Thursday, October 30, 2008

Down The Laundry Hall...

I bet you didn't know that along with everything else,I collect.....washboards!

I love the advertising on them, and what the labels say. I can't ever imagine having to do laundry on one,but if I ever need to, I figure I've got a good supply :c)

Remember the "Before" pictures? The walls were white, there was terrible wallpaper below the chair rail, and the doors were "BLUE" *shudder*

I really like it now! I was able to hang all my favorite vintage aprons, some tin advertising signs, and all my washboards down the Laundry hall...

It doesn't make doing laundry any more fun,but when I think of how easy it is to throw things in my stacking front loader and dryer, as compared to these washboards or even a wringer washer (which must have felt blissful at the time!)I am grateful!

The top SMALL washboard reads:
Ideal for Silks, Hosiery, and Lingerie
Or Handkercheifs. Just the right size to fit a Bucket, Pail, or Lavatory. Packs easily into a Suit Case or Traveling Bag.

Suitcase or Traveling Bag? I don't THINK SO! Nor do I want to be using it in anyone's lavatory. Doesn't it humble and amaze you to realize how far we have come? Just like that old cigarette commercial from the 70s...."You've come a LONG WAY, BABY!"

I still haven't sat at the sewing machine yet. Too much to do to get ready for Wisconsin on Sunday. The trunkshow quilts are in the livingroom. I'm packing 2 big body-bag duffels, and they both have to be under 50lbs. My clothes will be in a carryon..I figure since I am hitting 8 guilds, it doesn't matter if I wear things twice, and do laundry in between. What I can't carry for trunkshow will be on a power point presentation,but I hate to do that. I keep feeling that in that case, people may as well just stay home and read my blog or check out my website to see the quilts that way,you know? But we do what we can!

Oh, best news of all...JEFF GOT A JOB!!! *happy dancing* Yes...he is to now be the salad chef and Prince-of-Hot-Rolls at Fatz Cafe in Greensboro. HALLELUJIA! You never saw a kid as happy to have a job as much as he is. I am thrilled for him.


  1. I have my great-grandmothers washboards over my dryer. Her husband had left her, and she supported four kids by taking in laundry using those boards. Makes my washer and dryer really seem like a luxury!

  2. Wow your aprons on your rack are so beautful!

  3. Love the washboards and your aprons look great hanging there. Congrats to Jeff!!! WOOOHOOOOO Prince of Hot Rolls!! I love that title!!

  4. Looks great, Bonnie. The washboards are such a nice, interesting addition to an otherwise ho-hum wall space. Congratulations to Jeff, I know how happy this makes Mom, too!

  5. Bonnie: Great idea with the aprons. I have some too I have to dig out and display. One of the speakers at my Guild meeting had two-sided quilts for her trunk show...instead of having a regular backing on her quilt, she backed her quilts with another quilt top. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, she did it that way so she could get two "quilts" combined into one, which amounted to less weight and bulk. I know you like creative backs, but it's worth considering for the quilts you travel with. I just love your quilts and you are truly an inspiration! Thank you for all you do! Louise

  6. Anonymous8:27 AM EDT

    Noticed the Columbus Washboard Co. picture you posted. The company moved to my town (Logan, OH) several years ago and is the last company in the USA still producing washboards. Every June the town has a 3 day washboard music festival. kathrynfrasure@yahoo.com


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