Saturday, June 28, 2008

Old Inspirations

I am a "historical" quilt book junkie. I've got a couple books from the 70's that call to me as much as newer books do. This one is called New Discoveries In American Quilts by Robert Bishop.

It was this book, and the larger photo in the "America's Glorious Quilts" Coffee table book that really got me intrigued with Salinda Rupps Quilt (now referred to as nearly insane..and believe me,it is!)

What's funny about these 1970 books is they were "pre" rotary cutter and modern methods, so they are kind of funny to read in those terms. They also contain a LOT of black and white photos! What GOOD are black and white photos? I know color printing wasn't as "evolved" 30+ years ago as it is now, and I'm guessing it was VERY expensive at that time.

But having black and white photos can be a boon too, because you start to see things in terms of value, not color. You are free to interpret what you want in the gray scale.

However, there is ONE photo I really wish I could see in color in this book! I even blew the picture up so you can see it. Crumb pieced diamonds! I don't even know what size they are, but faced with a basket of odd crumbs, the bare bones of what was left after my students combed through my stash in my crumbs workshop, I decided to just piece a couple. And a couple more....and, okay 20 more... :c)I'm using phone book pages as the foundation. When you trim the blocks,you get fun weird angles along the edges. Many of the blocks in the quilt show recogniseable patchwork parts which I think are fun. 9 patches, 4 patches, square in a square, broken dishes, etc. I hope you can see it by clickingon the pic! So I'm playing. I don't know how I'll set them..maybe in rows like this, or in stars, or alternating with plain diamonds....but I am so intrigued by the little pieces in these diamonds. My 60 degree diamonds are 4" per side.

I took buddy to get a hair cut this morning. I found the card for a local gal who does dog grooming, and she is very close. She was great with Buddy and called me in a n hour and a half saying he was done and ready to pick up! He looks great, and so much cooler!


  1. You have so many great ideas! Let me know via email if you would like a donation of more crumbs. I will be glad to send you mine.

  2. I made a series of 3 small wallhangings with this technique. My diamonds are 6" on a side. I think I found the idea for mine in a Penny McMorris crazy piecing book. Here is a link to my blog page http://exuberantcolor.blogspot.com/2007/07/making-series.html

  3. love the crumbs on non-square/rectangle shapes -- they add so much more interest to the final product I think :-)

  4. You and your crumbs! I guess I'd set them together with either plain diamonds or a small quiet print or tone on tone (colored). I'm sure you will make them look like a million bucks.


  5. Cute blocks!! But I wanna see Buddy in his new summer "do". I bet he looks like a handsome devil!!
    Lori in VA

  6. How big are your diamonds? Just wondering cause they look really tiny!
    Yes, I want to see Buddy too?
    Have fun.... don't get your fingers too close!
    Oh, and by the by... your little blue looks great!
    Jean C.

  7. bonnie, another beauty! and yes, how large are those diamonds...inquiring minds...and i agree with you about old books; i too have a couple that are more than worth their weight in gold...

    PS, when is the book coming out and will it be available nationwide or through you? I want to reserve a copy, signed of course...LOL

    aka cityquilter grace

  8. love that quilt. marvelous. your diamonds are excellent as well. do you have a special ruler for this one? An Easy Six perhaps?

  9. I love those old books too and wish I'd had the brains to buy every one that came my way when I worked at a shop in the 90s. Great inspiration...

  10. Love the crumb pieced diamonds - knew I had been saving all my pieces for something. Can't wait to try this technique. And a neat idea of using the old phone book pages as your foundation. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love those blocks! My mom used to work in two quilt shops in the early 70's, so she has lots of these patterns. Sometimes we just sit and thumb through them.


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