Saturday, November 01, 2008

How to pack it all?!

I've got the trunkshow packed...that is.... what I am able to carry, in two duffel bags weighing approx 45 lbs each. I think my jacket is going to go in one, and an extra pair of shoes in the other,and that's all going to be checked.

Still ticks me off....to have to pay to check two bags, coming and going. It just seems like a huge rip off! In the future, I'll think of it as a "Shopping expense" And instead of paying for packed bags, I'll just buy things to wear once I'm there!

But wait..I'd still have to pay to check a bag on the way home...*sigh*

Luckily I've got my clothes in a carry on. Minimal stuff. 3 pairs of pants, about 5 different shirts to go with either this or that, undies, socks. My other "personal" item holds the laptop and a project and a book. And my wallet. The purse is packed in the carry on with the clothes. And the camera. Oh...and the cell phone, the Ipod...sheeesh. At this rate we might as WELL throw in that little poratble washboard from my laundry room wall! *LOL*

The nicest kid dropped off a load of firewood yesterday. I tried burning it today, and it's still a bit green. Lots of smoke, wouldn't catch. *SIGH* It said AGED AND SEASONED in the ad! But then this kid is only about college age, and I bet he feels *HE* is aged and seasoned too, and I would consider HIM a bit green :c)

So now the basement smells a bit like a campfire from all this trying to get it to light. Don't suppose the wood will age and season over the next 2 weeks while I am gone?

Oh, yesterday I *DID* get some sewing done! I sewed triangles for the border of my Fungly Challenge. I basted 3 small projects for hand quilting....and I finished quilting the feather on 3am Hot Flash..so just the black border and outer pieced border to go! Whoopeee!! :cD Maybe I should pack some binding strips for it so I can borrow someone's machine to put it on??? And the sleeve too.."adding those to her list"


  1. Have you compared price to ship some of your stuff to yourself instead of checking it with the airlines? I haven't had to do this but I know several folks who do - Brown has saved the day for several of them... just a thought.

    Good luck!

  2. I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait!!!!

  3. Looking forward to seeing you in Spring Green. Have a safe journey.

  4. you're making great progress on quilts and getting your house all together. can't wait to see 3amHF - feathers too? wheee

  5. Wow I ama relly light oacker but having to take work stuff with me i would need the hwole plane. Have youthought about getting a pilots licence???

    Have a great trip I an determined one day to get to one of your lectures but I might have to sell one or two of the children first!!!


  6. Wish I could come play with you and Dawn (Quilts & Pieces). A little far from TX. Have a good time and safe trip.

  7. Can you fly Southwest? Last time we flew, my husband and I each had two bags and we weren't charged. Enjoy your trip.

  8. Not that I love DH to be gone lots, but the benefit of having him travel is that he is Platinum Level and can take 3 - 50 lb bags w/him. It was great when I went to Boston on business w/him! I took 2 - 50lb bags one had my friends little Janome in it!!

  9. I'm guessing you've figured travel expenses into your speaking/teaching fees. If necessary, add on the new airline fees - people understand. You are not and will not be the only one who needs to do this. And definitely check out the option of shipping ahead of time. And remember to insure, insure, insure! Not that our own quilts are anything but priceless, but to replace the fabric... and the time....

  10. You must be a great packer! I have really enjoyed your blog and will be back to visit soon.

  11. Anonymous7:20 PM EST

    Hi bonnie

    I've been seeing ads lately about southwest (least I think it's southwest - I'll try to watch closer), but they aren't dinging you for checked bags .. they ad says 2 checked backs, no extra charge, along with curbside check-in, and phone reservations .. oh vay .. i sound like an ad ..

    maybe check it out??

    good luck on your trip .. now back to lurkdome ..

    oh and thans for the leaders n enders ... gran's quilt done that way and another half way there



  12. Well, so far so good! Monday's lecture was FAB and I can't wait for Wed's class. :)

  13. I just wish it was cold enough here to light a fire. LOL!! I have some seasoned wood. :-)
    The airlines get you good now dont they?? I always fly Southwest and you get two bags free. And two carryons. No assigned seats but that's ok with me.
    Good luck!!

  14. If only Southwest flew this far north. In addition, shipping ahead would be terrific, less to hastle at the airports. (Did you know she actually rents her own car and hauls those big bags all over this land just to make each experience we look forward too, the best it can be!) However, with the warp speed, she covers this country, Brown and Uncle Sam don't move fast enough. She chooses to be on top of things and bring them with her. So as one of those anxious to meet her next week, We thank her for giving us this experience, stretching to 8 guilds in one sweep and making it personal for us all. We hope not to disappoint. fbs810, WI

  15. Hi Bonnie,

    I hope you have a nice trip and a safe trip too!
    I enjoy reding your blog and your friend Lucy's blog. I love to quilt! You and your friends blogs give me good ideas.

    Happy Travels!


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