Saturday, January 05, 2008

Saturday Stuff....

Thanks for the help on the powerpoint stuff! It's going to be fun! It's a bit overwhelming with all the fun effects you can do with pictures,but I'm starting out simple. So far I don't need to do it until I go to Colorado for their state guild thing in July....so I'll have time to practice!

I hope everyone has a quilty weekend, or a least some designated quilty time planned. I've got a few errands to run....I need to head to an army/navy surpluss store that has those huge duffel bags so I can take as many quilts to louisiana as I can without going over the 50lb weight limits. Thanks to the internet, I found a store that has what I need! These are 30"X50"!! I should be able to roll up several quilts and stuff them full.

I have to drop some stuff off at the printers to copy/collate/staple so I don't have to do that myself...all the hand outs for the two workshops next week.

I have to go by Sam's club and take care of DH's contact lens prescription and some other prescriptions (I love calling in advance so I just have to pick UP!!)

All this needs to be done before DS Jeff needs my car to go to work.....but while he is working, I'll have quilting time at home....

I checked some FUNNY DVD's out of the library.....I had never heard of this show before, but it is called "The Vicar of Dibley". OMGoodness...hilarious....It's a BBC production, and I guess it ran about 12 years and I never heard of it! But it is just so funny, and I don't usually get into sit-coms, I'm more of a murder mystery/CSI type girl (with a lot of 19th century romance stuff thrown in..what a combo!) but this was great.

Right then! So on with it!



  1. The Vicar of Dibley is on DVD! WOW! I watched it faithfully every Sat night on PBS when it was running! True, it is hilarious! I'll have to look for it at the library....sure will cheer up cold winter evenings...tooo, tooo funny! I saw the girl who plays Alice on another show on PBS and she was funny there too...great cast, great writers, awesome!

  2. Pick up a can of water repellent while you're out, those duffels aren't waterproof.

    as for V of D... I love a laugh that isn't dumbed down. There are a lot of other British comedies that have played on PBS that I love, too. Great for a gloomy late winter day!

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours! Good luck with the move and have fun with your new techie toys. Thanks so much for your blog and website.

  4. the vicar shows are just great! Really clean fun, that will have you howling at times :-)

  5. I've never heard of the Vicar of Dibley, either. I'll need to check those out; I really like (fancy) British humor (humour!). I never would have thought about waterproofing the duffel bags, isn't this blogger world the most helpful place? Cheerio!

  6. Love the vicar of Dibley (based on a RL vicar!) They only finished running in 2006. Love Dawn French!

  7. Oh Bonnie there will be no quilting or packing down now that you've discovered the Vicar of Dibley. We have just been enjoying watching a series that didn't play here and it's like finding an old friend.

  8. we have not had this series here in Au, but it does look like it's very funny..
    Bonnie, I have awarded you the..."you make my Day " award, because i love your blog.....
    The awards rules are to“Give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about blogland!
    Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so that they can pass it on. Beware! You may get the award several times!


  9. Those duffle bags have given me some interesting ideas about storing quilts. Thanks!

  10. No no no no no... Yes! Love the Vicar! It was on here (Australia) years ago, but they finally aired the last episodes just before Christmas. Emma Chambers who played Alice has been in several things, including Notting Hill.

  11. my sister (who lives in Tasmania) turned me on to the Vicar a couple of years ago -- absolutely love it! Netflix has all of it...

  12. Forget the waterproofing. Use space bags! The ONLY things (in our 10 bags) that did NOT get wet were the clothes packed in space bags. SO worth the cost, and even a queen-size quilt WILL fit into one of the extra large ones. Same weight, just less air/more fit.

    (We just returned to Germany from a stateside trip...caught in bad weather at the airports...bags were dry by the time we got them, but the clothes that were packed last minute weren't!)



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