Friday, October 24, 2008

She's Home!

I got home yesterday about 5:30 pm. I really could have been home by 3pm,but then a girl must stop and eat, fill the car with gas, find potty stops, buy shoes at the outlet mall, and wander a couple of antique shops too!

I came home to the smell of fresh paint.....those of you who have lived here with me in blogland for a while know that when we bought this house last feb, the first thing I had to do was peel paper while waiting for the moving van to show up. It looked like Laura Ashley had exploded all over the living room/kitchen/dining room..and it HAD to go!

It took til now for me to decide what I wanted to do and have the time to do it (as well as the $$,you know how that goes?)

I've got khaki walls above the white chair rail, and a brick/brown/red below! In the kitchen, we even had the painter do some texturing because the wallboard was hammered. They had I don't know how many layers of wallpaper on the wallboard with no primer. UGH. SO....stucco texture! And then a faux finish!

I'm uploading pics...can you believe I took 177 over the past 10 days? I was at a guild in Alabama, then the Dear Jane retreat in Mansfield GA, and then I was in Cartersville....lots of activity.

I'll edit some down and post them as soon as I can. Of course, more cases of books arrived while I was away, and those orders need to be taken care of.

The first thing I had to do this morning was clean the kitchen top to bottom. I tell ya,you just can't leave men alone for weeks at a time and expect things to be the way we left them. It didn't help that I only had 2 days in between PA and AL...the microwave (their main cooking tool it seems!) was so YUCK I couldn't even heat water in it..*LOL* I'm just puttering and cleaning today. I need to for my own sanity.

The weather got COLD while I was away! All my leaves are covering the back deck etc, and need to be cleaned up, but that can wait until they are ALL done falling.

Toby ran away while I was gone. Remember, this is how he adopted us in the first place, and I think he was not happy with being kenneled up in the back yard, and walked on leashes. *SIGH* I really DID try with him. He has not come back in over a week now. Hopefully he found someone else who can put up with his wanderlust....or maybe he found his own way back home from whence he came? We can hope.

So...for now...I'm sending you this pictureless post just to let you know that my feet (and my luggage) are back in NC for...well...about a week....except for....the guild meeting I'm doing in Smith Mountain Lake VA this week...but it's only a day trip...this is the story of my life!


  1. Welcome home Bonnie. Glad your book sales are going so well!

  2. Welcome back home Bonnie. I sure have missed you. I am sure your family did try to clean the kitchen while you were gone. But man-clean and woman-clean are two different animals.
    I hope you will be able to do some sewing too after the house is in order. I love the khaki/brick combination. Cannot wait to see all 177 pics!
    XOXOXOXO Subee in cold rainy Northern Indiana

  3. Poor Toby, maybe he'll come back now that you're home. I hope you post lots of pics of the DJ Retreat and describe it a lot.

  4. Welcome home Bonnie!


  5. I missed your posts while you were gone, but am happy that you can rest at home for a bit. I hope to see you when you hit the midwest in a few weeks. Take care!

  6. Welcome back. You've been missed. I'm sure the house is shaping up beautifully!

  7. Welcome home Bonnie. Happy hunkering down and reclaiming your nest.


  8. Welcome back. Glad you're going to have time to draw breath before the next Bonnie Tour.

    That's so sad about Toby. Perhaps he might return now that you're home.

  9. Welcome back! OOhh - more books!?!? Yay!

  10. Oh Bonnie, I am sorry about Toby. This is exactly how we got our dog and no matter that we think she is happy here whenever she happens to get out without her leash she bolts. Luckily we have been able to get her back again but I'm sure that's what happened to her and how we ended up with her. I hope Toby finds his way home to you!


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