Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Greetings from Grapevine!


It’s one of those crazy years where I have found myself boomeranging back and forth to Texas quite a bit.  This is trip 3 since January!

And I love coming to Texas.  The food is amazing, the quilters are friendly, and where else can you get a whole room to yell “Yeeeehawww!”  at a guild presenation??

It was a day of ZERO stress.  All flights were on time.  My layover in Atlanta was just long enough to grab a bite for breakfast at a Cuban cafe found in terminal T.  I don’t think I’ve ever flown out of terminal T before, and it was a welcome surprise.

Cafe con leche- sweet, creamy and hot.  Oh boy!


Settling in with some hexie borders.

The Hexie Stars for our China Trip in October are still waiting to be appliqued to a background.  I’ll get to it SOON – but there wasn’t time to get it ready between getting hone from Alabama and flying yesterday to Dallas.

I can’t believe how quickly this is going to come around.  Getting that little quilt finished is high on the agenda for the next time I have time home – right after I get home from Texas.

So picked up where I left off on the borders for the eternal hexie project.  I didn’t get very far before I was closing my eyes and counting some Zzzzzz’s.

The bags all made it, and we headed out for a bite of lunch and to check me in to the hotel for a nap.  We were heading over to set up for the meeting at 5pm – so there wasn’t time for much else.


It was BUSY!


And oooh!  A freebie table!


I did not leave empty handed!

Honestly, I was a very good girl.  They tried to hand me a whole grocery sack so I could take MORE – but I restraeined myself with a few bright colors, and some ever needed neutrals.


And there was time for photo ops when the lecture was over!

I am gearing up for a Talkin’ Turkey workshop today.  We’ll have that room rockin’ with 50 quilters with machines humming. 

There is just time to pull myself together, grab breakfast and head out the door.

But before I do, I wanted to help spread the word for one of my readers who has some missing quilts.  Doesn’t the phrase “Missing quilts” just make your heart stop just a bit?  It could happen to any of us.


Monica’s Missing Quilt.

She writes: 
Bonnie - can you help me get the word out?

Recently I moved from Dallas to South Carolina...numerous moving boxes were lost & the moving company cant find them.
In one box was the last quilt top I made in Dallas....I named it sun sets over Texas...it's a large quilt, the distinguishing fabric is pumpkins...I called it that b/c I was leaving an area after 27 years with some hesitation.
This quilt top assembly got me thru that transition time...it's based on your pattern...I am an avid follower of Quiltville & thought maybe one of your followers may see my unique top. 
 I hope you can help me get this back...several other quilt items were in the box, including fabric, thread & notions...but my quilt top means the most....thank you for all you do. 

The box had my phone number on it & yellow post it notes with "TRUCK" marked on it...
It’s large & the borders are orange plaid...I know the people that get my boxes will not hold my quilts to the value I do...one was given to my mom before she died & is irreplaceable...but the moving company does not see its value, beyond its weight....thank you again.
Monica Rodarmer

My heart hurts for the thought of these lost quilts.
In the case that you see them, please email Monica HERE.
Entries are coming in hot and heavy for our April Quilty Box Gift-Away that went live yesterday!  Did you enter to win ON THAT POST?
Quiltville Quote of the Day!
Vintage quilt found in Alabama.
Don't keep yourself from growing just because complacency is more comfortable.  I have to keep reminding myself of this. 
Have an awesome Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Bonnie, you are just right down the road from me...Grapevine is super fun! I sure hope she finds her quilt!

  2. Oh I love that area. My daughter used to live in Lantana near there. And yes, lots of yummy places to eat and great quilt shop near to. So emnoy your blog.

  3. Bonnie, that's my Main Street! Too bad I don't belong to the guild. Would love to share fabrics, and show you my Allietare and En Provence! Have fun!

  4. Bonnie, if you get a chance, drive by the corner of Dooley and College. This morning, the 1886 historic McPherson farmhouse was moved to the site. My friend is a Realtor in Grapevine, and she's been posting all about it. So glad they didn't bulldoze it!

  5. Love the freebie table!

  6. My family lives there. Enjoy love the quilt shop in Colleyville, next town over.

  7. I've never been to Texas. Living vicariously through you again this week. I'm happy to stay home this morning. SAD that Moving companies aren't accountable, it seems. The 'losing' boxes is getting real scary. Too convienient that those boxes contain such valuable treasures. Going downstairs to tackle some scraps!!! Nice additions to your STASH.

  8. Would Monica be willing to share the name of the moving company? Some of us would like to have this recommendation for future use. And it may clue someone else who has recently used the same company to take a quick look at some of those boxes that may go direct to storage and not be opened for years. Sure hope the quilt gets back to Monica.

  9. Monica--Your boxes are lost because the moving company put more than one household in the same moving van. That means there are really a limited number of places those boxes could have gone - namely, to one of the other households. The moving company should have records of those households and contact those families about your boxes. Whoever has them probably does not know it because they may not have unpacked everything yet. That person may be missing boxes as well. We moved multiple times when I was growing up, and my mother always demanded that our household be the only one on the truck. When one moving company called looking for another person's lost sofa cushions, she said, "Why are you calling me? You guaranteed no other household would be included on our truck." Oops. I am in the Dallas area and hope your quilt box turns up.

  10. Is that Allison in the first photo in the blue shirt? Grapevine is sure within her driving distance..... if so small world.

  11. Send the moving company said picture of quilt, attached to a bill for more than 1000.00, and a copy to your lawyer, that should get their attention.

  12. my heart aches for the "lost quilts"... prayers and intentions they find their way "home" -- Cats

  13. Admittedly, I did not read ALL the comments on this post but I'd like Monica to know there is a website to submit pictures of missing/lost quilts & I believe there's also a FB page. She may have more luck if she puts her pictures of the quilt(s) on one or both of these sites. Also, I did try to email her but the link did not lead me anywhere. Good luck!!

  14. I moved in 1996 and realized afterwards that the quilt my mom and I made to hang up at my wedding (with the wedding date, our initials, and meaningful blocks like "Courthouse Steps") hadn't moved with us. I called the moving company and they didn't initially find it. However, a while later, the next people who had been moved in that truck did find it among their things and it was safely returned! I hope there's a happy ending for Monica and her quilt!


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