Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Stuff...

First off I want to thank you for the overwhelming openness sharing your "failure to launch" stories with me. It is an INCREDIBLE thing to know I'm not alone, that you are praying for me, (my sanity), and my son!! I even told him that I had people praying for him all over the globe, and you should have seen the look on his face....it was a combination of "uhoh! Busted" and the "Their here!!!" heebee jeebies from poltergeist! Just letting him know that the whole quilting world is pulling for him...AND for me.

One of the comments that came really struck me. I need to put this in a greeting card to hand him when/if he does go live in his car:
Goodbye, good luck, be careful and let me know if you are sick or hurt and I'll be there.

Maybe we should submit this to Hallmark? Don't you think we could find appropriate use under many circumstances for such a card, be it a co-worker, an ex-friend, a bad relationship? *LOL*

So what did I do today?


2.Staples to get copies for Saturday's "My Blue Heaven" Workshop in Goldsboro, NC.

3.Walmart to buy a new blender. (YAY oh yes..this one comes with a food processor jar too...I'm so easily amused!)

4.Dropped off car at the Saturn dealership for it's 50k flush out appt. Got loaner car in return...Weeeeeee! It's an Outlook with all the bells and whistles. I want one. Of course they knew I would, that's why they loaned it to me in the first place! (*&@#($*&(*&! But..I'll keep my Vue another 4 years or so. I love that car.

I'll pic the Vue up tomorrow around noon when I leave for Goldsboro.

5. Ran to Sam's Club (in the loaner car) for assorted stuff.

6. Finished quilting Jared (HALLELUJIA!!!) and got the binding and sleeve on, ready for hand work this evening.

A Scottish friend in Canada sent me a DVD of "BAD GIRLS" and I can't wait to watch it.

Bad Girls was an award winning British television drama series that was broadcast on ITV from 1999 to 2006. It was produced by Shed Productions, the company which later produced Footballers' Wives and Waterloo Road . It was set in the fictional women's prison of Larkhall, and featured a mixture of serious and light storylines focusing on the prisoners and staff of G Wing.

It sounds hilarious...and great for stitching by.

So here are the pics of Jared....over my front porch rail, binding on, sleeve hanging (it's like a slip hanging below the skirt...*LOL*) and that's what my evening entails.

Thanks again....for carrying me through tough times! It's great to know we are not alone, isn't it?


  1. Ooh, you are going to love BAD GIRLS. It's a guilty pleasure!

  2. Bonnie I lived in Goldsboro for 20 years! When I lived there , there was no quilting store but now they have a very quaint one.
    you must make a stop in Selma to see the whistle stop quilt shop. charming as can be and featured in quilt shop sample a few years ago. It is about a 25 minute drive from Goldsboro.

  3. I raised two boys - 10 months apart. My comment to them was - I don't want you cold, hungry or wet. Other than that, unless you are getting an education, you are on your own. And I did see them start to grow up to be the men I knew they could be - but it didn't start to show until they were 30+. I just prayed a lot!!!

  4. I loved that comment that was sent to you. I think you should send it to get cards made. But i hope you doing Ok and just remember theres alot of help out they. Keep your heap up high. You the a great MOM.

  5. Love your Jared, congrats on the finish.
    Try to whether the storm with your son.....if you can get them to adulthood it gets better and they remember how awful they were and apologize. Then its amazing when they become parents they are amazed at all you had to do for them!
    Hang in there and remind him how much you love him but not his behavior.

    Happy Sewing,

  6. I LOVE this quilt! Bonnie you are amazing at what you can do with scraps! I love the quilting.....
    quilty hugs

  7. I love the new Jared.

    As far as the other situation, I am sorry that you are going through this. I understand your difficult dilemma, just remember that you are the parent and he's an adult fully capable of supporting himself.

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Jared quilt! Awesome job!

  9. That lavendar with the greeen is sensational! Another beauty!

    Re: son ... most likely, there ARE some other adults in his life who are also steering him in a RIGHT direction. You just don't know who they are.

  10. Jared II came out wonderful! Love the purple border. Hang in there...

  11. Bonnie, I LOVE JTAW2. I have a serious case of quilt envy.

    I'll see you in a few weeks when you come to IL! I'm so excited.

  12. I love Jared II! I notice there are some blogs doing your spider string quilt and I am seriously thinking of one for myself.
    I appreciate all you do for us quilters and love your book also. I also appreciate that you are driving a GM product and support the American auto workers here in MI. and the rest of the country. I sometimes wonder if the rest of the country realizes how devastating all this has been to us.
    I am praying for you and your son. At this age they feel like they "know it all" (I did!) What you are doing is tough but right. I'm sure he will realize it very quickly and "get with the program"

  13. My FIL told my husband years ago as FYI "I will feed your kids, I will feed your wife for a week, and I will feed you for two days." Get a job. My darling Larry lost his job when I was eight months pregnant. I think this was my FIL's way of saying--no time for feeling sorry for yourself. I ran across this saying on a blog this morning--sorry I can't remember which one now-- May all your ups and downs be with a needle and thread. Author unknown

  14. Bonnie, The original "Jared" was beautiful, but I like this Jared better.
    Children are a blessing and a curse. When they are small and we can control them, they are a blessing. When they reach puberty, they become a curse. Of course, we still love them, but it sure is hard. Miss you in South Carolina.
    Joyce-Just Stitchin'

  15. Failure to launch is a serious condition, but like most things in life, is TEMPORARY. I hope your son picks himself off and gets started on the rest of his life! Glad to hear sharing your frustration helped a little, even if it didn't solve anything. Love your new version of Jared Takes a Wife--it's such a great block pattern and one on my list.

  16. I love Jared II. Why can my scraps never turn into stunning quilts like yours?

  17. Bonnie, I only have the perspective of one who has no kids!! lol But I know from family and friends that, hard as it is, the parent does the child no favors by allowing them to lanquish in a state where they aren't supporting themselves but aren't in school!! You are doing the right thing...you have to be tough. That's why you make the big mom bucks, right? roflol
    I have a friend who's child is in her late 20s and is still a master manipulator because my friend will continually bail her out of situations like credit card bills,bad checks, pay for cel phone, give her money towards her (fancy) apartment, etc. The daughter has a fancy lifestyle and no incentive to change and the mom wails how she doesn't want her "out on the street". With some kids it takes more shove than others to get em out of the nice warm nest...with cable tv even!...but they WILL fly. Hang in there.

    Lori in VA

  18. Beautiful Quilt!

    Congratulations on being mentions in Quilters Home for a great site for pattersn. Not that everyone doesn't already know that but it is still nice to see it in print.

    Take Comfort!

  19. Anonymous3:35 PM EDT

    I like what Mrs. Goodneedle said! So many times we want to be friends

  20. This quilt is one of my favourites! I just love that purples!!!! It turned out to be a stunning quilt, Bonnie! Hope to do this pattern one day:o)
    Happy sewing,

  21. Jared II is great. I've never seen Bad Girls. It was on when we couldn't get UK tv, but Waterloo Road is brilliant. Alexandra and I are glued to the tv when it's on.

  22. I was talking to a friend, and she reminded me of the month that she turned off the cable, password protected the computer, and slept with her car keys under her pillow. She and DH ate every meal out, and bought NO groceries. It worked. He spent about a week being more insufferable than ever, but it worked. He's a pretty nice kid, now, though back to living with them while he finishes his degree.

  23. Anonymous12:29 PM EDT

    BEAUTIFUL! as always!

    Just catching up on my reading and was sad to hear about your current woes. My thoughts are with you as well.



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