Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Eye Candy!

Sometimes SIMPLE is SIMPLY BEST!! I love this picture of this old quilt....I'm guessing it was made sometime in the 40's or 50's....but it is simplicity at it's best!

I'm focusing on "keeping it simple" when life seems to spiral out of control! I'm headed this morning to the office..it's going to be a busy day. But I have a two hand projects with me....the crumby stars, and another quilt, that needs binding. I'll be okay..

It's choir tonight, and I'll be home some time after 9pm.

Tomorrow is thursday and I'm supposed to be ready to post the last steps to Carolina Crossroads! It may be mid day before that is done,but it will get done!

Keep it Simple...Keep it Simple....


  1. Simple is simply the best! This is a lovely old beauty. Can't wait to see the next clue and bring these 2600+ pieces to life. This has really been a blast and I find myself anxiously awaiting each and every clue. Who would have known when I first suggested sewing along with you that so many would jump in -- the power of women focused on a goal is amazing!!!

  2. I tend to love the simple (and even what others would call ugly) quilts the best. I'm currently fascinated by crazy quilts and was looking at them on eBay last night.

    Keep quilting...you'll be moved and settled before you know it. I can't believe we've been here in Mpls for a year already.


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