Monday, January 28, 2008

Silly Silly Forest Jane!!

And Sillier Quilters! Forest Jane was joking about making a logo for the Super Bowl Bargello party....and before I knew it, she DID IT!! I love how the "Bowl" looks like the loops of strips before they are opened up and reorganized...too fun!

I *KNOW* this is insane. I have to leave monday morning to go up to Winston Salem for the house closing. I even have a MORE insane DH who thinks that just because the house is ours at closing, that we can SLEEP there with no furniture, no nothing....so I have to pack the car with stuff that we'll need.

(This is so dumb, but I can't talk him into staying in a hotel any longer, he's been doing it for 6 weeks and has had enough)

Things to pack
air-matresses (I hate these!)
folding camping chairs
folding camping table
some pots and pans (I think he expects me to COOK!?)
plates, bowls, glasses, silverware
electric griddle (Again....he wants me to COOK!?)
dish soap (I think he wants me to do dishes too!?)
TV & DVD player (so he can watch it while I cook...and do dishes?)

I tried talking him into the motel for just TWO MORE NIGHTS...Maybe I'll have to see if I can move into Mrs Goodneedle's house for a few days until my furniture is set up and let the guys camp out at an empty house with no furniture!!

But if this is the way it is going to be...here is my list:
couple of projects
mat/ruler/rotary cutter
iron/ironing board
extension cords
seam ripper
ott light
mp3 player with books loaded onto it
old movies on DVD that everyone else hates..
phone number for pizza to be delivered
phone number for chinese to be delivered

We have to remove a wall in the basement to make room for the quilting machine. it should come out easily as it is just a "wood paneling" wall and was added after the fact. But I also want to PAINT, and the guys are balking at that. I wonder what it would take for me to gather up some quilters who would want to come help me paint the nasty wood paneling from a chalky dirty white to something like....khaki? Something with some warmth? Maybe that would be too dark for a basement....

All you gals that volunteered to help, here is your chance! I'll be working on getting the basement studio ready on Feb 5th and 6th. The address is 136 Teague Ct, Winston Salem. It's out by Walburg...come on over and prove to DH how quilters band together!! *LOL* And I will provide the pizza!

OH..while I was grumbling about this state of affairs, I finished the Nifty Thrifty top. I've had people asking for the pattern already. Come on people! Can't you see what's going on in my life right now? *giggle* Actually, I am saving several quilts back from posting on my website because I have ambitions of finally doing a book. So you'll have to be patient! There is plenty on the website to keep you busy for a while!

I spent last night cutting my strips for the Super Bowl Bargello Party. Yep. Plaids. What else?! Never done one in plaids before. I wanted to make this to fit a full/queen bed, so I ended up cutting 240 2.5" X 16" (some of them are more towards 17"..gives me a bit more wiggle room for how wobbly some plaids are)rectangles and I'm ready to go for Sunday. I'll be making 6 panels 40 strips long. It will give me a center before borders that measures 72X80. Good size.


  1. Pretty soon we're going to have to crown you the Quilt Queen! :-)

  2. GREAT news about your book! Plaid strips look really cool... my strips were cut from a nagging jelly roll plus a bunch from my own stash. Woo Hoo! The j.r. is no more!

    Do we need to do any pre-stitching before BargelloBowl day? And the logo is just TOO cool!

  3. Wish I could quilt with you but I am having my own Super Bowl quilty thing! Yours surely sounds like fun!

  4. I am going to round up my strips today!

    If I were you, I'd 'forget' the boxes that contain anything related to cooking or washing dishes when I headed to Myrtle Beach!

  5. wish I could join in but here in Belgium, the Super Bowl doesn't even come on TV until the wee hours. I will probably be spending time with the husband instead.

  6. Bonnie-a book-finally! You know there will be quilters lining up for that. You have such awesome patterns and such clear instructions I think your book will be a huge, huge hit!

    Sorry I can't help you paint-it's a bit of a drive from Iowa!


  7. Oh, I think you will enjoy sleeping at the house, sounds like a good plan to me (of course it will be more comfy since you are planning your supply list!).

  8. Skip the air matress and use a bunch of quilts1 It'll be cozier and better looking :-)

  9. Oh..I LOVE to paint...only thing is...I believe the drive from AZ is a BIT too far! Anyway, I will be STUCK in Super Bowl traffic ALL WEEK. Maybe I will get started on my bargello EARLY..hehehehehe

  10. A book - how exciting! It will be great for sure. Love the logo, Forest Jane! I will be joining the Bargello Bowl party. Unfortunately, I cannot make the paint party. Too bad too. My DH is a painter, so we have all the tools.

  11. Oh Lordy, Bonnie, don't forget to pack toilet paper and paper towels!!

  12. Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie!(shaking head sorrowfully here) A Queensize Bargello? I thought you gave strip numbers for a lap quilt? Or is that just for the 'normal' quilters?
    I'm trying to find out about the plane tickets today. Keryn and I will pick up Tazzie on the way and we'll be there soon....

