Monday, April 03, 2017

The Loveliness of Settling In.

It was a long search, the hunt for the perfect cabinet that would hide all of the electronic paraphernalia and still be in line with keeping the rustic Appalachian charm I have in mind for this new space.

Last Tuesday’s THING removal was so quick, that I found myself back in my car by 10:30 am, driving home with nothing more than a numb forehead and feeling mighty fine.

And I had been told I *WOULD* feel mighty fine for about 6 hours – until the numb wore off, and then it would feel like I’d been hit with a hammer.

While talking on the phone, I completely missed my exit, and decided since I was well on the way, I was going to head over to the Costco in Greensboro in search of a second rug to match the one we had put under the dining area table. You know how it goes?  As soon as I found I loved the one, I went back to the Winston Salem Costco, and they were sold out.

My fingers were crossed that there would be one in Greensboro, and with numb head and bright white bandage, in I went in search of one.  And found one.  And had assistance loading it, and I was on my way.

But not back home!


In search of this!

My head was still numb, I had a few hours to go yet until hammer time, and I was more than half way to Burlington by this time, and on I went.  Back to the antique mall where the two dressers were found.  And I found THIS!  And it was PERFECT in every way.

The shelves are 16” deep.  It is 6 1/2 feet tall.  The tin punch is original.  And I caved right then and there.

As I was making my purchase, and the mall guys were off with a cart to load it up and get it into the back of my van, the lady at the front desk said that it originally had two coats of old old paint on it – one green, and one black, and the owner of that particular booth had tried to sell it “as is” but it wouldn’t go and wouldn’t go.  He took it and stripped and refinished the whole thing.  And it is BEAUTIFUL. 


I love the “Baptist Fan” design!


And the rug adds just the right softness to all of the wood.

And it was so great to have Jason up for the weekend.  He ended up staying one extra night, helping his dad with some tree removal and just kicking back.  He needed it.  We needed it.  I can’t remember the last time I had 3 days to spend with my son without other family also around for busy holidays.  It’s nice to have some one on one time with him.

And well, he really couldn’t leave early, because this happened Saturday evening:


Ooops!  Off in the ditch!

Our laneway is very curvy, and very steep.  We had gone out for a couple of things, and it was dark as we were returning.  You kind of have to “gun it” at the hairpin to make it up if you don’t have 4WD, and Jason was being too cautious that his mom was in the passenger seat and tried to take it gently.  Gently doesn’t work!  He started to spin out, so he was backing up to a spot that wasn’t as steep to get a good run at it, and due to it being dark,  ended up off the road against the hill.

I had to crawl from the passenger’s seat across the driver’s seat to get out, and up the hill we hiked to get Dave to come pull him out with the pickup. 

That didn’t work either.  He was STUCK.

We called his insurance to arrange towing the next morning.  They sent someone from an hour away in Marion to come do the job, but Jason had to CALL the guy again the next morning to remind him to come get him out of the ditch.  And the guy said “Oh, I forgot…they were supposed to send an email to remind me.”  Yes, things are never in a hurry in these parts.


Truck arrival.

It didn’t take long for the truck to pull him out with a winch, and we WILL be getting a bigger winch for the front of the Hubster’s pickup because I have a feeling that there may be more of these kind of adventures in the future.

In fact, we thought of putting a parking spot at the bottom of the hill, and just transporting guests back and forth in the RZR!

Let it be said though, that Moby has All-Wheel-Drive and if I just kick it into Low gear on 1 that I have no problem at all.


Some sewing happened after Jason left!


Border are ready to go on Straits of Mackinac!

I’m home until Wednesday when I head out to Birmingham, Alabama for a visit with 3 guilds.  Springtime in the south – glorious!  It’s a driving trip for me and I’m going to love it.  ((Hey, even my tags are now current on my license plate, so I’m good to go!))

All of the orders that include Easy Center Square rulers are being filled today and tomorrow and all will be out the door with me by Wednesday morning.

My April is cram packed – so I was thinking we should take advantage of this last couple of days home and throw in a Quilt-Cam?  I’ll see you in Facebook Live  tomorrow evening, Tuesday, April 4th at 8pm Eastern.  The video will be archived here on the blog in Wednesday morning’s post as I head out the door.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Don't let the push from others to be realistic squash your dreams!

Vintage Double Irish Chain quilt shared by Cynthia.

