Friday, May 29, 2009

Can't see the Forest for the Trees!!

House, Summer 2009
It has stopped raining enough for me to take some pics of how green things are here! I absolutely love it in the summer when I can't see neighbors across the creek...everything all shady and green.

I've included pics from the porch swing, from the top of the driveway and sides of house, from the back at the gazebo where the hot tub is, of the trees EVERYWHERE (and then some) and of the view from my kitchen window....and back deck.

I love the front porch swing...we pulled out the bushes in front of the porch rail about a week or so ago...also under the master bedroom window..look how GREEN those bricks are!! There were bushes all there.....

Now I want to paint the shutters a brick red....what do you think? Right now, the shutters are the same color is the house, so they aren't that much of an accent?

I eat my breakfast sitting on that porch swing in the mornings. i love watching and listening to the birds. It's also a great phone conversation place....I can often be found in this porch swing, rain or shine! (And bugs...and humidity!)


  1. It is a beautiful time of the year and I believe nature is so restorative. It helps balance our lives.

    Red shutters, and garage doors, would definitely brighten up the house. Ha... just like the red and brown half square triangles in the quilt I'm making from your pattern
    swing your partner.

    Happy Sewing

  2. Red is the way to go. Remember, Freddy says Red is a neutral. Go for it.

  3. How fun to get a photo tour of your yard! Love the idea of brick red shutters...

  4. What a lovely setting. We don't have such a setting BUT a pair of cardinals is building a nest in a Nandina bush that is right by the table where I eat breakfast on my porch.....what fun to watch them (and the hummingbird feeders near there, too). I agree that the shutters are not enough of an accent right now and need some other color on them. Be sure to take photos again after you paint them, okay?

  5. Just beautiful Bonnie, thank you for sharing.

  6. You certainly are blessed with trees. I love this time of year too, when everything is so green. I'd go with the red for the shutters. A little contrast is good. Or maybe a buttermilk blue??? Just a thought.

  7. Red shutters.....for sure!

  8. what a lovely place you live in Bonnie!

  9. I don't know if I've told you this, but a very very good friend has brought a huge cabin with acres and acres near Oxford (does that sound right?). She's moving up from TX at the end of this month. I am keeping fingers crossed that next year I'll be able to visit her so I'll be able to visit you too.

  10. I am going to be different here and vote for a pretty forest green for shutters! However, anything you do would be pretty. Love your home.

  11. Lovely setting. A sure place for the birds to sing to you.

  12. Sorry, I wasn't paying super close attention to the shutters... but the house and the "tree's" are wonderful! I only have one question... Can I move in with you guys? I won't take up much room... you could let me sleep in the hammock! And I would share my fabric stash.... heavy sigh.... sorry, I guess I just... well... I miss all the tree's that we had in Oregon! Your's is very nearly close to it! Enjoy, it's lovely!
    I can imagine that it's very relaxing... talking on the phone, eating breakfast or what have you...

  13. Oh yes, I would paint the shutters and maybe the front door. The porch looks lovely- you were right to pull those bushes out. Are you thinking flowers? There are a lot of nice flowers that like shade, but I suppose it depends on how much deer traffic you get. Beautiful house! Thanks for sharing!


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