Tuesday, January 22, 2008

T is for Tuesday!

Wow..I haven't posted for several days. Did you think I went awol?! It all started with Friday. We bought DH's old boss's 1994 ford taurus for Jeff, and it had to have the taxes paid, insurance put on it and plates picked up from the DMV etc. I had to do so much running around on friday to get this all done! He was anxiously waiting for me in the driveway when I got home friday afternoon...screw driver in hand....eager to get those plates on so he could DRIVE IT!

You might remember that a few months back he wrecked his car by hitting a hummer. I think he learned his lesson. He and I have been sharing MY car for the past few months since his dad is in Winston Salem and we are here. We've had to shuffle schedules to be sure we could get him to work on time, etc. We've done remarkably well!

He is now spoiled...this taurus is in excellent shape. It was babied and taken such good care of. I hope that trend continues. This time around he knows the car is NOT his. It is OURS..and he has privilege of using it as long as certain conditions are met. We learned our lesson on the last one.

DH also came home friday night after being gone for 3 weeks. There was lots of running around to do over the weekend. We had a bunch of papers regarding the closing of the new house to have notarized and signed, as well as papers for THIS house that needed notarized and signed as well...for the pending buy out. Talk about stress in getting all the ducks in a row. Thanks to the UPS store..it got all done. If you didn't know, all the employees at a ups store are notaries, so even on a weekend, you can get something notarized. Not so with the bank!

As for the T part of today's post title...I finished quilting my double T top! I needed something easy to throw in on sunday so that I'd have something to sit and bind. Nothing like being warm under a quilt while hand stitching binding down when it is this cold!

I made this top with the inspiration of an antique quilt I saw in the same pattern, which also used a double pink background, and the Ts just seemed to blend in like this. I like the murkiness of it! (Is that a word?!) Sometimes antique quilts just had really low contrast, and I aimed for that with this quilt. It doesn't use ALL reproduction fabrics, but there are quite a few in there as well as some stuff I wanted to use up that just fit the bill.

I didn't border this one..which is unusual for me! But no borders also fit the time period I was aiming for. I used a madder brown binding on it..I still have a bit left to go to finish the binding, but I wanted to leave you with some eye candy!

I did machine quilt it with swirls and feathers. The quilt is so busy with the murky colors that a lot of intricate machine quilting wasn't going to show anyway. And I wanted it done quick! Nothing really exciting on the back either, just a piece of green yardage that I had enough of. I believe it came from a $1.00 a yard table somewhere ;c)

This morning I caught my little Emmy Lou on the dining room table! She knows she is not supposed to be there! She is a timid little thing, and hard to catch for photos, so I snapped a couple quick pics of her. She and Oscar don't get along....he terrorizes her, and she prefers mostly to be outside. She comes in to eat, get a bit of loving, and then back out she goes. But the weather has been so cold here, I think she has decided to spend more time IN...and she will hide in places where Oscar can't find her and chase her around. She hisses and spits, and then coughs and sputters. She ought to just whack him one...but she just runs!

I'm on my way to Covington Georgia today to do a lecture/trunkshow tonight! Yesterday I went back to the miltary supply store and bought some more duffel bags for transporting the quilts. I had to take a couple pics! They were out of black ones, so two of them are army green, but that is okay by me. Now it REALLY looks like there are a bunch of body bags in my living room!

I didn't pack them so full that they are too heavy to carry. I have a little collapsable wheeled dolly thing that makes it easy to wheel each one into wherever the guild meeting is, and there are lots of handles on them so they can be carried by one or two people. I also like that I can roll the quilts instead of folding them....that will help with crease lines, etc.

I'll be back sometime tomorrow! Tomorrow is also my birthday. Wow. I'm 46! I thought my life would be over and boring by the time I was 46...and it feels like it is just beginning and getting better all the time!

Jeff is 18 on Friday. This means that I am now a parent of all adult children. I did it! I made it through! Sometimes I didn't think I would, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel :c)

Off to pack for GA!


  1. Well, Happy Birthday Bonnie.
    When my kids turned 18 I told them to be extra careful because now they can be tried as an adult! (HAHA)
    And no matter how old they are you still worry about them. When they hurt, you hurt and when they are happy, you are happy. Someone said once that when you have children, you wear your heart outside of your body.
    Having adult children is really rewarding in so many ways.

