Thursday, January 31, 2008

Two More Days.....

I found this quilt on ebay....fun fun! I love the improvisational make-do piecing. I was thinking using big pieces like this would make a great BACKING for a quilt, if not the front. I just love looking at stuff like this. What a riot of color! I love how the lack-of-design IS the design!

I spent part of the afternoon yesterday switching out my massage table and items in my massage room with the gal who is moving in after me, Debbie. Debbie came on board at the end of December, and she really has been a God Send!

This is how things just work out if you go with the flow instead of kicking against the bricks I guess. This whole moving process, though stressful, really has been a wonder of things falling into place.

I have a good client named Ladd. Big time cyclist, die hard, just like my DH, so I understand his cyclist issues, and we've gotten on quite well. When I told him I was moving, he said..."What's going to happen here? Are you looking for someone to take over your room?" And I said yes, but I am wanting to turn my clientele over to someone who can handle all the deep tissue and sports massage clients I've built up."

It turns out that a friend of his has a girlfriend (Debbie) who had just relocated from Colorado to South Carolina, leaving a full clientele behind there, and didn't know how she was going to break into a practice here in a city where she didn't know anyone, etc. In Colorado she was the therapist for the USA cycle team! I told Ladd to have her give me a call, and she did!

She is perfect! A real go-getter and pleasant to be around. I've introduced her to lots of my clients so they know they can come to the same office and there will be someone there to take care of them. That is important to lots of people. So all is well. I'm not leaving the office high and dry as far as the lease goes..and my clients will be taken good care of.

SO..Debbie is moving her stuff IN to my room as I am moving stuff out. The only things left to go are my cabinet that holds my linens, My CDs my oils/creams/lotions and my wheelie stool. I'll take those tomorrow after I finish my last clients. And I will be done here. The end of a massage era!


  1. Some things are just meant to be - hopefully you can find someone else's room to move into in Winston-Salem if that's what you want

  2. Perfect Bonnie! I'm hoping things will work out just as well on the other end for you. Good luck!

  3. I'm sure all will be sad to see you leave but sounds like Debbie will work out well. I hope the move goes well for you and you don't get stressed out.

  4. That's fantastic! Amazing how things work out sometimes, huh?

  5. It is so neat to see the way your adventure is playing out. One of my favorite verses is "My times are in His hands." I really believe that.

  6. Things are moving ahead in a good direction for you. Things will work out. It is very stressful having to move, whether it is your choice or not. I love your quilt from your last post. I think quilting is such a wonderful outlet, not only for creativity, but also emotionally. I like to 'work' things out when I am sewing and quilting. I have so much fun doing it that sometimes I forget that I am stressed about something. Keep happy thoughts, and smile, smile, smile because YAG, YAG, YAG!

  7. wow, that was perfect timing. you know your clients will be well taken care of. I'm sure everything is going to click into place in NC as well. Fingers crossed for you! Deep tissue massage. ah, envy.

  8. All things work together for good.

  9. I do envy you having your new home already... we did sell our house in MA right away and are currently renting until we find just the right place here in PA.

    Just a bit of advice... having slept on the cold floor the last night in our old house - tell your husband you'll bring hot coffee in the morning when you come back from the hotel. If he wants to sleep on the floor... let him! I'd make my hotel reservations now... after a long day of working at moving in... you don't want to lay on the floor that night.

    I do plan to join you in the SuperBowl Bargello... gotta get some cutting done today and more fabric picked out so that I'm ready!

  10. Oh how wonderful Bonnie! I"m so glad it all worked out for everyone!

  11. Bon Voyage!!! The letting go and starting again is hard, but your virtual friends are not going anywhere. I hope you find a massage home soon...and a library!


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