Monday, October 31, 2016

Quilt Market 2016–Day TWO!

Some fun with the gals in the Paper Pieces booth at Quilt Market!

It was a morning for going around and trying to locate everyone I wanted to see before doing a book signing at 11am in the C&T booth.

Such gorgeous quilts hanging and I wanted to pet them all. 

The smiles were everywhere, and it was great fun to catch up with people I hadn’t seen in a long while, or meet up with those I’ve only known from online or through other folks.

What an opportunity for networking!

But most of all for saying THANK YOU to those who have pushed me on my way.  That’s what I love most about this industry.  There are so many out there who genuinely LIFT others and cheer along with you when you reach a goal you’ve been working tirelessly on for what seems like forever. 

And it wasn’t all play.  I took over 200 photos yesterday and there is going to be NO WAY to post them all in one post, so they will be filtering through over the next several days.


I did a little demo in the Craftoptics booth!


Quilty Girls just gotta SEE!

I can honestly say that my Craftoptics telescopes have changed the way I do handwork.  And the fact that they have my OWN glasses prescription, both distance and bifocal makes such a difference.  I was happy to spend some time just sitting and stitching as “bait” to get folks to stop by and learn more about them.


My book signing in the C&T booth was a blast!


Absolutely LOVE this display at the RJR booth!


Maree making a purchase at Quiltmania!


Threads in the Superior booth!

So many to choose from!


My gorgeous friend Mary Kerr in the Schiffer booth!

I had written about her exhibit here at the show, with more examples in the booth itself.  Take a look:


Vintage orphan pieces get a second chance!



I took a little quickie video of the display while the show was quiet:

Aren’t these terrific?  I am so inspired!

There is more, so much more. 

My friend Lori of Humble Quilts arrived yesterday to work during Festival which follows market and we were able to catch up last evening.  There will be more about out fun visit in another post.  We realized last night that we didn’t even take time to get a photo of the two of us together, so I ran over there before she went into a class at 9am to shoot a quickie, and then came back over to finish this post.  I’ve already got several steps in, and that’s why we are a bit late this morning.


in the educator’s office

And I’m headed back over to Market for a couple more hours before my shuttle takes me back to the airport, and I’ll soon be on my way home.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Kaleidoscope quilt made by me somewhere around sixteen years ago. Comes out every year about this time for some fun around the house.

May quilty tricks and treats fill your day!

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  1. Such beautiful pics of everything quilty. Thanks for taking me along with you through these posts. Safe trip home, Bonnie!!

  2. Thank you again for sharing Market with us again! Loved Mary's quilts. By the way, I love your bohemian top you have on! Have a safe and restful trip home.

  3. Woo hoo! Checked in for my flight tonight, or rather 1:45am tomorrow. Arrive in Houston Tuesday evening. Gives me plenty of time to rest up for Wednesday night's preview. Can't wait!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing with us. I loved the video of the recycled quilt pieces. The orange ones are similar to blocks I found that my grandmother in law... made but never put together. There were only 8 of them but lovely colors and so I made them into a table runner for one of my daughters. Very Spring or Fallish...
    Jean in Utah

  5. Thank you for the great pictures and the video of Mary Kerr's quilts. So great to see all the wonderful things in Houston!

  6. My Craftoptics glasses should be here tomorrow! Can't wait!

  7. Does anyone know why those of us who get the blog by e-mail get it the day after it is posted?


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