Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Out Of Gas!

Not literally out of gas.

Figuratively. Emotionally. Physically.  Mentally.

I’m running on empty after spending the past 3 weeks on the road and loving every minute of it.

After finishing all of the mail order, and getting the Straits of Mackinac quilt off of the machine, and trimmed up – ready for binding, Sadie and I hit the road and headed for the cabin in Virginia around 2:30pm.

I’ve hit the proverbial brick wall.

This morning I could barely get up out of bed –but the birds started their morning song EARLY and I was up around 6:30 to see what the morning would bring.

I made a little video to share with you the beautiful morning sounds – the running creek below, the birds calling out to each other, the fog and low slung clouds burning off bit by bit as the sun begins to rise over the mountain ridges.

I will recharge my batteries over the next few days.

There is time for napping, for stitching, for taking walks with my girl.  For watching the deer from my big windows. (I just spent the last 20 minutes just watching one exploring the yard, finding the salt lick, and nuzzlinlg at some corn from the feeder.)

There is time for rocking chair sitting and book reading and some simple food cooking.


So happy to reach the bottom edge!

But not before THIS happened:


Well yeah.  It happens!


I was able to get the binding on last night.

I settled in to do some hand stitching while “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” was on.  Oh, how I love this movie!  I quote lines from it all the time.  Just such a favorite.


Just a bit around one corner.  I LOVE IT!

The binding fabric was in a box of gifted fabric, and it says “Joann” on the selvedge.  I love it.  I am so tired of people poo-pooing “big box” fabric stores and turning up their noses.  I look at it this way.  If it is 100% cotton, and FEELS GOOD to my hands and it does the job I need it to do, I will use it.  This stripe is PERFECT in a 1/4” finished binding.

The key for me is in how the fabric FEELS.




I need it, and so do you!
Vintage quilt found in Alabama.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. So happy you are back in VA and recharging. Your life makes ME exhausted just reading about it!! Enjoy Sadie, your quiet time and yes, the quilt is BEAUTIFUL. Can't wait for the pattern/book! Linda H

  2. Love the sounds of birds and nature. So happy you have this place to go and rest! Enjoy!

  3. Enjoy your "me time". Enjoyed your video of your surroundings this a.m., I am sitting with my coffee and computer, looking out on about 5 inches of fresh snow on the flat. It's the wet kind, that doesn't stick to the streets, or sidewalks, but definitely built up on the grass and decking. The moisture is welcome. Hope the rest of your week is quiet, restful and uplifting.

  4. I'm with you on the Joann's fabric! I was a store manager for 5 years and I know some of their fabric is thin and crappy but there is some that the quality is very close to quilt shop fabric. Like you, I feel it to see if it will work for me. Recharge your batteries and enjoy your surroundings!

  5. Those same people who talk about "quilt shop quality fabric" must really cringe when seeing you using old shirts in your quilts and encouraging that as a viable option! I quilt for the pleasure of quilting....sometimes it's a difficult journey and I'm frustrated by how little I understand....but I don't need the extra burden of making the inevitable "newbie" mistakes on fabric that is $15/yard.
    Envy your cabin and the peaceful surrounding and appreciate so much your "Energizer Bunny" days that you share with us.

  6. I know exactly how you feel Bonnie! I have been running on empty for a while and would so love a vacation but it's not in the cards for now. Hopefully later in the summer. Enjoy your cabin time my friend. Happy Stitching!

  7. Enjoy your peace and quiet, Bonnie. You deserve it!

  8. .Yeah, not just running on empty, ran out of gas! I'm caregiver to my sister and husband, and they have both had serious heath crisis in the last few months. My BP" went up and up and finally I had to just step back and chill a bit. I'm still there for them, but I've learned to ask for help now if I need it. Hard for me to do. Can't get away to a cabin, but can go up to my sewing room and close the door, Take care of you, Bonnie. I don't know how you run and travel and still produce many beautiful quilts. I enjoy reding about your adventures.

  9. Straits of Mackinac is GORGEOUS! And I love that neutral piano key border. I am planned the exact same thing for my current quilt, so I'm glad to see it works so well!

  10. I hope you enjoy some lovely quiet time at your cabin. I use Joann fabrics, or really whatever is available...I think you are right about the "hand" of the fabric. If it feels good, it is in!!

  11. Take the time to take the time ... or you pay for it later in spades.
    Hugging Sadie, knowing her gentle sweet spirit and relaxing is better than any meds. It also beats going to the hospital because of exhaustion!!
    Proud of you..

  12. Don't know how you got through three weeks on the road! You are in the perfect place to r and r! Love the striped binding.....

  13. So happy you are getting YOU time! Yay! Enjoy what and when you will....Sadie loves her momma and her walks! Such a sweet girl. Have a blessed and restful weekend!!!

  14. I could hear your big sigh of relief all the way over here! Good for you taking the time for yourself to rejuvenate! I can just imagine how you are feeling, just relaxing with your furbaby! The video is so soothing. I love waking up in the mornings and just listening to the world outside without the cars, people, phones. Just the birds and my goats...