  2. I love your T quilt Bonnie. It does look like an antique.

  3. Anonymous8:51 AM EST

    I love the the pink in your quilt, you called it double pink, that is exactly the pink I am looking for that I would call bubblegum pink. Where did you get it?? I haven't yet been able to find the perfect pink.

  4. Anonymous9:15 AM EST

    Happy birthday!! I hope you'll have a wonderfull day tomorrow.
    And did you really think you're done when the kids are 18??:)Oh no you're not!!It's more like "so far, so good"(Just drove to the hospital with my 20 year old)

  5. Happy, happy birthday one day early! Oh boy - 46 sounds so young! That feeling of your life just starting - well, it just gets better and better as you get older. Retirement and grandchildren have put a huge new lease on my life - that's for sure!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bonnie! Enjoy.


  7. Best of birthday wishes to you, Bonnie! I remember when I was 46 . . . life just kept getting better, and I certainly wish that for you, too. My "boys" are 41 and 38, and you still worry, but one learns to be more measured with "advice"!

    Jackie Conaway, half of the Whimsicals team, denotes those who work in reproduction fabrics from the late 1800's as "Murkies", and those who prefer bright fabrics as "Perkies". I like to play both sides of the street!

  8. Your "T" quilt is lovely Bonnie -- and Happy Birthday a bit early! January birthdays are interesting aren't they?

  9. Happy Birthday Bonnie! Have a great time at your trunk show!

  10. Oh, I bet I know who you are going to see in Covington...the Crows. That is a fun bunch of people. I can't wait to see some of your pictures. I have been talking about you to them for YEARS!!

  11. Have a great birthday Bonnie and enjoy the trunk show. I also hope all goes well with the moving process!

  12. Love the double T quilt! You are such an inspiration!!

    Happy birthday too. Hope you have a great one!!

  13. Well welcome to 46.....I've been 46 for almost a month now and it's not so bad, considering the alternative!

    I don't think you could ever made a bad quilt! Just stunning!

  14. Happy birthdday...do something fun to celebrate!

    The olden the children get just changes the way you worry about them.

    Have fun at the show!


    PS Love the double T quilt. You inspire me to try to make one.

  15. Happy Birthday, Bonnie!
    Wow, I love this T quilt!
    Also, Your miritaly bag is a very good idea to carry all your quilts! I didn't even think about using my hubby's sea bag for carry quilts till you mention it.:-)

  16. Bonnie,

    I also have an adult child, but she's 31. I'm now waiting for the phone call that I am going to be a grandmother. It goes by soooo fast. Hang in there, the best is yet to come. Renee

  17. Happy Birthday Bonnie,
    I hope you have a terrific day spend doing the things that you love. May it be a fun filled year and may you find yourself surrounded by the love and laughter of good friends and family.
    I hope your trunk show in Georgia is a big success.
    Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

  18. God Bless and Happy birthday. Those duffel bags come in handy. We use ours for a lot of things. Hubby was in the Army now he is National Guard.

  19. Happy Birthday for tomorrow Bonnie (or that should probably be today as I'm typing this Wednesday here in the UK) and many congrats for getting all your kids to adulthood relatively unscathed! (You not them I mean )

  20. Happy Birthday!!!!

    That Double T is gorgeous. I love how your low-contrast quilts still look marvelous and distinctive. My low contrast have a tendency to blur together....

    Enjoy the quilters - so excited for them to get to see all those marvelous quilts.

  21. Happy birthday Bonnie :-)

  22. Happy Birthday, friend! You make 46 look good. The T quilt is spectacular, double pink is the perfect choice for the background fabric on that one, good eye!!

  23. happy birthday, bonnie! i LOVE the pics with all of the quilts. yummy!


  24. Happy Birthday, Bonnie!
    The double T is so pretty!

  25. Happy Birthday, Bonnie!
    Enjoy your day!!

  26. Happy Birthday from Idaho too. Great job on reproducing the antique look. I always intended to make my Tommy a T quilt. I must have lost that list.

  27. I would like to get a few of those military duffel bags. I have been looking online, but can't find any that look like yours. Would you point me in the right direction? I live in rural Iowa...between Omaha, Nebraska and St. Joseph/Kansas City, Missouri. Thanks for your help.


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