Monday, June 09, 2008

Mary Jo Musings....

I returned Saturday night from my trip to Greenville SC! We had a great time for the lecture and crumbs workshop. What a hoot it is to try to get people to think outside of their boxes. I bring a big basket of crumbs and scraps with me and as they are sewing along, I'll pull something REALLY LOVELY (**NOT**!!) out of my basket and challenge them to use this piece in their piecing. Some could do it with reckless abandon, and some just could NOT use that piece because it wasn't their color,their style, whatever. But no matter, we had a blast! I've got LOADS of pics to upload. I had friday off, the lecture was thursday, and the workshop was saturday, so a couple of guild members had the job of running me around from museums, historical living farms, and antique malls..not to mention dragging me out to lunch. Thanks ladies, it was SO great!

In return I subjected a couple of my escorts to the wonders of bargain shopping at the goodwill clearance center in Greenville! Yes, there is one there, $1.00 a pound for anything on the tables! Whooowhooo! Eyes were opened that once were closed!

The night before I left home to go to Greenville, I mapquested my route so I would know the best way to get there. Imagine my surprise when I saw it was I-85 all the way! Oh goodness! Lookee there! I-85 goes right through Charlotte and GASTONIA....and WHAT is in Gastonia, pray tell? Why....the fantastic fabulous MARY JO'S CLOTH WORLD of course!

Those of you who have never been there, never fear, I took pics :c) they don't capture it all, that's for sure, but this should give you an idea. Those who haven't been there in a long time can see how there is deconstruction and reconstruction going on all around, but Mary Jo's has put their foot down and is staying put in the midst of it all!

The front door used to take you in the mall entrance, and then there was another entrance to get into the store in the inside of the Mall. No more. The mall is GONE...and they have moved the entrance into the side of the building so you go directly into the store.

I love just walking through and seeing all the quilting fabrics arranged by color, or type, look at all these STRIPES in a row...a total rainbow!

Towards the back of the store are the reproductions. Notice the sign? We are really high tech here....stenciled letters on butcher paper :c)

I didn't have a lot of time, so I headed to the fat quarter table, and then to the remnant bins. I was there for maybe 20 minutes, but still managed to rack up a $70 bill...acckkkk!

This is all I'll post for now...tomorrow, hopefully I'll get to some more!


  1. The last time I went to Mary Jo's was about 10 years ago. I shopped at the rate of $100 an hour.

  2. Wow!! They should call that store 'Quilter's Heaven'. I thought Len's Mills in London Ontario was large but it could probably fit in just a little corner of Mary Jo's.
    I was showing the pictures to DH and he asked me exactly where that was...so he could make sure to avoid bringing me anywhere within a hundred miles of there.LOL:c)
    Sounds like you had a blast.
    What a wonderful way to mix business and pleasure:cD


  3. Wow all that fabric..that's heaven on earth!
    We have nothing like that here in the west of Australia.

    Julia/ perth

  4. If you get a chance someday - check out Fabric Depot in Portland OR. It is amazing and one weekend each month all fabric is 40% off!

  5. I am too far away for a visit to Mary Jo's - and on our way to visit SC from NY we are usually driving through after business hours - but I have discovered their newly updated website - ohh la la - eye candy at great prices!!!

  6. Hi Bonnie,
    I just cannot believe Fabric Wonderland - I really have never seen anything like it!
    Best wishes - Lurline.

  7. Brain Overload! I would have a very difficult time in there. I almost loose it in the back room at Hancock's in Paducah, KY. This is worse. Sure wish I was headed to S.C. Glutten for punishment.

  8. envy, envy, envy. the whole trip sounds amazing. and oooh, Mary Jo's. The mall is gone? How the heck does that happen. oh my.

  9. I'm haing a hard time picturing Mary Jo's without the Mall? Hey, as long as the walls hold up and the ceiling keeps the fabric dry....

  10. WOW!!! You get lots more for $70 than we do here in OZ. I would love to spend $70 @ $5-$6 a yard!

  11. there is also a wonderful thread store in gastonia-- long creek mills--- they have a wonderful selection and the prices can't be beat!! i believe they also have a website by the same name. great prices on quilting thread, embroidery thread, prewound bobbins, timtex like material, and water soluable. I have not been in about 4 years -- still working on my purchases from that escapade! They also have a wonderful way of entertaining your hubby while you shop away. great people and great prices.

  12. The pictures make me hyperventilate. Thanks for sharing. If I ever get to North Carolina, that place is at the top of my list!

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  14. Jealousy thy name is ....ME!

    I also, am slobbering, salivating, and hyperventilating! What fun!

  15. I was at Mary Jo's Saturday...took my son's girlfriend! Do you know how much you can find out about a girl when you take her to Mary Jo's?...I LOVE her and Mary Jo's....from now on all my boys 'girls' have to go to Mary Jo's with me....the *test*....

  16. I need a trip there, badly! It's been a month or two...

  17. Hi Bonnie, I wish we had a store like Mary Jo's in Australia. It looks like from the photo's a quilter's paradies. Warmest Regards Lyn

  18. I had only heard of the store name Mary Jo's before... but now thanks to you I can appreciate it more from the photos! WOW!

    I'm amazed that your bill was only $70. I think for a first timer like me I could easily spend much more - talk about the credit card smokin! LOL

    I'd love to hear about your trip to Piedmont Quilter's Guild, Greensboro, NC. Any photos to share with us???

    Happy Weekend & Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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