  15. Sorry...also, I love JoAnn's.

  16. You comment about fabric from the big box stores hit a nerve with me. For someone on a limited budget they are a necessity. And they should not be made to feel less because they don't buy $12.00-15.00 a yard fabric. My philosophy is Make quilts with what you have and enjoy thee process. Many of my favorite quilts are made with plain fabric and they are old and washed. And LOVED!

  17. So enjoy your posts from your getaway places. Snatch those moments when ever you can.
    Love the photo of your serviceberry tree still in bloom. They are in bloom in west Michigan too, a bit early this year but I so enjoyed seeing them out in the woods when we first moved back up here 20 years ago that when the local extension office offered free trees at the farmers market I took a chance and got one it thrives on the edge of the yard and woods behind us. Enjoy your books, movie stitching time and recharge.

  18. I have often wondered just how you manage to keep up such a hectic schedule! Glad you can recharge. We moved out into the county further so that we too can recharge daily! Lots of deer, clucking chickens, trees, view, creek burbling down side of property. Course there's THE cougar and way too much rain, but I worry about people you don't have access to nature's restorative benefits.

  19. First, I love the colors in your newest quilt.
    We are not as young as we once were, when you could burn the candle at both ends. Sleep is so important.
    ...just wait until you have grand kids, you will want to hop off your high speed train and just hold your grand baby and relax.
    I was looking at your future schedule and noticing you are scheduling more family time and I was happy for you.

    I noticed my first ground hog last night, ugh..(.It destroyed my garden last year).

    To all of those people who catch their ground hogs and drive them to the country to let loose, we don't want them.
    (you are creating a problem for someone else.)

  20. In the grand scheme of long arm screw ups, that one isn't THAT bad!! Enjoy your "down time."

  21. As the local quilt stores go out of business, and in my area there have six in recent years, we would do well to decide if we really need them.... as that is what the big box store can destroy. As for me.... I have enough fabric for three or four more life times .... it is the classes, clubs, people and promotions that I would sorely miss.

  22. I really don't know how you do it Bonnie. I guess I am a home person, even though I love going on holiday.
    Your schedule is exhausting, but the one thing about it which is great, is that you are doing something you love.

    Take time out on your own with your girl, to smell the roses, haha, even though you are in the bush. Your little video is lovely. Its like the back of our farm in NZ.

    What is big box fabric? Is that like what Spotlight sell?

  23. It is always good to hear that people with boundless energy, like you, take time out to refresh and recharge. Since my illness started 2 years ago I have to do that about every 30 minutes, a real change for me. But my philosophy is "it is what it is" and resting is primary these days. I'm glad you have learned to enjoy the down times as well as the "on the go" times. Bless you.

  24. I am curous about the sewing related tennis shoes you have. Can you show them again please?

  25. I am curous about the sewing related tennis shoes you have. Can you show them again please?

  26. Thank you for your comment on fabric from big box stores. When I first started quilting I could only afford fabric from Wallmart. Those quilts are still loved 17 years later. Now, I do prefer quilt shop fabric, but if a piece of fabric feels right and meets the need why not use it.

  27. Bonnie:
    I love nature, too. I also know the feeling of "Out of gas".

    I loved living on the river for four years, and now am glad to be in my retirement home in the middle of Nature. I love to watch the moose, too, but we don't feed them, other than them partaking of our plants, gardens, etc. I give them the left overs of Broccoli plants, cabbage plants, etc, by putting it beside the compost pile, then, when they are done, the remains get raked up and put in the compost pile..

    I love the stripe of your binding!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it has been cloudy with a bit of rain.

  28. Can you explain 1/4 inch binding? It sure looks bigger than a 1/4 inch in the above picture.

    Thank you
    J. Briggs

  29. I love the quilting design on your Straits of Mackinac quilt! Can you tell us the name of the pantograph you used?

    Laurie M.

  30. I so enjoy your daily posts... The little video reminded me of what I miss so much of my cabin in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, nestled in Cosby valley.. So peaceful and beautiful..
    Would love to try my hand at "The Straights of MacKinac", is the pattern in one of your books or on line free ?
    Thanks you,
    Gail B.
    Ridgeway, Mo.

  31. loving knowing you are taking care of Bonnie, walks w/Sadie in your new digs, birdsong and water running... soothing to the soul and restorative to the spirit. Makes MY heart sing just thinking about it... query: about 1/4 inch binding... does that start with 2" strip? Thank you for all you do, sharing your life, your ups and downs.. love and prayers and blessings to you, Cats

  32. Would love some of your "simple food cooking" recipes

  33. Would love some of your "simple food cooking" recipes

  34. I pinned your multitasking quote to Pinterest, and they asked me if I wanted to follow a board that had also pinned this quote. The board name? "Quilting Projects to Try". So funny! I don't want to try to multitask my mistakes!

  35. I feel the same way about big box stores. If the fabric feels great to the touch and not like it was painted on, i'll buy it.

    saw two deer today as i was driving out of our neighborhood this morning. They were just taking their time crossing the street. Love to see them, even though they do a number on our vegetation.

  36. I love the striped binding on your quilt. It's just perfect! I buy fabric from JoAnn, Walmart and thrift stores as well as quilt shops. If it's 100% cotton, the right color, pattern, and it feels good to the touch, it goes in my cart. So glad you have time to renew your energy and to spend time with dear, sweet Sadie. Hugs to you both!


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