Monday, October 27, 2008

3am Hot Flash Progress....

I love really quirky movies. Nothing is better than finding a movie on pay per view, or on-demand and starting it when *I* want to start it, pausing it when I want a break to get a drink or run for something, and enjoying it full throttle with hand stitching in my lap :c)

Even better than that, my mom and step-dad spend the year making DVDs for us of really OLD movies (1940s-1960s) and I always look forward to seeing what they send. Most them them I barely remember, or haven't seen at all. LOVE the old movies!

The past couple of evenings I've done just this (The guys were watching football upstairs...)in my quilt room and am amazed what a calming effect it has. Just to sit...not to talk...just to stitch...not to listen to crowds on TV cheering and announcers announcing (and family members yelling at the TV or the refs or the players..why DO they DO THAT?!).

I think I am appreciating the "not having to talk" when I am home alone more and more.

I am about 1/2 way I think or a bit more on 3 AM Hot Flash! I thought I'd show you some pics to see...since it seems I haven't really been quilting....I have. Not a lot of piecing...but...hand work works too.

The white stitches are my machine basting, they are coming out as I reach each area.

The center panel is straight lines, the next round has baptist fans. The skinny 3rd round has straight lines, the wide 4th round is the one I am working on now, with a hand drawn waving wonky feather. I'll put a design in the black border, and then I think more straight lines in the last round to finish it off.

This afternoon I'm headed to Smith Mountain Lake, VA! More pretty driving with the leaves the way they are. I take back roads, and it will be a snap, only about 110 miles or so. The lecture/trunkshow is tomorrow morning, with a 1/2 day crumbs class after. I'll be home tomorrow evening. Just a Quickie :cD


  1. GORGEOUS QUILT!!! I need to get some more solids... don't do that very often... I'm with you on the hot flashes... I maybe young, but I'm going through that too!

  2. THE QUILT IS BEAUTIFUL! The only thing produced during similar events for me ( the 3 AM H.F.) is sweat. Aren't they dreadful?

  3. Oh, I love this quilt (even if the name sounds a bit frightening). Thank you for sharing your quilting design with us. You got me quite confused there with those wavy maschine lines! And that is just the way you baste! Another good tip that I will need to test out! I completely agree that handquilting in front of a good movie is a perfect way to spend an evening.

  4. the quilting looks wonderful - I love how you're changing it up? I've been hitting lots of seams with my fans and I hate it. ggrrr. any good movies to recommend?

  5. I asked that question out loud once during a rugby game "why do you guys yell at the tv??" and mr 4 answered quite seriously
    "because it is noisy in there mummy and the men in the tv can't hear what they are doing wrong."

    Out of he mouths of babes hey??

    Enjoy your trip it must be lovely to have real seasons although I hate the cold weather it would be nice to see the leaves on the ground we are semi tropical so although I complain about winter it rarely gets really cold here.


  6. Bonnie, we were at Smith Mountain Lake just two weeks ago! We had never heard of it before we chose the location for our fall Elderhostel trip.

  7. ooooh I love this quilt, such lovely colours. Is this a new design or a pattern I cannot find on your quilt blog..... love it love it love it. Happy Stitching

  8. Your book, Scraps and Shirttails arrived right before I left on a trip to visit my daughter in St. Louis. I arrived home late last night, couldn't sleep and decided to look at the book. It is so fantastic! Love the way it turned out and I love the quilts you included. I can't wait for your encore! Thanks Bonnie!

  9. Bonnie,

    I really like my new book. Can't wait to give the other one away at our next quilt retreat.

  10. AWE, love this quilt, such vivid colors and they all go great together, I also need more solids, and I'm excited, received your book yesterday, wahooo,,, it's awesome Bonnie, great ideas, I'll have to get busy..I took still get Power surges(hotflashes)I call them LOL ,know how
    you feel ... Lise


    My book arrived today just in time for me to take it to my patchwork groups meeting everyone has had a good look through it and I am sure you will be getting some more orders!!!

    I just love it and have already chosena project to use some plaid and check rectangle a freind has given me.!!!!!!!!

    thank you thank you thank you

    daisymum in Australia

  12. oh Bonnie, it's looking great! I loe that you choose to do 3 dfferent quilting patterns on it - so maverick of you ;)

    Love from Texas!

  13. I love this quilt! It's bold and happy! You've made solids interesting!

    Not crazy about the name :) Maybe during the commercials, when they take a break from yelling at the screen, guys ask each other why women reference their hormonal state all the time LOL

    I'm so happy to see a revival of baptist fans. It's a super fun way to quilt!


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