Saturday, October 11, 2008

One More Day Til Home!!

Hey Yall!

I'm peeking in early this morning for a quicky because I don't have to leave for the last lecture/trunkshow until 10am...which means.....I GOT TO SLEEP IN! And I have a few minutes to post.

My time in PA has been WONDERFUL! I have made lots of new friends, strengthened some already-friendships, had a blast..I can't put it all in words, and you'll get more of a travelogue when I can get home and put pictures in with the words :c)

Two of our blogger friends have been posting though, and you can catch up on yesterday's doings at Nancy B's Patchwork Penguin blog. That's where I am now.

Wednesday was a special treat, I got to go stay the night with the OTHER Nancy, NP (Near Philadelphia)and got to be the surprise for a very special guest. I'm still belly laughing at this one!

Thursday was spent galavanting around Lancaster County with Connie....and I even got the priviledge of being the quilt delivery person, delivering Connie back her leader ender quilt that Carol (in Altoona) and quilted for her!

You know, they say there are 6 degrees of separation between people, and I think with quilters, it's only THREE. It is amazing who knows who and how we all know someone who knows someone. It's a small world held together with quilty stitches!

DH informed me that the 8 cases of books arrived at home the day I left. I knew they would! So....I get home tomorrow...will spend Monday and Tuesday filling orders..then guess what? Wednesday I'm off to ALABAMA and GEORGiA! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Oh, and I have to tell you guys the story of Ugly Betty, the battered and unloved Singer 301A that I adopted while here :c) SOON SOON! I'll post pics soon!

I was welcomed as an honorary long distance member of the "Sundae Quilters" bee here in Chambersburg....with a cool tote bag and everything, And yes, we had ice cream sundaes! YUM! The laughter just never stopped.

Well, I better hit the shower and get this day going....I'll be back with you soon!


  1. Hi Bonnie! Suzan here from "Suzan Thinks"...when Nancy said you were coming to talk to her guild I was so excited 'cause I thought I could get there. However, 3 of my fav Episcopalians came from VA and NY to spend this weekend with me so I couldn't make it to Chambersburg. I was so disappointed! One day, one day...

  2. It sounds like you are having a fantastic time! I also truly believe that there is definitely a special camaraderie amongst quilters. I received your book! It is wonderful, very well done! Now I have lots of projects to add to my long list.

  3. Bonnie, is there ANY chance you'll be coming near Huntsville while in Alabama???????

    Joan S

  4. So close but yet far. You will be going home past me so I'll say howdy as you go down 81.

    Be glad to get my book as I was one that sent a check and by now it will have passed so am hoping to get it soon. Have a good trip home.

  5. Oh Bonnie! I have missed you blogging on a regular basis. It sounds like you've been having a blast though. I want to hear all about it when you get home.

  6. PS What part of Alabama will you be in? I'm in Mississippi so maybe I could possibly come & meet you?

  7. Been missin' your bloggin'! Posted at 6:38 am, you call that sleeping in?!

  8. Hi Bonnie - I always look forward to reading about your adventures on the road, and I always wish I were there! I know you're busier than a hive of bees, but have you considered teaching at some of the quilt festivals, like Hampton (VA) or Lancaster (VA)? I'd be at the front of the registration line!

  9. I hope you aren't too tired: I will be in your class in Auburn. I am really looking forward to it. I am driving up LATE Tuesday night so just look for the droopy eyed old lady and that will be me.

  10. You HAVE been gone a long time! Looking forward to seeing you soon, glad you've had a fun time.


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