Cynthia's story behind the quilt:

After my maternal grandmother passed away in 1988, I assisted my mother and aunt in going through my grandmother's house. This quilt was found in a shirt box in a guest room closet.
 I had never seen it before and I don't think they had either. Grandma wasn't particularly crafty, although she had done some sewing. Her stepmother did more of that type thing. So it's possible she had made it.
 When I first saw it I took a sharp loud intake of breath. It was a quilt and it was pink! How could I not react! They handed it to me and said it was mine now!
 I really wish the maker had put a label on it. I also ended up with grandma's sewing basket (quilted oval type with tray in top) and some hand embroidered pillow cases.

Have a fabulous Monday, everyone!

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  1. Hubby's uncle, in Arkansas, had a couple of parking spots at the bottom of his hilly, winding road (all dirt). Most people were afraid of driving on that road.

  2. I love hearing of your experiences settling into this new cabin. But I am so excited to finally meet you in Birmingham. My good friend and I are driving over and meeting my daughter from Montgomery for your Fri. and Sat workshops. Safe travels to you.

  3. I hope you don't have to navigate through the closed highway in Atlanta.

  4. Reading your updates on settling into Quilt Villa VA is better than watching HGTV!

  5. In Atlanta, go around on 285 to Interstate 20. Have a safe trip to Birmingham.

  6. So happy you are getting all settled in Quiltvilla VA... it is lovely with the touches you are adding... I love the electronics cabinet too !!!
    Be careful going through Atlanta as part of I 85 burned up and destroyed the freeway both ways... not sure how they are wanting you to navigate around that spot...
    So excited to have a Quiltcam to wake to Wednesday... I go to bed too early to catch you in real time! Have a safe trip to Alabama :)

  7. Such good accounts of your days. You were across the street from my daughter when you were at Costco. We can see that shopping center from her pool. I miss her so. One day we will all be in the same place at the same time too! Enjoy your week.

  8. love the cabinet that you bought and glad you were able to get the rug you wanted. Hope you got home before the hammer hit. I am loving your new cabin. Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.net

  9. That Cabinet with tin punch quilt design is perfect for the space. How great that ut was just brought back to the real wood for you. Love how the Straights of Mackinac is coming. I wouldn't have thought of the finished star points into the border.

  10. You have captured that rustic quality that suits your cabin to a "T". It looks like you will be able to display more of your favourite quilts in this new space.
    I love your "ladder" display. Do you have any details about it?

  11. and Sadie looks so happy to be outside helping the boy get unstuck! Happy days getting settled in. And I agree with others, those completed stars in the border is exactly perfect.

  12. it looks like your new living room piece is a PIE SAFE. Many years ago a lady would bake up a bunch of pies and put it there till they cooled down. That's why there are holes in the tin doors. I always wanted one but had to settle for a miniature version in my doll house.

  13. That pie safe is perfect!

  14. You should have called me!! I only live 30 minutes from Grandaddy's and love to prowl around there. :o))

  15. Glad you're all ok..scarey!! that pie safe cupboard is so lovely--i really like those pierced tins...hugs, Julierose

  16. I'm also in the moving process to Virginia, but in Richmond area. Love watching you settle in and hope I will soon.

  17. Does this mean all the center square rulers are sold? I think that was the square in a square. I don't see it in the shop?

  18. You make reference to the easy center square ruler. Where can I get this. I looked at the shop, but can't find it. Help, have fabric waiting to make a quilt with it.
    Jan Briggs

  19. You make reference to the easy center square ruler. Where can I get this. I looked at the shop, but can't find it. Help, have fabric waiting to make a quilt with it.
    Jan Briggs

  20. You make reference to the easy center square ruler. Where can I get this. I looked at the shop, but can't find it. Help, have fabric waiting to make a quilt with it.
    Jan Briggs

  21. I only received 94 Easy Center Square rulers. All sold within 30 minutes. There are no more. Sorry!

  22. FYI: There are some videos on u-tube that show how to get your vehicle out of the muck--that really work. My son tried it in front of all the family menfolk and to their amazement it worked. He was almost to his axle...

    Quiltvilla is looking more and more like home! Glad you are enjoying the new home.

    Would really like to see you develop that ruler...wanted one also!

    See you tomorrow night for Quiltcam.

  23. Re-post from the day the "ruler" were sold. Still need an answer & see that others don't know either.
    Ok I need some help. How did I miss the ruler. I open this blog every morning the minute my feet hit the floor...watching for the ruler announcement. Obviously, this isn't the right place. Could someone please tell me where I should have been watching. Is it an automatic feed each day? Help before I miss something else wonderful, please.

    Thanks. Glad for QuiltCam tonite.

  24. Nice news, I couldn't help but notice one little brown dog, supervising the extrication process. She must have so many new smells to investigate! Love your fireplace wall... w/quilts on the ladder! xo


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