Tuesday, April 25, 2017

What a Sweet Retreat!

My feet are back in North Carolina!  But I left my heart near Eustace, Texas with a group of wonderful ladies who are still on retreat at Green Briar Creative Retreat Center!

From what I can gather, once you are on the calendar at Green Briar, you never want to give up your slot for the next year or there is little hope of finding another week to fit you as they are fully booked all of the time.  These ladies from Marshall and Longview, with a couple of adopted-into-the-fold friends from Alabama have been meeting here together for years, and I can see why!
Green Briar Creative Retreat Center, managed by owner Judy Groom, welcomes guests with warm hospitality, genuine comfort, professional service, extraordinary convenience and exceptional value.
The Perfect Location:

Relax among the rolling hills of East Texas. Nestled on a quiet homestead between Athens and Canton, you'll enjoy breathtaking scenic beauty during every season of the year. We are located only 16 miles from the World Famous First Monday Trades Day in Canton. Consider coming on Thursday to add a great shopping experience to your creative retreat!

Simple and Delicious Dining:


Meals are prepared daily. Begin with breakfast including your choice of cereal, fruit, waffles with all the trimmings, and coffee and tea. Lunch and dinner are served daily with special consideration given to healthy eating. (I had no trouble being gluten free here! I was spoiled rotten!) 
The Best of All Worlds:


Up to my loft bedroom!

There are plenty of bedrooms on the ground floor for those who can't do stairs. And plenty of bathrooms and showers as well.

Comfy cozy relaxing area!

This incredibly practical and beautifully decorated guest house offers you a delicious breakfast, quiet and comfortable rooms, stimulating conversation, and work areas designed to accommodate the needs of a variety of crafts and hobbies. It's the perfect combination of old fashioned hospitality and modern technology and amenities.


Fabulous work space, great lighting loads of windows and design walls for all!


But the best part is the visiting!

There was no need to wait until Sunday morning to start our workshop.  We were eager and ready to get going so we could get as much done as possible.  How about we start right after dinner?  Works for me!


Pairing and slicing!


Stitching and visiting!


Sew, press, square, slice, rearrange and sew back together!



I spent two fun evenings and one full day with these ladies, and it wasn’t near long enough.  I hope we can do it again!

All of the fun, and more photos of the inside of Green Briar retreat are found in the slide show below:

It was a wonderful way to end a week long Texas adventure.


Waving goodbye as we headed off to DFW!


No speed limit signs and no bushes!!


And I brought home my new baby.

I would rather carry a machine home than ship it in a box.  I double-toted it, and it fit under the seat in front of me just fine all the way home.  However, the foot pedal and cord DID get shipped home with remaining books and goodies to fill the head space in the box, so I’ll have to wait until it arrives to play with her.  Sweet little Bernina 802 sport!


I was met by this sweet smile at the airport!

Jeff and I gathered up the luggage, headed to Fatz for dinner (Just soup for me, not that hungry after all of this good Texas eating!) and home I went. My own bed.

The plan for today is to drop the mail order off at the post office, finish the quilting of Straights of Mackinac, gather up some things for a good long weekend, and head to Virginia TOUT SUITE!

Some heavy deadlines loom.  The Hubster is in California on business until Saturday --- I want to create in my new space.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt found in Alabama.

Sometimes it's hard to accept but - the simple truth is this: if it doesn't open, it's not the right door. Try another door!

It’s good to be home!

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  1. That place looks truly amazing!

  2. Or you might just need to look for an open window!!

  3. Sew glad you finally made it to Greenbriar!! Just a fabulous place. It was there that the journey with Leaders & Enders began for me in 2010. The Longview and Houston gals would NOT let me sew another seam until I'd cut up my scraps and had a stack of dark and light next to me to feed into my vintage machine. Look at the monster they created LOL . . . 24+ scrap quilts later. My quilting life certainly received a much needed infusion of fun!! Hugs, Allison C. Bayer in Plano, Texas USA

  4. ooh, sweet little Bernina ! I recently sent my DH to the LQS and had him take along my Bernina Nova to ask a question of the repairman - he came home saying "now I know how to pick up women !) He said every woman in the shop came over saying "ooh what is that?" "where did you get it"? Can you open it up? HA, HA...

  5. What fabulous work. I wish there was a place like this in the UK. Those ladies sure worked fast. Xx

  6. This place was very comfortable. Restrooms were decent. Coming here with my friends was an amazing experience. This is among my favorite Los Angeles event venues, because of its excellent food, perfect lighting, vibrant atmosphere and great ventilation.

  7. You will love the Sport. I have had one for years and it is the one I take
    to retreats and workshops. Have a 930 and 550 also. Do I have to say I love my Bernina's.

  8. Bonnie, you probably know the bad news that Canton, TX, was hit by a tornado last night. There was loss of life. Know you are at your lovely cabin and may not get the national news or weather.


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