Thursday, April 27, 2017

Recharging, Day 2!

This is the barn (And outhouse in the way back) seen at the end of my lane way, just as we turn off the road and head on up to the cabin.

It belongs to Barbara, whom I finally met yesterday – her little old house is right across the street from where my lane turns off of the road.

She has the cutest little white house – front porch and all, and I can tell that she dearly loves working in her yard because her flower beds that surround the porch are already thriving now that spring has arrived.

Returning in the dark on my last visit after running errands with Jason, I saw how her pathways are all lit by solar lights giving off a soft glow.  In the country where there are no street lights, this was a beacon to me!  I had worried about knowing where to find my entrance in the dark, and Barbara had lit the way all along.


Sadie and I, on our way down to Barbara’s!

You can tell that you are going to like someone when they wave hello from the porch and welcome you over.  And more than that, she invited both me and Sadie in to “set a spell” so we could get to know one another.

On the back of her simple ages old sofa was a yo-yo quilt made by Barbara.  We are off to a good start!

Barbara has lived in her little white house for 44 years.  She is a spry 80 with twinkling eyes and a ready smile.  Her husband passed suddenly 11 years ago, and I can tell it has left a hole in her heart that will forever remain.  She has two grown sons, both of whom live in the area.  Her pride and joy is her grand daughter who is graduating high school in just a few weeks with plans to go off to the air force focusing on the long term goals of becoming a vet some day.  She loves animals.

The grand daughter must have inherited her love of animals from her grand mother because Sadie never left Barbara’s side, and would give her “the look” if Barbara’s hand stopped petting her.

We had a great chat, and I think we are going to be fast friends!


Listening to the creeks on our way home.

I compiled this little video which took forever to upload to Instagram due to lack of internet at the cabin, uploading only through my phone data connection.  That’s okay.  Slow living is what it’s about up here!  The video lasts a minute and has 3 segments, so give the whole thing a go:

The little one mile loop down the lane way, up the road to the access lane and back up to the cabin all have different little creeks and rivulets running at full speed due to the massive amounts of rain that have fallen in the past several days.

There are several springs on the property, and those trickle all the time, but due to the rain I can sit on the front porch and just LISTEN to water running in all directions.  It runs along my lane from top to bottom as it tumbles down the mountain to the bigger creek that runs alongside the road.  There is one on Barbara’s side of the road too….

Here I had worried about missing the waterfall up on Buck Mountain – which I had to drive to because it wasn’t walking distance from the cabin – and all I have to do here is open the screen door to hear running water and birdsong – the most soothing sounds ever.


The hike up the access road is STEEP!

Sadie is in there somewhere, can you see her?

My back yard is at the top of the incline.


In her favorite sunny spot.

Sadie has always been a porch dog.  She LOVES soaking up a bit of sunshine on a deck or porch. As for her mama?  Just give me a rocking chair in the shade, and I’ll hang out there with her!


Some of this happened!

Little Rolling Stone blocks commemorating my two great teaching trips this month – Roll Tide for Alabama, and Boot Scootin’ Boogie for Texas!


Winding down the day with a bit of binding time.

I don’t have TV down in my sewing room.  But I have found that I can download episodes or movies  via Netflix to my tablet by using my phone hot-spot, and watch them off-line because it is too spotty and too slow to stream.  Right now I am enjoying the Father Brown mysteries!  Light hearted, interesting characters, and perfect for mostly just “listening” while I sew.

The downloads expire after 24 hours of starting each episode, so I’m not downloading too many at once.

It’s another beautiful day, and I’m ready to see what will become of it!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Lone Star Quilt found in Alabama.

This was a hard realization. If someone's unkindness causes you to also be unkind - they win.

Even if an unkind person has an effect on my emotions and ruins my day, they win.

Resist unkindness!

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!

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  1. You have a little piece of heaven right there! Ahhhh, I can smell the air.

  2. Delightful post! Thanks for sharing your introduction to Barbara. Ahhh, to open your door and be able to hear the water trickles and birds . . . just the best!! Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  3. OMG You make me so homesick for the mountains of West Virginia where I was born and raised. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Hugs and love from Baytown, Texas

  4. My day starts with opening windows for the sounds of the birds also.

    I have so enjoyed your instruction, your kindness and most of all your 'normal'! Thanks from a beginning quilter.

  5. It truly is little slice of heaven you have there. Great place to kick back and just be happy. BTW, I love Father Brown to, watch it every week on our public television station. IPT, Hello from Des Moines, IA. Hope you come to out AQS Quilt show in October.

  6. I am so happy for you! Your new cabin is perfect! I could hole up there forever, I think, as long as someone brought me food and fabric. Gotta feed my body and my soul! Lol! Enjoy your little bit of mountain heaven!

