Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mardi Gras Stars!

Remember this little number? I finished this when I got back from teaching in Louisiana in January. I finished quilting and binding it last Thursday evening while in Greenville SC! The sleeve had to wait until Sunday....

I am getting better at freehanding those baptist fans, thanks to Tonya! I still find it easiest for me to quilt WITH a hoop, although I keep the quilt very LOOSE in the hoop.

I had a couple gals ask me last night at guild meeting what good was the hoop if it was so loose, and all I could think of was that it acts like a 3rd and 4th hand for me.It's easy to turn, easy to prop. Whatever works for you, right? And this works for me. I've never been able to get small stitches with the hoop TIGHT...you have to be able to move the fabric, and tight hoops really make needles bend :c|

My favorite quilting needles? Roxanne size 11, just in case you wanted to know! I also quilt with those cheapy plastic thimbles that have an open top and are adjustible. I don't care if I lose these. I've got some in my purse, my pockets, my car, and in every room of the house,and no doubt some will find their way through the washer and dryer..

That pretty silver thimble that Dave found in the vent before we moved? It's lost again :c| See what I mean? I'm better with the cheapy plastic ones.

I have a confession to make on this quilt. I quilted it from the BACK! Because I was quilting with purple thread and could not for the life of me see where I was going.....I just put it in the hoop with the back side up and I could quilt just fine. In fact,I liked it so much that I'll probably do that again, it was really easy when quilting from the back.

I also completely used up this cutesy little girl/little boy fabric that had been in my stash forever....I think it's cute! I used more of that in charity quilts than I can count because it was donated to me. So now...it's ALL GONE! YAY!!


  1. Another winner, Bonnie!! You certainly teach me to re-think the way I think about blocks and scraps...but not whittling away the stash, said the addict. lol
    Lori in VA

  2. Great quilt, Bonnie! (as usual) And what a brilliant idea to quilt from the back! Easier to see, and not distracted by the blocks. I love it!

  3. hey thanks for the confession! I would have never guessed...or thought to have done that! but hey it works and what ever is easiest on the eyes is best!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  4. Look wonderful!! It's such a wonderful feeling to complete a project.

    I just got back from my guild meeting of your name was mention again (several times) with our speaker tonite :) You get around!

  5. Beautiful quilt! I love how the stars are flowing through the quilt.. coming in on the top, falling out on the bottom.

  6. I so love this quilt. congrats on the finish - woohoo. I could never quilt from the back - not enough of my stitches go all the way through. fabulous, big pats on the back.

  7. What a wonderful quilt. Now I've got another one on my to do list :-))
    P.S. couldn't quilt from the back either, it would look terribly on the front

  8. I love it Bonnie! The green border really makes everything pop. What a great idea, quilting the back. I am going to give that a try on one of my smaller quilts.

  9. This is great! Is it a freer version of your Maverick stars? I love your Maverick stars, but the scrappy centers of these are even more fun!

  10. I keep mine very loose too and came across the idea from the ThimbleLady. Helps keep my stitches a good size but gives me something to pull against, that I wouldn't have without the hoop! Good job!

  11. Quilt looks great!
    You can never learn enough in quilting!! Quilting from the back, who knew!!! 8-)
    Wonderful visiting your blog!
    Happy stitching!

  12. Anonymous12:33 AM EDT

    Hi Bonnie

    I actually teach hand quilting without the hoop,I get a lot of people who have tried the hoop and couldn't work it and are now happy to hand quilt. I always say to them it doesn't matter how you get there as long as you do.
    love your quilts as always.
    christine Brisbane/Australia
    ps. not sure were you find the time to hand quilt????

  13. That turned out gorgeous! Congrats on the finish.


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