and Cathedral Stars workshop.....fun all around! There are a few Savannah pics towards the end...but it was hard to take them from the trolley tour :c) (I only had an hour and a half there..)

I've pieced a back for Jared Takes A Wife, and hopefully will get it on the machine today.....*fingers crossed*


  1. I knew you would love the Olde Green Cupboard. It's my favorite shop too. They usually have good sales in the back. I always buy a ton when I go. Glad you had fun and made it home safely.

  2. Are you going to put a picture in the album at quiltville chat of your Jared two?

    Happy Sewing,

  3. You mean your in you 'summer' when I am still hoping it doesn't snow out there!! lol!! I am glad you enjoyed your summer rain storm - I love them!!! But don't sent it here yet!!! It would come down as snow I am sure!! I am glad you are home, but for how long this time????? And I love your new Jared quilt top!! Have fun turning it into another beautiful quilt!! What a great way to spend the day!!

  4. mmmm, could almost smell some of those flowers in the pictures!

  5. Anonymous12:33 PM EDT

    While at Mid-Atlantic I visited the Olde Greene Cupboard booth...bought my Indian Paintbrush kit from them and now binding it! I loved that booth and have heard all good things about that shop.

  6. Looks like you had a great time! I loved that quilt shop's (Olde Green Cupboard) booth at Mid Atlantic, that's where I got bitten by the locker hooking method of rug making.

  7. NICE photos! I'm glad you had a good trip.

  8. Oh I love the hot pink house! I would never PAINT mine that color, but I love it anyway....

  9. I love the Olde Green Cupboard too. As a relatively new quilter I was awed by the selection when I found it 2 years ago on a trip to see my elder daughter. I have made good use of fabrics from there, including some in the quilt I am currently making. I make a lot of baby quilts so the hand of the facbric is important to me and they have some of the most scrumptious fabrics I have found and the prices are not outrageous.

  10. so glad you had a good time. those crumbs is fun!

  11. I may have to plug the old green cupboard into the sat nav for when we go to Florida...I've heard great things about it! Glad you enjoyed the trip!

  12. Huh. You were here and I didn't even know it. I'll have to get the scoop from the gals at the OGC. What a bummer. I could have run up there and met you. :<


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