Monday, June 30, 2008

Buddy's Buzz Cut!

Here are some pics of a very happy Buddy Boy! I should have got the "BEFORE" shot....very long dark golden retriever hair everywhere, including bushy tail and feet and feathering on his legs.

The new groomer was so GREAT with him, he loved her! And of course,he loves the attention so much, and is so lazy, that he just lays there for her and takes all the pampering in.

I just told her to buzz him all over. It makes it easier to find the ticks here :c( I keep flea/tick stuff on the dogs,but the ticks here in the woods are so BAD this year. We've even found them in the house. I am wondering if I need flea/tick stuff for the humans in the household too!

Who would have guessed that there was a yellow lab hiding under my golden!? He was so happy and you could tell it felt so good when I brought him home. Sadie came running to check out who this spiffed up version of Buddy was...and they went running and playing in the back yard. Buddy loves to roll around and around on his back, I bet it feels WONDERFUL to him! It's so funny to watch him kick his legs and squirm to itch all the "good parts", like a bear up against a tree.

His foot is doing better. He is using it more and more as the weeks go by. And the best part is, he is HAPPY! Who can resist that big boy smile??


  1. He DOES look very happy doesn't he!! My Golden loves wriggling and squirming on his back in the grass too ... must be a breed thing :)

  2. By George, he does look like he's smiling. They do feel so much better when all that heavy coat of hair is off of them. Cool!!!
    My daughter's golden lab loves to get on his back and squirm all over like that too. It MUST be a breed thing. Although if I had been walking around with a big fur coat during this heat, and someone shaved it off of me I'd be happy enough to smile and squirm. Way to go Buddy.

  3. Anonymous1:13 PM EDT

    Looks like a handsome dog to me!
    Everyone feels better after a well needed haircut...it reminds me to make an appointment for myself too:)

  4. He looks like a happy dude, and oh-so-cute!

  5. Anonymous1:28 PM EDT

    He does look like a happy boy doesn't he with that big smile on his face.


  6. He sure looks like he is enjoying having less hair. I think I need to go to the groomer cause I need a haircut too!

  7. LOL! Looks pretty happy to me! Fur buddies, ya gotta luv em!!! 8-)

  8. Good lookin' and he knows it!! lol Yep, except for the slightly fluffy ears, he looks like a yellow Lab.

    Lori in VA

  9. That last photo is a REAL WINNER - love his smile!!!

    Lavender Chick (TX) shared this the other day "it's so dry here this year, the fish in the pond have ticks!"

    Hope it isn't QUITE that bad at your house...

  10. He is happy alright! "Thanks, Mom; I feel all cool and breezy-like now".

  11. Good for you/him... nothing like being cool and cute! I'm thinking that we need to shave ours too! How long does it take to grow back? Our winters are pretty cold here and I don't want her sleeping under my pillow come Fall/Winter!


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