  7. If we ever make a road trip to WV I hope to find your little spot and just drive up and say I waved at you. Whether you are there or not! That has got to be a blissful place. Many folks life dream!

  8. What a treasure you have in your friend Barbara. Way back in 1972 - 74 i had a special friend. She was 50+ years older than me. She taught me how to grow tomatoes. She was big on recycling & made throw rugs from pantyhose legs. Friends saved them for her. Have a wonderful day there on your little piece of Heaven.

  9. I love music so I crank up my ipod when I'm in my studio. We had a cabin on a lake and there was nothing like Elvis singing How Great Thou Art to recenter my soul.

  10. It sounds like you've got the perfect place to recharge. In our rural area, folks with long drives up to their homes sometimes put up a street sign at the turn into their drive. The signs are a different color than the official street signs and the county allows them. Maybe that would be an option to help find your turn. On the other hand, it might help too many others find it as well...probably best to stay hidden! Enjoy your cabin time!

  11. Is the pattern available for the blocks you mention your blog I think you said roll tide I so enjoy your blog I love country living and the mountains. Thank you for all you do for quilters!

  12. The last advice given to me by my husband's Angel mother! Thanks for the reminder. I am going for some kindness sharing this week. Life is just too short to be unkind.

  13. What a fabulous environment, Bonnie! Enjoy it all!!

  14. Still you have to protect yourself when dealing with unkind people. Perhaps give them a wider berth. Then you don't have to be worried about being unkind or protecting yourself. You don't drink poison after all. Thanks for all you do for me personally and also the rest of the quilting world. I no longer attend quilt shows now am I able to buy much fabric. I've retied and fixed incomes and weaker bodies make for less choices. I travel through your posts.
    Love ya!

  15. Beautiful spot you've got there, Bonnie!
    Love the Father Brown mysteries, as well!
    He's such a character! Happy Stitching!

  16. Hi bonnie,thanks for all the effort & work you put into your blog for us. I had a question about getting comfortable with a thimble and what's the proper way to use a thimble. If you have some help is appreciate it.

  17. Bonnie, am sure you make a great neighbor!!! Besides, you arrive with MissLovebug aka Sadie.
    When winter months come,sunshine can be hard to find for those solar lights. Tie a bright large ribbon around a tree that can show you where to turn ...works like a charm.


  18. Thanks for sharing your piece of heaven with us, Bonnie. If anyone needs a wonderful recharging place, it's you - you give sew much!!!

  19. It has been so much fun following you on your journey. Your new getaway is wonderful. I'm always telling my husband about your adventures ❤️

  20. Have you started to get familiar with your wildflowers yet? Bloodroot, Mayapple, Solomons Seal, the yellow violets, skunk cabbage?

  21. You have the best neighbor .... not too close ....
    Although it looks like her grown children could put in some elbow grease to her barn area.

    It's also nice to have a full time neighbor

  22. Ha! Just started the Father Brown series from the very beginning. So delightful. Barbara sounds delightful, too. Lucky you, and lucky Sadie. I think you're going to have no regrets about this move. Just happy memories!

  23. Love this. Pure relaxation and nature's beauty. You deserve this.

  24. Oh Bonnie, I am so glad you are recharging in your new Quilt Villa. Sadie looks like she approves. Waggie tails don't lie. I predict Barbara will be a joy in your life and you in hers. You will both learn many things from each other. I loved that Barbara knew that Sadie is family and invited her in too. I also predict you and Barbara will do some stitching together. I wish you only happy times in your new piece of paradise.

    Our Grandbaby, Jackson is being Christened this Sunday and I will give him the Boxy Stars Quilt I showed in Grand Haven. Haven't quite finished the Big version for Rick.

  25. I love the soothing sound of running water! How great that you have it in your recharge place! Thank you for sharing a little part of your heaven! I recharge often by starting my day (whenever I can) by sitting on the back porch listening to the birds and watching the deer!

    Thank you for your generous and kind spirit! You have gifted your many fans and followers with so much knowledge and your everyday life over the years! I cannot wait to see the direction that you are Barbara take with your friendship! What a treasure she is! If you are ever in the Texas Hill Country and need a mini-recharge, you have a place to stay!

  26. Barbara sounds like a joy to be with. I bet she has a ton of stories to tell! I also live where you hear water when you open your door with the sound of birds singing. It is so relaxing to listen to. Sit on the deck with a cup of Joe and relax and read book.

    I also love what under your needle. Red, white and black always look great together.

    Have a great day! :)

  27. What a beautiful piece of Gods earth.I also am a water person.So soothing.Thank you for sharing.

  28. Bonnie you have your own little paradice were you live.
    I also love hearing water running.
    You are very blessed living in such a beautiful place!
    Send some ain my way we need rain here byThe beaches in NEFlorida.
    Happy quilting and hugs to Sadie..


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