Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Showin’ and Sharin’ in Alabama, Part 1!

This is Stephanie with her En Provence quilt!

Our Show & Share in Birmingham has been EPIC.

So many beautiful quilts from these very talented quilters that I am having to do TWO posts to present them all, as they all deserve to been shared and seen.

I often get *excuses* like “Sorry, it’s just a top.”  or “I didn’t bring it because the binding wasn’t finished.”  Oh, we don’t care!  BRING IT! 

We all know the extreme effort that it takes to just get a top to completion.  We all know the rush of trying to get a binding sewn down, or a label or a sleeve in place.

I am happy to see BLOCKS, I am ecstatic to share your efforts in whatever you are putting together.

So don’t let the fact that it is “Just a top” stop you.  There is NO SUCH THING as “Just a top.”

I love seeing the mystery quilts come together, of course.  There were Celtic Solstices (Would that be Soisti?) Grand Illusions, Allietares, and En Provences make an appearance as well as many others.


Some partial tops came to yesterday’s guild presentation!


Joyce’s Wild n’ Goosey will be KING SIZE by the time she is done!

Pattern from the Addicted to Scraps book!


A beautiful Narragansett Blues from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders
shared during Thursday evening’s meeting!



And of course, I love the back!


Terrie made a Jamestown Landing from String Fling in a smaller block size!

Hooray for bonus triangles!


How about THIS colorway for En Provence?


A special shout out to Annette and her Wonderful Wonky Wishes quilt!


Oh I love this so much!

There are photos from Thursday, Thursday evening, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday’s guild meeting included in this slide show.  Grab a cuppa, sit down and enjoy.

Doesn’t this make you just want to go dig into the scraps, head over to the machine and SEW?!  I know it does me!

But I am off to teach a Talkin’ Turkey workshop today, and that is going to be just as fun.

I have 3 workshop days and 1 lecture day left in this whirlwind trip of Alabama.  The rest of the show & share photos will follow likely after my return home.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt found in Alabama.

Happiness will never come to those who don't appreciate what they already have.

Start by appreciating the little things TODAY.

Much love from Birmingham -

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  1. Love the quote and the quilt it is on. So simple and yet it speaks of comfort and love!

  2. Wonderful quilt show and share! Some really beautiful quilts there! I wish I could have seen them in person.

  3. Wow, can't wait to see the "next" episode. I was thinking that a quilt historian 150 years from now will be documenting all those "Bonnie" patterns, and telling how this teacher traveled the world, spreading the love of scrappy to so many women in the 21st century! Makes me want to remind people to LABEL label label, and make certain you include "pattern by Bonnie K. Hunter" as part of that label!

  4. Oh Bonnie! As I looked at the Show and Share, I was naming off the patterns like they were old friends! Or that I had designed them! You have touched SO many people with your patterns/classes/ and Quilt Cam! You make such a difference in peoples lives. Thank you for your generous spirit!

  5. Just a top turns into a wonderfully amazing quilt.
    You have highlighted such amazing fabric art. Love it!

  6. In just 35 days the PNW will show you all of our Pretties! Love all the different colorways on last year's Mystery and Border additions. Putting my En Provence on the table later today. Guild Symposium tonight. Think I'll take a few "Bonnie" Quilts.

  7. I love the slide shows. I really like how the screen changes showing each quilt as a heart. It shows all the love that went into them.

  8. It is great fun to see show and share...such lovely ideas!

  9. you say grab a cuppa! I have one but can't take the time to sip! too afraid to miss something LOL

  10. Thank you so much for sharing part 1 with us this morning of your Alabama trip. Thank you for all that you do to brighten other peoples lives. Looking at the picture of the auditorium and all the lives you touched in that group that circle out like a pebble in the water is just awesome. Thanks too to all the ladies that showed their quilts in Alabama so that we could enjoy them too. Enjoy the rest of your stay. Safe travels.

  11. Wonderful post....love the photos and the daily quote. So, so true. Hey...isn't it time to start another mystery? Hint, hint.... :)

  12. I have never seen an ugly quilt! Some may not be my taste but they are all beautiful. There's love in every stitch!


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