Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blue! The 2008 Color of the Year!

Christine Mann writes for quilting.suite101.com and has used my Epiphany Stars quilt in her article!

The article is sub-titled: More About Blue, Its Many Meanings, and How to Use it in Quilts

Blue has always been one of MY favorite colors. Blue makes me feel peaceful and comforted. It's easy on the eyes (though,depending on the shade,it can be electric as well!) and it complements most other colors. There just isn't anything that does NOT go well with blue!

Of course, I must not know EVERYTHING (I'll readily admit this!) Because the article also said that colors to avoid when making a quilt for someone else are orange and brown...and I am in LOVE with orange and brown, both together and separately!

Maybe they are talking more about colors to WEAR instead of colors to quilt with..but my orange is STAYING in my quilts. (Come to think of it,I don't really wear orange at all...unless it's halloween or Queen's Day!)

Thanks Christine, for including my quilt in your article!


  1. She must not have seen all of the retro/mod prints that are out now - full of orange & brown! Not to mention all of the lovely stuff coming out of Japan with subtle brown hues...

    I too am a fan of blue - but I think especially in quilts there is room for all colors - even poison green :o)

    Oh & I wear orange! One of my favorite t's is bright orange!

  2. blue is great -- except it really does nothing for me on days like today (minus 40 in the wind, dull grey threatening snow if it were to warm up enough!)

    Orange now, that's a colour I get.... not the cheddar oranges so much, but more fire/flame orange... Such a tiny piece can add so much punch to a quilt!

  3. Love this blue quilt - and I find it hysterical about the orange and brown, since I just made a quilt with those colors as a graduation present (school colors), and being a Clemson grad I am also partial to orange! After the "orange brick road" quilt I made, I find myself looking at the orange more and more for other projects. I think you just need to know who you are quilting for!

  4. My grandmother made an orange and brown quilt for my parents as their college graduation gift... back in 1983! Orange and brown are a great color combination. Sure, when I was in middle school in the early '90s and "cool" colors were all the rage, I thought that color combination was horrible. But now I look back on it fondly. I love that quilt!

  5. Color opinions are so totally subjective. It surprises me that a quilter would make a blanket statement like that. We all have our color favorites and non-favorites, but to paint opinions with such a broad brush is pretty short-sighted IMHO. In the right context, ANY color has possibilities.

  6. I just made a brown quilt to a friend before Christmas - brown is one of her favourite colours :-)

    A touch of orange can make a quilt glow.

  7. I'm with you on the Orange love. Browns too -- depending on what I'm doing. I think it would all depend on who the quilt is going to -- as always :0).

  8. I love this quilt, of course blue is my favorite color. I also love star blocks and the border.

    I must say I adore browns in quilts. I do have a hard time finding brown fabric that has the deep rich chocolate color I love sometimes.

    It snowed here too(Virginia)... Did you end up with a snow day?

  9. I love making blue quilts and I have a small blue crazy quilt planned for this year....I know you don't usually see them in just one color but I made a crazy pieced postcard with blue/cream and loved the look.

    I never realized that blue must be my favorite color until I started quilting - my blue fabric has always outnumbered my other colors.

  10. Actually, your Epiphany STars was the quilt that inspired me to do a blue and white swap, but due to reservations about this color scheme being too "cool", we decided to add orange and cinnabar, among other things. It's near the top of my blog right now.

    Lucy probably has a better idea about this, but seems to me that Northern Europeans prefer warm colors, esp for a quilt. One German friend didn't want to participate bcs it was all too "cold", also too "pointy".

  11. p.s. one of the swappers was also inspired by Moroccan tiles, which was how we added cinnabar.

  12. Every color has it's time and place. When my daughter went off to Auburn University I made her a quilt of orange and blue stars, it's still one of my favorites (hers, too!). It was a push back in 1994 to FIND orange fabrics, they were few and far between in the quilt shops at that time.

  13. I just discussed with another teacher at the shop(where I work) about colors. How many percent I use blue (or other quilters) It is interesting to see I use a lot of blue in my quilts and I didn't realize that!

  14. Way cool border! I don't suppose you have that one in one of the free pattern quilts on your site???


  15. Bonnie !! Thanks for give us your work . I´m very happy doing it .
    I will do The Mystery too . Hugs from Chile , Vero

  16. Hi, this is Christine, the author of the article. My apologies to all the orange and brown lovers! I love them both myself The point I was trying to make is that when you're making a quilt for someone you don't know, color research shows that orange and brown are named most often as people's LEAST favorite colors. So blue, which is many people's favorite color and hardly anyone's least favorite color, is a safer choice for charity quilts or gifts for someone whose favorite colors you don't know. The walls of my quilting room are actually orange and yellow!

  17. I've got something for you in my blog:
    You are amazing with these ideas!!


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