Monday, January 14, 2008

Approximate Closing Date!!

DH is lighting a fire under the relocation people regarding getting us up there! They have approved the buy out on our house here in Irmo at a price we can live with....and it looks like we will be closing on the house in Winston Salem early Feb! (Feb 4 to Feb 11 in that range)

I am SO excited and relieved to have an "ALMOST" date that I can shoot for!

And because I feel SO happy...I splurged! (It's also my birthday month, so I allow myself to go overboard a bit!) I shopped at Z & S fabrics and bought the FQ set of the Merrimack Collection and the FQ set of the Indigo and Gold Collection!

I also did some damage at 1000's of Bolts Where I focused on Cheddars and Oranges!

I'm headed to the office...when I'd rather be home quilting! I've got clients this afternoon, and I also have some shopping to do. My other birthday giftie? A Dyson vac! I can pick it up at Bed Bath & Beyond, and use my 20% off coupon on it which saves me over 100 bucks...what's not to like about that? And who can resist a purple vacuum? Not that it makes me want to actually USE it...but you know? :c)

I know I still haven't posted on wednesday's workshop! We did Scrappy Mountain Majesties, and they all turned out so great.....so that is coming the next time I have time to sit still at the computer.

I have one personal observation to mention. I am in AWE of my sons. My 17 yr old has had a couple ...few....maybe more than that....funky years. It's been up and down, sometimes feeling more down than up...but the sun is rising on my son! He will be 18 this month, and boom...it's like he doesn't mind being caught dead being seen with his mother and is even having a good time. He'll stop by wherever I am and TALK to me..I mean a real CONVERSATION! Not the usual "hmmmpppfpff" answers to anything I try to talk to him about. He is INITIALIZING conversation. Thanks be to God....there is a silver lining!

I'm a happy mom, breathing a sigh of relief. We've also bought a car that he can use. We pick it up on thursday eve. I say a car he can USE..but it won't be his and he knows that. With driving comes responsibility and since he totaled the last car and didn't take good care of it while he had it, he just doesn't have the privilege of having one all to himself anymore. He has access to this one as long as certain conditions are met. He agrees, and I'm glad. I think he is learning life lessons left and right. And so am I.


  1. So glad you are treating yourself, which I might add you certainly deserve given all of the stressors of moving. And a purple vacuum to sweep up all of the threads, what's not to like?

  2. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Fabric Shopping to you! Love the choices. Wonderful wonders with a new vacuum. LeeHaven could certainly use one of those Dyson's. Let us know how it works after the break in period.

    Love Scrappy Mountain Majesties - that'll be fun to see.

    All this and a happy Mom to boot!!! Bonnie, I think this is a banner day.

    Happy again! *karendianne.

  3. Out of curiosity, why Dyson?

    I hope you have good luck with it, but my frind's sew-n-vac shop is an authorized repair shop & she sees these A LOT!

  4. Bonnie
    I love love love my Dyson.. and vacuuming isn't a chore at all with it.. the first time I used it, man, I couldn't beleive how dirty my house must of been.. darn $%^#$%& hoover vacuum I used to own.. since we have had it, Dags (aka Super DH) has NOT had asthma once.. I have had mine for 7 years and it has been repaired ONCE and it was a broken power cord.. my parents have had theirs for a week less than me (they couldn't beleive how it cleaned their just professionally cleaned floor) and they have had theirs repaired twice (second time for a broken hose).. so I think that is a recommendation!

    Check the rollers though for threads, mine is coated with threads and HAIR but it is sooo easy to clean out..

    eagerly awaiting step 7..

  5. What wonderful news, both about the house, the vacuum and DS. I"m still waiting on that front! Tell me how the dyson works - I've been debating getting one....

  6. I agree with Lissa, I've had my purple one for about 5 years abnd the first time I used it, I thought I had new carpet! I emptyied the canister about 5 times from cat hair. Do make sure to clean the rollers at least every other time you use it. It's a breeze to remove the bottom...I use a nickle to loosen the little buttons and then take scissors and cut off the cat hair wrapped around the rollers, and dispose of it. You will be amazed if you do your carpets in this house. Worth every penny and then some!

    PS: I got the Merrimack FQ's too!

  7. The Dyson purple vac is the best-- I can't believe the stuff it picks up. The only problem is that it now needs a cleaning buddy so go get its sister the handheld dustbuster variety!! It is worth every penny and just about sucks the floorboards off your floor in addition to all the dust bunnies and threads you just might have laying around.

    I figure if I have to clean at least once every six months I should at least have something to entice me -- so why not the best!!.

    Very exciting to be getting an almost date for moving -- Life must be a whirlwind and then if that is not enough you have just shy of 2000 ladies observing you!!!

    The mystery has been fabulous and just think how much life has changed since it started! Whew !! It has been a fast ride!

  8. I have that exact vacuum and love it. Should have bought it years before I did. Happy cleaning!

  9. Happy Birthday, Bonnie!
    And happy mother's day! I could just about sing the hallelujah chorus with you, remembering what a relief it was when my DS suddenly slipped into his grownup shoes. Relief and joy! I'm excited for you about your new house. Feb will be here before you know it.
    Thanks, Bonnie, for the mystery. I'm behind (life, ya know), but I'm enjoying it and looking forward to getting it on my frame.
    Linda H

  10. Bonnie, that is all sorts of good news. you deserved that fabric! I love my Dyson vacuum too.

  11. Love the fabrics -- and good for you for treating yourself! As for the purple vaccum -- oh yeah, why not?


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