Sunday, October 26, 2008

Somewhere in Cartersville, GA.....

I'd never been to Cartersville before! It's north of Atlanta, up towards the foothills of the Smokey Mountains..If you follow I-75/401 all the way north, you will end up in Chatanooga TN. :c) It was BEAUTIFUL up there! Rolling hills, dairy farms, trains winding their way through the hills.I loved my time there, and the people, the quilters, well, top notch doesn't reach high enough!

Here are some pics from our Happy Scrappy Houses class. As always, it is a challenge to get those "boxed in" folks to think outside of their box,but eventually they will succumb to putting an orange door on a purple house, etc :cD

One lady said over and over that she couldn't do it because she is self-admittedly "Too much of a control freak". I asked her if she was happy being that way? She said "Well, yes....mostly..." And that's okay! But just know that you might be missing out on some fun, and some growth, if you always keep yourself within that box :c)

Cartersville GA Oct 2008
The last two pics.....you will see a handsome gentleman and a lovely gal in front of a quilt...this is the guild RAFFLE quilt! And I had the pleasure of drawing this lady's name on guild night. We called her right in the middle of the meeting (you could hear a pin drop) And when she said "NO WAY!!" We said "YES WAY!" And the whole room cheered! I'm sure she was taken a back by the noise of us all cheering and clapping for her.

The next day she came and picked up the quilt with her hubby, and brought along the FIRST TOP she just finished...baskets! With APPLIQUE HANDLES! I think she is going to join the guild, and she will be well taken care of.


  1. Oh, how fun! I love raffles, and wasn't it great that the recipient was in the room? I also made your scrappy happy houses, and it was great fun to match up my uglies andmake something fun!

  2. I just started a blog and the first quilt shown is your Happy Scrappy Houses. I had a collection of homespuns and always wanted to make your houses pattern. Go see at


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