Saturday, April 15, 2017

Scrappy Mountain Majesties in the Heartland!

I just love the possibilities that are available with the Scrappy Mountain Majesties quilt!

Rectangular blocks are fun to play with, a break from the norm.

Start out with 8 1/2’’ squares and watch these blocks come quickly together and we slice, stitch, slice again, rearrange and sew back together!

The pattern includes several different layouts that you can try, and try them ALL before you decide what you really want to do!  Let your fabrics guide you and allow yourself time to play!


Sweet notes from a granddaughter left where grandma can find them!

(I guess grandma is known to spend time at her machine!)


Trimming, slicing and dicing friends!


Ready to stitch the slices together!


Oh goodness!  These look great!


Thanks so much for a wonderful day, Heartland Quilters!

As you go through the photos in the slide show, take note of how great this room was.  There are big beautiful windows on BOTH SIDES and so much natural light.  It was a lovely fellowship hall in the church we were using as our workshop location.  Oh, how I love natural light!


Oh yes, this is going to be amazing!

Find the rest of our photos here:

After the workshop was over, packed up and done – I was treated to a local Cullman culinary creation:


FIND the potato! LOL!

This over-stuffed baked potato included butter, sour cream, cheese, and was topped with pulled pork and a delicious bbq sauce – mouith watering all the way!  It was great to end the day sitting at a table and just unwinding and chatting with the guild ladies.  Thank you so much, everyone!


Nine more 4-in-9 blocks.

My stamina was waning by 9pm last night – I decided to stop here and start packing it all up so it is ready to load in the van this morning.

This girl is on her way home.  I am avoiding Atlanta at all costs, so it has been suggested that I go north toward Knoxville TN and head home that way.  I AGREE.  Atlanta with a major bridge out and a holiday weekend full of travelers?  Not doing it.  Just not!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

The key to abundance is to stop needing more and start appreciating what you already have.

This fabulous Wonky Wishes quilt was shared by Annette in our Birmingham workshops!

And…..I’m out the door!

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  1. Atlanta proper might be a mess but I don't think 75 wouldnt be horrible. The mess is north east of Atlanta just a tad. Now THAT will be a mess!!

  2. Atlanta proper might be a mess but I don't think 75 wouldnt be horrible. The mess is north east of Atlanta just a tad. Now THAT will be a mess!!

  3. Someday I'll make this quilt too. Beautiful Blocks! Glad you got home safely. Good to avoid high traffic area in Atlanta. Happy Easter!


  4. So glad that you will be home for Easter. Enjoy your time with your family. Rest and sew.
    That was a long trip away from your loved ones. Sending love to you, Dave, the boys and Jen.
    Also to Sadie Jane and Miss Emmy Lou.

    Rick and Debi

  5. Happy Easter Bonnie!
    I am glad you decided on the alternate route home. Have an enjoyable day with the family!

    In Sunny Kasilof, AK


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