Friday, January 25, 2008

Nifty Thrifty!

Isn't this a great well-loved quilt? It's just a cutter piece, the fabrics are shredding, but still it called to me. I love the simplicity of this block design, and I can imagine the maker digging through her scrap bag, cutting up leftovers from dresses and shirts to make this quilt to warm a bed for a long hard winter.

A lot of times it's quilts like this that spark my creativity. I play with blocks in different colors, fabrics and sizes...and then it takes a turn and goes off in it's own direction. But my inspiration often starts here, with a simple block.

I've been working with these strips in all colors and sizes from shirts that I've cut up. This pic is of the latest haul from the goodwill clearance center. Man, I am going to MISS THIS PLACE!!!

I made a pile of 30 blocks. I was going to leave this til later, but.....

I decided I can't stand it anymore! And before everything gets packed, up, I wanted to lay my latest shirt blocks out on the floor and play with sashings.

So this is as far as I've gotten. The light rectangle in the sashing is a brown gingham. It nearly reads as a medium. It's darker than the lights, yet lighter than the darks in the blocks. The sashings are the only thing that used yardage and not shirts, because I needed something to tie it all together. I'm still thinking on outer borders.

Actually I should be thinking on packing everything up, but I just can't! I've got ONE MORE WEEK of evenings home alone and I want to make the best of that I can!! *LOL*

I've been trying to come up with names for the shirt quilts using the names on the labels inside the shirts, but there might be copy right issues if I named a shirt-quilt Old Navy! (I was thinking of that if I used only navy shirts for a quilt, etc..) Calvin Klein? Joseph A Banks?? Pierre Cardin? It would be fun...but for the mean time, I named this quilt in progress Nifty Thrifty. And there is probably another quilt out there with the same name...we know that happens to a lot of quilts...but this still fits for me.


  1. how about naming this quilt "the shirt off your back"?

    I have seen ads that have two women quilting, and (presumably) one's husband, with a square cut out of his shirt!!

    ...and you are SO generous, I'ms sure that you would give the shirt off your back if asked......

    ....and if you don't want to pack all your neatly sorted strips, I'm also sure that the CC mystery girls would LOVE to take them off your hands (purely in the interest of alleviating you moving burden...)

  2. Another fun "shirt" quilt. It is awesome how you come up with these ideas, and so quickly, too.

    I like Christine's "shirt of your back" title. How appropriate.

    I am still working on the last part of my Carolina Crossroads quilt. It is raining here this weekend, so maybe I will stay home and get some sewing done. If you are sharing strips, put my name on the list.

    Happy Quilting

  3. or how about ode to shirts

  4. It looks great -- what about a blue or green for the borders?

  5. You are so good, I really enjoy making shirt quilts but I couldn't cope with the light blue block, you are so brave keeping it in.

  6. you're so fast!! I love how you did the sashings. You made another stunner with shirts! Bravo :-)

  7. Bonnie, I think you'll be just as close th the Goodwill, if you're talking about the one on Freedom Dr in charlotte when you're in winston--if not closer

  8. Bonnie you are an inspiration to all quilters with all you get done. You simply amaze me. I love your new shirt quilt.

  9. I happen to like that bright blue block! Although the color isn't true..it was night, and the flash made it extra bright. I like to think that quilters of yesteryear used what they had. If this was all that was in their scrap bag, they would have used it. It's the unexpected that makes it fun.


  10. I agree on the light blue block Bonnie, I like the old saying "Use it up or do without." When I started quilting I always used old clothes, becuase that's what Grandma did. Hope the move goes smoothly for you. Happy Quilting

  11. Bonnie-
    I love this block - it really shows of the shirts! I am itching to dig into the stack that DH has let me clear out of his closet (frayed collars and holy elbows)

    I would have trouble packing all these things up, too! Happy moving!

  12. Bonnie, I'm in LOVE with this pattern now. I want to drop my other projects and start crawling through my scrap bag for strips for this LOL. I'm definitely putting this block on my list for my next quilt. Thanks for sharing it.

  13. Pierre Cardin and Old Navy shirts could be "Pierre Joins the Navy". :-)

  14. I was all set to comment that the light blue and yellow blocks were my very favorite "surprises" in this quilt, they make the Nifty Thrifty SING! Then I read that someone didn't care for the blue block included and I wondered why... then I read your justification. Amen... 'nuf said!

  15. Boy Bonnie, those shirts never looked better!!! ;) Love those old looking blocks...simple and fun!

    I used to cut a few shirts each night while my 3 year old played in the tub... but that all ended when the twins had to begin breathing treatments. Now bed time routine is more involved... but one of these nights I will get back to them. ;) and by then I am sure my list of what to use them for will have grown!!! I already have 2 patterns in mind for my shirts.

    Hope your weekend was a happy one! Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  16. I see the next Quiltville pattern developing!


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