Thursday, October 30, 2008

On Kitchen Detail....

Another box that got unpacked was all the "doodads" from kitchens-past. I love advertising things...tins, signs, crocks with words. And old utensils that I can't imagine HOW they ever used them.

You will find lots of this kind of memorabilia in my kitchen.

The red paint really warmed up the room and I love how it looks! The countertop is next...it's gotta go..it's a 1980s gray formica. Not sure WHAT I'll do, I can't afford granite, but I've seen some LOVELY kitchens with it in my travels.

That's the neat thing about staying with guild members when I travel. I get to see their homes and how they display things. One Holiday Inn to the other...all the same...but staying with quilters is SO FUN!

I love this little Radio/Ipod dock that I just found at Target! It looks vintage of a sort, but it has great sound, and I can just push the ON button to hear my music when I am in the kitchen without having to go to the living room stereo. It sits on top of an old antique ice box, carved in the Eastlake style. Another thing I can't believe women had to deal with...MELTING ICE to keep food fresh? Amazing.

At some point I'd like to redo the floor too, and carry the wood floor in from the laundry hall through the kitchen and through the dining room, which at this point is some kind of outdated parquet.

At some point...these light fixtures need to go, too. The stained glass one gives LOTS of nice light, but it is really dated..it shouts out 1990 at you. And the hanging thing? Just don't go there. It just has to go. I don't want a hanging thing, just a nice ceiling fixture for extra light. I don't know how anyone ever fit a kitchen table in this kitchen, it's just too small, so why have a hanging lamp there? The world may never know.

But then again, we will never know WHY the light switch inside the front hall closet turns on and off the master bathroom lights either! It reminds me of that commercial where the guy is going "on, off, on, off" With the switch,and the old lady next door has the garage door opening and closing on her car..*LOL*

We also found, when we lost power to the garage and the sunroom, that it was because the outlet in the master bathroom (on the opposite side of the house) had tripped. You have to push the red button to reset everything. We tried everything..the fuse box, etc...nothing looked tripped! But then..we found that red button in the outlet. Duh. Who would think that a bathroom reset button would effect the GARAGE on the opposite side of the house?

As Artie Johnson said on "Laugh In": "Inellesting. Velly Velly Intellesting....BUT SCHTOOOPID!!" :cD

Oh, and don't you love this sign? I found it in PA....*hehehe* It's hanging above the door from the kitchen to the dining room ;c)


  1. You CAN have granite (or at least a great granite look) for less! Granite tiles work great, are easy to install and have the same eye appeal as solid granite. Check out your local big box home repair store. 12" granite tiles are very affordable!

  2. Everything looks great Bonnie! I am too shy about trying some of these things. I like you, love to see others homes and see how they decorate.

  3. Don't feel bad. Our house is relatively new and we keep tripping a breaker in the garage and we cannot figure out which reset button is fixing it. We end up hitting all 17 reset buttons and something eventually makes it work again but we're not even sure which one does it.

    Your red kitchen looks great!

  4. Yep, I have an outlet in the bathroom that regulates the power on the patio.

  5. Bonnie the house looks fantastic!! You are doing a wonderful job. Shame you are off again so soon but it will be lovely to come home to your new haven.


  6. I love the kitchen and the laundry and everything!! I wish I could find my style.

    I thought Artie Johnson said that on Laugh-in........ and Sgt. Schultz said "I Know Nothing!!"...... of course I could be having a brain cramp, that was 40 years ago LOL



  7. Me too .... I have an outlet in the bathroom that is also hooked up to the outlet on our front porch. Took us a while to figure out why the Christmas lights went off one night. Now that little red bathroom button is the first thing we check for all outages! Maybe out houses were all built around the same time or maybe by the same builder. That would be funny. And about granite ... there is a granite guy in Kernersville who had the best price in the area. My neighbor and I went all over checking out the different surfaces and we ended up with the granite. It was well worth it and I love it! Took me a while but I no longer hover over the counter with a hot pan. I just put in down. Wonderful to be able to do that especially with cookie trays. There is also a place in Greensboro advertising sale prices on granite. Just thought you might be interested. Have a safe and wonderful trip.

  8. Thanks for the Home Tour of your lovely house. It's always a pleasure to see how others decorate. 8-)

  9. Bonnie, your house is looking terrific! You have a good dec eye!

  10. Love the red wall and that kitchen sign is great!!!!

  11. You've made a LOT of progress with bringing your house into the 21st century, the kitchen is looking great!

  12. Love all your kitchen "do-dads"! As for electrical peculiarities, there are two possibilities: All areas with water near electrical circuits have to have GFCI outlets, so they got cheap and put all of them on one circuit and used one outlet to trip/reset; or, have you ever seen a house wiring job in-process? There are wires EVERYWHERE. How they all get to the right spot is beyond me.

    Wiring weirdness happens all the time, and it's my opinion that by the time the sheetrock is installed no one is willing to dig in there and fix it. My last house had two recessed ceiling fixtures above the fireplace wall: one wouldn't turn on, one wouldn't go off, and the switch didn't work anything. And I had no idea how to find and fix the problem, so we just took the bulbs out!

  13. Anonymous11:36 AM EDT

    After 25 years I need a whole new kitchen. But..it's boooooooring and it'll cost you an arm AND a leg.i'm glad my kitchen is very tiny and not as big as yours! I'd like to have granite too and I found a inexpensive solution at Ikea! It's wood covered with granite: less expensive and 15 years garanteed.
    The sign is hilarious and sooo true!

  14. Hello Bonnie.....
    happy to see you are making progress on your move-in as well as all the pictures of your travels...Oh, that sign.....my husband wants to know if you snatched that from our kitchen...heeheehee....he says that it is definitely true...
    Pam....love the book...thanks

  15. Bonnie, Love what you are doing to the house! BUT, if I may offer a bit of advice as someone who makes her,(Yes I said her),living installing and refinishing hardwood floors, Please rethink your wish of having them in your kitchen. They are a real nightmare in kitchens and baths. sinks, refrigerators with water lines, and dishwashers are guaranteed to leak somewhere down the line and really do a number on the floor. The steam from a not perfectly sealed dishwasher will washboard a floor in a matter of days. Just food for thought before you invest the hard earned $ down the road.

  16. Decorating with quilts is so much fun! A dear friend had her formica counters covered in rough textured beige tile, maybe 3" squares. It came out beautifully. What about dull pewter lighting for over the table. I've seen a lot of lights at yard sales this summer.

  17. Wow! Your house is looking Great!

  18. I too own a home with electrical quirks. Once you get to know your home and it's oddities you'll settle in nicely. I have wood flooring throughout my home. Thick oak in the kitchen and Heart Pine elsewhere. I really like my wood floors better than any other matterial. The newer wood floors that are laminated will not tolerate minor water leaks as solid wood can. Laminate flooring will not tolerate any standing water without mushrooming and rippling. Something to think about. I do like your red paint. If you don't have a lot of counter space to replace, granite would be stunning. There are as you will see, many options to explore. If you go directly to the manufacturer you can save money. Enjoy the process.

  19. Now that's my kind of kitchen 'modern enough to be practical and country enough to be welcoming"
    It looks beautiful Bonnie.

    Good luck at your trunk show.


  20. I thought i had read every post you've written but I missed this one. I had to laugh about the light switch thing. My architect husband designed our home and I have light switches in the most unexpected places: behind doors, inside of closets, around corners... I stopped asking what he was thinking.
    Love your red kitchen, it's SO warm and welcoming.

  21. Daughter's bathroom upstairs is tied in to the reset button in laundry room downstairs opposite side of house. ???


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