  13. Bonnie - I sorted my scraps last night and hope to start cutting tonight. I was hoping your "painting" dates would be on a weekend as I live in what is soon to be your neck of the woods. :o) I am in Trinity, just south of High Point. Alas, bills have to be paid and I have to work those days. If you need some help on a weekend, just give a shout (my email is on my blog). I would be happy to help.

  14. Bonnie - you are nuts, nuts, nuts! I love the bargello bowl pic! That is hysterical! Here's wishing you good luck with the closing!

  15. Yes, yes! I'm glad to hear that you are planning a book!

  16. You know you can stay here, that's a given! I'm pretty good with a paint roller too...

  17. I have a khaki color in my basement and I love it. If you want me to send you a picture, let me know. I also have the paint here so I can give you some numbers if you want them. That's about all the help I can offer from way over here in MO.

  18. Camping on an air bed? Cooking? Dishes?

    Just Say NO!

  19. your husband is crazy. crazy. air mattresses? no way, stay at the motel. no cooking while you're moving. no no no. good luck with the paint party - hope you get that basement looking just the way you want it.

    and look, a public commitment to the book - woohoo. now we can hold you to it! I'm so proud of you, Bonnie. Good luck with all the insanity.

  20. If you MUST cook, bring your slow cooker/crockpot. And microwave. We've been camping in our place while we build it for 2 (?)years now. The crockpot was a life saver at first.

    Prepare for a sore back on that air mattress--been there.

  21. You're mad - stark staring mad! If DH wants to spend time at the house leave him to it and book into the nearest motel.

    A weekend of helping you organise your new sewing room sounds right up my street. Pity about the distance though :-) Fantastic news about the book too.

    Belated birthday wishes. I'm a Capricorn too.

  22. Anonymous9:40 AM EST

    Did you plan time for breathing too? When you're all done, you'll at least have to sleep for a week!
    Wishing you the very best with moving, the superbargello and your DH! (cooking? no way!!)

  23. I'm sooooo into plaids at the moment and I think your bargello will look outstanding in them - as for camping out sign yourself into a motel or a friendly quiltotel and leave the boys to the bad backs. Wish I was nearer - I'd help out with the painting and yes no matter what the boys think it makes far more sense to paint before the contents arrive

  24. I think the Bargello Bowl is a great opportunity to stash bust and have decided to choose fabrics from fullest bins in my stash: blue, green, purple.

    I'm also hoping to enlist some friends fron the quilting forum and posted a note about it here.

    As for camping out at the new house, my vote is to keep the crock-pot going and treat DH so well that he HAS to help you take out walls and paint and make any other changes you want to make before you actually move in ;-)

  25. A book! Hooray!

    Love your packing list.. especially about the DVDs ;)

    Wish I could come help paint! I have painted paneling before and it is worth the trouble. Lighter colors are always nice in a basement.

    Might be working on a different project but I look forward to following the fun on Sunday!

  26. Ok, Bonnie, I have my strips cut...for a little quilt, not bed size!! I bet you end up eating up a bit, so maybe you won't have to cook every meal!! Moving is just hard...

  27. Wish it wasn't so far from Idaho, I would be there at the crack of dawn with my paint brush in hand, even thou it's my birthday. Couldn't think of anything more fun to do than help a fellow quilter. I would also like to help tear down the wall, fun stuff. I bet you have a crew there to help, you will be done before you know it. Good Luck.

  28. Here in West Australia, my friend Blogless Kathy and I are nearly all set for the anti Superbowl scrappy bargello, we just can't do it on that day as we are exchanging strips and live two hours drive from each other. We have cut two sets of 96 strips each and will swap one set. It's going to be exciting. All the best for your move - I'd help if I lived a bit closer. I do anything for pizza.

  29. Wow, I leave for a few days and can't believe how much you have going on.

    I love Amazon too - I'll have to take a look around your *store*.

    I'm tempted by the Super Bowl Bargello but I'll have to see how caught up I can get before Sunday. Great logo by Jane.

    I'll probably be back in GA for a few days the middle of the month to close on our house - my son and his wife are buying it at a *family rate* but I'll be gone by the time you're at the ECQG. Too bad, that's my old guild and I would have had a chance to meet you in person.

    Hang in there!

  30. Hi Bonnie,
    Ever since I made the Superbowl bargello, I have been itching to make a scrappy bargello for our king sized bed. If I do 50 strips long, will it be too, too unwieldly for sewing? I have nearly all the strips cut and plan to do 8 panels. Basically, I guess I am asking if I am nuts for thinking about trying this... I am a hand quilter, so I should be finished with this sometime forty years from now, right? (right after I finish the hand quilting on the OC quilt, right after I piece the OC quilt! I think your site is totally addictive and can't wait for the book. God bless you!


  31. Bonnie,
    Hi hon, I was back-searching on your blog and found the Nifty Thrifty quilt..... did you put a pattern for this on your website or is it in the book?



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